Introducing, the "Gitter Done!" challenge

Me last weekend – Weee! Great weekend! I’m playing on SNS and want to play all weekend long!

Internal voice – Go weed your RV gravel driveway.

Me – Gross! And it’s raining!

Voice – You won’t melt.

Me – And if I don’t?

Voice – No camping. No SNSing. No DIYing. No this-ing or that-ing. Your neighbors are cringing as they walk by. Git’ter done already!

Me – (pout) You’re such a NAG.

I’m so not a fan of the gravel.

Hired help! He so earned his slushie.

Vavava voooom!


Me – There! I’m happy! I got alot done! I’m off to make a post!

Voice – You aren’t going to post about THIS are you?!?

Me – Well, I dunno… I took photos and stuff. I might. Why?

Voice – No one gives a RIP about your WEEDS. Get serious!

Me – But…

Voice – I told you to do this so you COULD do your DIYing and SNSing and what ever other abbreviations you must live by AFTER the work is done!

Me – Ok, well, I’d NEVER have time to blog if that was the case, because I’m NEVER done, so I have a new idea.

Voice – Oh?

Me – We’re all busy. Legitimately, I have NO time to blog and play at all. We all WANT to just decorate and scan decor blogs all the live long day but we can’t. We have to do stuff. So why not make it part of our blogging?

Voice – How so?

Me – Well, why not challenge ourselves to a given project? It can be or not be DIY related. It can be anything that one wishes to accomplish. Maybe it’s a closet that needs cleaning out. Or an RV gravel driveway that needs weeding. (very common I hear)

You decide on a goal. You can change direction mid stream if you need to because as we all know, stuff happens. But the point is, make a goal and gitter done! Get a before and after shot for a new post showing what you just accomplished and link it up!

Voice – But if it isn’t DIY related, what’s the point on putting that on a niche blog? Kinda boring…

Me – At times we aren’t into decoratingΒ  but have other necessary things on the go. This would be a nice way to share what we’re busy working on.

Voice – And how will this help the masses again?

Me – We like to blog. So we can blog AND getting our stuff done without guilt!Β  While offering kudos and support for each other. We’re still connecting because, well, we’re friends and frankly, I’d like to know abit more about my friends other than what colour they’re painting a chair at times…

Voice – I’m speechless. You’re brilliant. Carry on!

Me – Thanks! Did I earn my SNSing and DIYing yet?

Voice – What do YOU think?!?

Me – (double pout) You’re such a DOUBLE NAG!

So, what do YOU think?

Rules for theΒ  “Gitter Done!” Challenge.

1. Make a goal. It can be anything YOU need/want to get done – big or small, DIY or not DIY related.

2. Take a before and after pic. No need to make it a huge production unless that’s what you wish to do. Simple is good too! Remember, you have stuff to do! πŸ™‚

3. Have your post ready for the first Wed of each month.

4. Entry MUST be GD inspired only so please be sure to tell us why GD inspired you in your post. This is an exclusive party. Regular party linkups will be removed, sorry!

5. Please keep your entry new to the net until reveal day.

Take this as an opportunity where you CAN talk off topic. Hey, you never know… you may get a whole lotta stuff done PLUS fitting that blogging in this summer after all. πŸ™‚ If this idea is popular enough, maybe we can do this every 2 weeks or once a month!

Now get off the computer and “Gitter Done!” And then blog about it. πŸ™‚

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What do you think? How often? Motivating? Fun? Weird?

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58 thoughts on “Introducing, the "Gitter Done!" challenge

  1. A woman after my own heart! Wait, a voice after my own guilt. Wait. A brilliant shove to get me moving. Okay, all of the above! What a hilarious post! Every word of it is sooooooo true. Glad to know I’m not the only one with that little voice nag, nag, nagging me. Can’t wait to see the posts!

  2. Donna -I think this is a fantastic idea. Part of the reason I started blogging was that I thought it would motivate me to finish my projects around the house. Now that I am newly unemployed and have a more time on my hands (at least for a little while) I have lots of projects to get er done. Does updating my resume count?

    I was going to start on a not so exciting landscaping project today that I’ve needed to do for years….you’ve inspired me to take a photo of the before. Thanks!

  3. OK I just have to say how hilarious this is. Who needs critics when we have our own thoughts? πŸ™‚ I have enjoyed reading your blog lately and maybe (just maybe) I’ll try to get something done before June 14. Great idea! Lisa~

  4. This is a great idea! I love hearing about others “normal” lives…maybe because mine seems so boring! Like today, my goal is to be able to take a shower and catch up on laundry.

  5. Great! Count me in for the, “I can do it challenge.” If the SNS “ladders” could make me tote in a complete downpour, a muddy ladder downstairs and decorate it one hour before the link-up closed on Sunday night, then I know I can get a really big “something” completed. I can’t tell you enough how I appreciate the PUSH!

  6. I’m there or here or wherever it is that I am. I don’t really have a clue on that one…but since we are getting our house ready to sell….I have a few, couple, some…..BILLIONS OF THINGS TO DO…OH goodness…I actually think I’m happy about this…is there a problem?

    Oh yeah! I’m in! Count me in…all the way…this just may be what I was looking for cuz I ain’t been too creative in the blogging dept as of late!!!

    Once again you reign!!! I LOVE “the voice”!!!!! And can we post about several things at once? Would that be OK? Or too confusing & crazy??

  7. “Can I post more than one project?”

    YES!! I nearly put the deadline at only a week but felt it may put too much pressure on the whole ordeal.

    I challenge you all. Impress the WEEDS outa me! Post just one doozy, or post 5 little quickies, post whatever you wish/need to get done!

    FUN!!! As they say, there’s nothing like a deadline. πŸ™‚

    FJ Donna

  8. What a great idea! now I’m going to have to figure out which project I want to blog about..woohooo maybe I’ll get something done other than sit at this dang computer!!! Thanks for the poke in the butt! Have a wonderful day…Maura πŸ™‚

  9. Can this be something we just finished?

    The whole premis of this is to get future undone stuff done, to encourage us all TODAY. It will be interesting to see the productivity over the next 1.5 weeks! Maybe you can think of an additional project to show at the same time? πŸ™‚

    You can always link up past blogged about or past projects to SNS too don’t forget! I think this group ought to be reserved mainly for new undone unblogged about stuff so it doesn’t simply turn into another SNS.

    Thanks for asking!

    FJ Donna

  10. this is such a great idea! I just laughed all the way through this post. I’ll have to resurrect my defunct blog so I can participate! Count me in – I already have several in mind that I’d like to show everyone.


    voice: your brilliant!

    Does this mean it is okay to talk back to ourselves? I’ve always been afraid hubby will have me committed so I only do it when no one is listening and now you go a put it on a “BLOG”! I love it!

    Yes Donna…you are brilliant! and adorable and inspiring and encouraging and…well you know πŸ™‚

  12. Okay…okay…pouting!! Guess I have to bit the old bullet and get her done. Darn!! I thought I could let is slide.
    So 1.5 weeks huh? Sheesh!! I will give it a go

  13. Gee, I have a voice just like that too. Maybe they are related. πŸ™‚ My project is to get ready for a neighbourhood garage sale – not my idea (DH wants us to participate this year) I would rather buy more junk than part with some. My philosphy is to give the stuff away.

  14. good idea, and such a cute post about it. (like I would be surprised about that). =)

    I think every two weeks, or once a month is good.
    When we were doing it before, weekly was hard sometimes,BUT,it did motivate us!!!
    It did certainly motivate us!
    And we usually just had short posts about it, and that made it easier to get a post up too.

    I know however you decide to do it, it will be wonderful and great fun!!


    barbara jean

    PS I want to know how you get your son to work for a Slurpee? I have to ‘pay’ my granddaughter.. Maybe it is because she is 15. As they get older they require more. =)

  15. Whew boy do I need this. Deadlines always motivate me. My problem is I’ve been doing too many fun projects plus blogging, and not enough decluttering. As someone else said, I need to get ready for a garage sale and have a whole basement, an upstairs and an office that need total dejunking…just not the good junk πŸ˜‰ Oh…and I my little voice say’s hi to your little voice. I think they would get along famously…they are both annoying, but usually right.

  16. OH the guilt of it all!!!! Now your “Voice” has spoken to my “Voice” and my “Voice” is nagging me!!! Is this a conspiracy of consciences? As Miss Scarlett O’Hara would say, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow!”

  17. Love this!!! I have been wanting to jump into the repainting furniture thing but keep putting it I have a load of things that need painting…so I am going to start…with two Fleur de Lis and a small table…that should not be too difficult…Hahahaha!

  18. Groan! That ‘voice’ was nagging me all this past weekend! I never even had a chance to blog ’cause the voice would make me get back to work everytime I sat at the computer. I had a weekend full of those crappy git-er-done jobs that I just blogged about yesterday. But! I have a ton more waiting to do. So count me in! I can always use some extra motivation.
    And btw, the thought of all those voices banding together against us is downright creepy-scarey! πŸ˜‰

  19. I like it! I was ready to link up now because I just posted about doing this very thing…getting something finished. I can still link it up to SNS this weekend right? For you new challenge, the first thing I need to complete is a list of all the things I need to complete!

  20. great idea! now i too just have to decide which project to tackle first!!! decisions…decisions…decisions!
    judi πŸ˜‰

  21. Your interest is fabulous!! I think this could be alot of fun!

    I may have to better refine the rules so this doesn’t turn into a regular type of link up party, so please watch for some tweaking with the wording above.

    But what comes to mind right at the moment:

    **Please let your entry be inspired by THIS post, not something you’ll have done anyway just for a reason to link up.

    **Please wait to share your ‘I Can Do It!’ project until this linkup has run it’s course. If the entirety of blogland has already seen it, the event looses steam and simply becomes another link party. Please post it to this event first, then share it around as you desire.

    Wouldn’t you agree? Comments?

    Let’s surprise each other to see what we’ve done because of THIS event! Whoohoo! I need to get going!


  22. I think the ball was left in my court and I dropped it!!! Sorry!!!

    I do want something….perhaps like a sweet message to place in our new home…when we find it!!!!!!!

  23. Darn. This means that I have to clean out and organize my dining room! Thanks Donna… not! I’ve been successfully avoiding this particular task for… well… since our renovations started 2 years ago! And now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve challenged us to gitter-done. Darn
    I’ll be back on the 14th. Darn!

  24. OMG! My list it too long. Really, this is just sad. I had goals when i started blogging, truly I did. I’m hoping this will be the kick in the butt I need. Just no steel toe boots okay?

  25. Oh Donna ~ I love it!! Now this is something that I can get into! I already have a couple of things in mind ~ now I have to finish them before the 14th!

  26. Gitter Done was a better fit I’m thinkin’. Sorry for any changes this may cause you. Felt I’d better do it sooner than later! xo

    Does tweaking this post to DEATH warrant a Gitter Done merit ya think?!? πŸ™‚

    FJ Donna

  27. This is one of the best ideas I’ve read in a while! YEAH! I hope this continues after June 14th too, (like even once a month). Then like you said we can actually get some real work done too that needs doing. How fun is this???! Can’t wait to see what everyone features. Thanks Donna for cutting up the old box. yippee! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  28. Hi Donna!
    Here I am replying to this four days later–but I have had your Gitter Done button on my blog for two days πŸ™‚
    I stopped by Kolein’s house, and realized I ought to tell you that I, too, will be here on the A.M. of June 14th with my kitchen befores and afters– this was the bump in the rump I needed to just gitter done! Just in time for my Birthday, and I ain’t sayin’ which #, either.

  29. Ok donna,
    I love this push..I have a list a mile long. I also have a gravel walk and HATE it cuz of the weeds. I told my hubby that I had to have pavers or something put in..cannot do another year of weeding! But then I bought a big thing of Roundup and sprayed the beejeezus out of it, kept the dogs off of it, and now I have no weeds!!! I still want a more finished walkway, but this works for now, and a lot less painful. I have a little garden I have to weed and put down grass seed..maybe that will be my Gitter Done project.

  30. LOVE the Gitter Done idea. Good thing the rope I tied to my ankle and the doorknob of the ‘room’ is a long one. Still putting away the Halloween decor. There is no way I’ll get the whole room done for tomorrow. But the NEXT GD… I’ll be there with bells on my rope! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the push! πŸ™‚

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