Instagram Update #2

Instagram updates Funky Junk Interiors

Ready for another riveting random episode of Instagram fun? Here we go!

… continued …

strawberries paint MockingJay outdoor furniture

The comforts of home

1. I feel a need to take a shot at fresh fruit and yogurt every single time I eat it. It’s just so beautiful! And yummy. πŸ™‚ I watch friend Inspired by Charm’s Michael bake amazing stuff that I couldn’t hold a candle to and my fancy is sliced fruit in a pretty bowl?! Phhhhttt… ah well. πŸ™‚

2. A town run landed me 3 pints of paint in red, black and blue, new coffee and a good read. Any guesses which I did first?

3. I came across this baking pan in the kitchen and it stopped me dead in my tracks. The A.V. is how my mom initialled her name on virtually everything she owned, especially kitchenware. (for potlucks and such) The initials just made me smile and love her even more for her cute ways. It’s underlined too. πŸ™‚

When we had a garage sale of her stuff, whenever one of us came across her initials on something, we ran it back into the house. We just couldn’t part with it!

4. The answer to #2? Brewed coffee, then sat and read my new book while I thought about the painting. πŸ™‚ The paint is for the boy’s bedroom… some big time funky stuff coming soon!

old wood chippy metal moss

Work yard beauty

5. At a recent work run I couldn’t help myself… had to take a few shots at just things in the work yard. This moss is gorgeous!

6. Facebook friends deemed these guys REAL railway ties. They’re about a foot thick! They just looked like gorgeous thick chunks of wood that I wanted to bring home with me. As soon as I rent a crane…

7. And Facebookers nailed what these towers were. I didn’t have a clue! But I liked them. Wanted them too!

8. See? Rusty crusty antennae towers are cool.

gardening gloves flowers in wheelbarrow

In the garden

9. My very fav garden gloves in the whole wide world are these rubber dipped types. I LOVE them and needed to take a beauty shot before I used them. The grip is just like no other and they have a nice tight stretchy fit without being too tight like cotton would be. If you don’t have these, indeed put them on your shopping list!

10. I picked up a few things for the veggie garden. The plain soil wasn’t very productive.

11. The wheelbarrow out back caught me off guard. This photo isn’t saturated at all. The flowers truly looked this vibrant. Pretty cool!

12. Veggie garden in – check! Planted cukes, celery (first time) tomatoes, lettuce and geraniums. I ran out of room so I planted some in flower beds this year too!


Neighbourhood watch

13. Daisies are my fav wild flower. How can something wild be so perfect? But the biggest question of all… why do they die when I try and grow them?!

14. A chestnut field down our main street recently got chopped down, revealing the same stunning view I have in my own backyard. While the loss of the trees is sad in my eyes, the added view picked up the slack.

15. My boy went on an all guy ATV camping trip this weekend. The first thing he said when we approached Gord’s place to drop some things off was, “Gord’s gonna run and hug me …” As quickly as those words came out, Gord did a sprint with Cody hustling backwards…

16. “NO NO NO!!” Ohhhh yes yes yes! {{{HUGS}}} Smooches next if you don’t comply! Why do 13 yr old boys not like hugs? Inquiring moms wanna know!

thrift store finds antique displays

Shoppin’ downtown

17. I thought this tea pot spotted in a thrift store was rather clever with it’s Kit-Tea Cat phrase. πŸ™‚ I should have bought it just because!

18. The first thing that came to mind with these ice cream sundae glasses were what cool pen holders they’d make on a pretty girly styled desk. Wouldn’t that be cute?

19. Picked these water skis up at the thrift for some artwork in my son’s room. Cheap $12 art I say! He loved them. πŸ™‚

20. We have this cool country styled grocery store in our town called Hofestead’s. It’s riddled with antiques above each shopping area. I asked them how long it takes to dust all that and they said about a week. Ack! Β I thanked them for their efforts because it’s the most amazing spotless junk I ever did see. (cleaner than my own house)

curbside diving

Curb side diving – loading no charge too

21. “Mom, we don’t have room!”

22. “Mom, where are you gonna put that?!”Β 

23. “Cody… we don’t have room. Where am I gonna put this?!” (Crap!!! any takers?)

24. A 1922 newspaper was found in the top drawer of that sweet vintage dresser. You know… the one I have no room for that’s sitting in front of my garage right now for all my neighbours having to stare at. Sheesh.. why didn’t the boy remind me?!?! πŸ™‚

Β pallet wood computer stand up station

Things to moan about

25. I just wanted to cry when I came across this amazing stash of pallet wood. It’s just too hard to take apart so it had to stay. *sob*

26. Do you have a bad Pinterest habit? Are you a time waster on FB? Do you need help with scheduling your net time? Have I got a solution for you! Create a standing station for your computer. My neck’s been giving me some issues so I decided to try standing vs sitting and set up shop on my kitchen island.Β 

Bad news – it’s not really helping my neck.

Good news – what’s Pinterest again?!

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12 thoughts on “Instagram Update #2

  1. Love the pictures & the stories that go with them. Sad to see trees go. Hope Cody had a great time. So nice for him to be able to have a male person take him places. Can’t wait to see the painting.

  2. When is that book coming out????? You are so darn creative with your writing. Love your pics and your stories. Hope Cody had a good time with the guys.

  3. Wow, what nice clear pictures! I would just as soon read a post like this than a real one. Maybe you could take a picture of everything you eat, then that might cause something. I am trying to figure out Instagram. I have it downloaded, just have to see if I already got a password. Ann

  4. Shirley said:
    What are you going to do with the tower? I have one and I don’t know what to do with it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. love the post…want to be in the country….The little dresser…you bet,I would be painting it right now…hMMMMMM what color…I just posted on my blog…really took time with the pics would love for you to critique me….yur a pic wiz

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