Janette’s Kitchen Part 2 – the door and window shuffle

Welcome to Janette’s Kitchen – Part 2!

Last time: PART ONE was where the walls just came down and there was this new amazing space expanding to the 4 corners of the entire floor plan.

Well, these two have a lot to smile about today. Janette and her family have been working non stop on getting their new window, doors and insulation in place among so much more. Our weather has been pretty frightful so I’m sure they’ve been cold. Until today.

Let’s back up a bit first.

A treasured piece’s days were numbered. That beautiful deep toned piano would soon have no room to sit. And the family didn’t really desire to sell it until the kids left home, ensuring they wouldn’t want it for themselves one day. So, what’s one to do?

How about loaning it out to a friend’s little girl for a few years? She can have her lessons, and the storage is taken care of. I thought this arrangement was brilliant!

The next step was to prep the walls for the new window and door needs. This entire wall came out just to move 1 window and close another! Crazy amount of work.


I love looking at a house in this Hawaiian style mode. Don’t you just love the open beamed outdoorsy feeling? 🙂

 Next up is that picture window to the left, revampng to make way for the new french doors going in. The patio will also be extended. Nice!

Janette tearin’ and Jeremy repairin’.


Janette takes things into her own gloved hands and starts pecking away at that nasty stucco that wasn’t really meant to ever be removed. But it seems she’s also found a way to reward herself… click to watch her in action below. 🙂

 Once the stucco was removed, the window came out and new framework and the black paper went into place. I forgot what it’s called so why make a fool outta myself?

Oh yes. I also forgot about all the gardening they had to dig out from this area. Thanks for the samples, Janette! I found them! And they are exactly where you put them. Guess I should quit bloggin’ and go plantin’…

Is it tar paper? Close enough. Guess I could google for the info if I wasn’t so lazy.

 Yeah yeah Micah. I get the hint.  

Ah, just one more. CLICK!

I lied. I needed this one too to help CELEBRATE THE DOORS GOING IN! 

They went with the style of doors where the blinds are embedded between the glass. LOVE these!


And there’s been a little late night pounding some evenings lately. This entryway use to be tiled. It was removed to make way for the new hardwood flooring going in.

Janette was feeling a little reminiscent that day. It’s fun taking out someone else’s decor choices, however it’s a different story when you yourself put these tiles in and still remember nearly every detail about the process. So worth it when it’s an upgrade though. Wait till you see what’s going in! Swoon…

Look! There’s my truck!  Oh yeah, one of these wheelbarrows is mine too. Looks like we have great neighborly taste here.

As for the kitchen, Janette is choosing an antique white for her cupboards but was getting a little lost with all the colour choices avail. So she came up with another brainstorm to borrow someone’s drawer from a kitchen she loved. How easy was that!

Color chips are so misleading. If you can see a full scale example elsewhere and you love it, go with it! My other neighbor Elizabeth painted her walls after she saw the color inside mine. Proves the theory just works.

So Janette’s been out of a real deal kitchen for awhile now. How’s she coping? Where is she cooking?!? Are they eating take out pizza every night and bringing home KFC brownies for dessert?

H A R D L Y .

Why this gal is baking with her oven residing on top of… 

a bird house. 

I thought you decorators would enjoy that. 🙂

 Well, apparently birdhouses make wonderful oven bases because for someone with no kitchen to speak of is whipping out homemade chocolate cakes with real icing! (vision me sinking into my sofa while eating out of a cake mix box with a spoon in shame at this point)

For the record? I don’t do that. But my son does. I like eating out of the mixing bowl instead thankyouverymuch.

But what about the cooking? And washing the dishes?

Follow the yellow brick towels and boards and let’s take a peek where Janette creates her food magic these days.

Smart thinking! A laundry room tub is the perfect setup!

This temporary pit stop could rival many permanent setups! Love the bins with the drawers idea! Not only is it the ultimate in organization, it’s dust free too. 

And the stovetop cooking is taking place with the campfire stove in the (well ventilated) garage, the BBQ outdoors and the slow cooker wherever it will drive hungry workmen crazy.

Wasn’t that a fun tour?

And with the new insulation in place, they can finally get nice and warm. Awesome awesome progress, guys! Thanks again for allowing the snoopy next door neighbor click a few.

Next up:

I do believe the most dreaded part of all is about to hit.

Good ‘ol drywall. Ahh… did I mention Janette doesn’t like dust much? 🙂

And stay tuned for Part 2 of  ‘My Own Kitchen!’ It was NO WHERE NEAR as tidy as this one. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Janette’s Kitchen Part 2 – the door and window shuffle

  1. What a perfect idea!! Lending out the piano!!!!
    Love what is going on…those French doors are awesome. And the openness is fabulous. Beautiful floor plan.
    I also love the color of the new cabinets! So rich!!
    The video cracked me up!!!
    Good job!

  2. Thank you for this great little tour. It’s wonderful seeing work in progress. She has been doing extremely well with her temp kitchen space.

    I also thought that was a wonderful idea of loaning out the piano.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Love what youre doing! Enjoyed the tour and the french doors!
    How creative is she to continue cooking like that!!!!

    Deborah xoxo

  4. I don’t even know Janette, but I am so happy for her. That smile on her face is pricless, like she is holding herself back from clapping her hands and jumping up and down! LOL

  5. Awesome tour! Her house is so tidy even during reno. Love the make shift kitchen, you do what ya gotta do! Looks like it’s working out 🙂

    So Donna what’s more fun? Being in the middle of your own reno or photographing and cheering on someone else while they’re in the middle of their reno.

  6. oh my!!!! I’ve lived through 3 kitchen renos; they’re the worst! ALthough she does have a good temporary set up. I don’t know what’s worse to gut, kitchens or bathrooms…bathrooms are hard, too!

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