Janette’s Kitchen Part 3 – floors, cupboards and countertops

Welcome to Janette’s Kitchen – Part 3!

The entire series to date is HERE

Last time: PART 2 was where the new french doors, windows and insulation went in. Janette’s family was just beginning to enjoy the new found warmth again when the dust started to fly.

It’s always nice to find a little beauty amongst the chaos that was about to embark.

 Because we ALL KNOW what working with drywall is like. The dust gravitates EVERYWHERE. But no worries, the job was in good professional hands. I mean, look at the size of those sheets!

The drywall not only hit the walls but also RECOVERED the entire ceiling. And it’s beautiful!

I missed a few steps as I was at work, however, the family then teamed up and painted the entire space a wonderful warm deep sunflower yellow. 

 And then if that wasn’t enough, the floors arrived while the paint was barely dry! Honestly, the steps were so hopping quick I could barely keep up.


So pretty, warm, and yes, I’ll share the particulars on it for the reveal.


See that cool ripply effect? The floors are hand scraped, 5″ in a tobacco color. They look and feel warm and are the perfect tone of wood without the darkness nor that ‘oaky tone.’ The scale fit the wide open spaces perfectly.

Crown and window moldings next.

Yeah. It was about that fast in real life as well, trust me. 🙂 They did a fantastic job installing this all themselves and now apparently have an extremely high appreciation for those that do this for a living. 🙂

Janette also did some added treatments to the fireplace which I’ll show later too.

And then… Janette had to go to work. 

While the cupboards were being delivered. I doubt her mind was on her work that day!

 The most gorgeous butter cream tone imaginable with nice shaker style doors.

 And a little warm chocolatey contrast for the island and built in china cabinet. Aren’t they pretty?

 So exciting!!!

And check out that new perfect ceiling. The new drywall covered all the old as if basically started over to avoid having to scrape and patch. This proved to be an absolute seamless outcome.

When I came and took these pics, I found Janette hiding out downstairs.  I was a raving lunatic, giddy with what I was seeing. As for Janette? She was quietly sitting in a chair waiting for them to be done before she took a peek. Quietly. Patiently.


Her daughter blindfolded her and we both led her upstairs. When she turned around, she obviously gasped! And was so delighted to see her vision on paper for so long finally come to life.

I attempted to film it but the battery went dead. 😕 Nice work, me.


And in another week’s time, the counter tops and plumbing went in!

And one more step… Janette did her own tile backsplash with a friend. Maybe my crazy ways with power tools is rubbing off on the women folk in the area after all. Men, hide yer stuff! 🙂

Next up:

The reveal with plenty of added details not yet shown. And let’s see if I can perhaps get a little interview out of Janette on her experience… 🙂

And stay tuned for Part 3 of  ‘My Own Kitchen!’ A very different look but all the same emotions.

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22 thoughts on “Janette’s Kitchen Part 3 – floors, cupboards and countertops

  1. Oh how exciting! I can’t wait to see everything completely finished! I know your friend is happy as she can be!

    I have boxes of hardwood flooring been laying in my sunroom for 1 year, yes, 1 year! I can’t hardly wait to get it down and seeing your friends just makes me more antsy! If we tore a wall out of our house it would be gone forever! Hubby never gets in a hurry about anything! LOL! Well I laughed, but it really drives me crazy!


  2. wow, it looks awesome! I love the cabs and all the light! I wasn’t thrilled with the wall color at first, but after all the cabs went in, that changed the space. Love the floors too.

  3. Your island is HUGE which is fantastic. I would love to have a giant like yours. Perfect for entertaining and doing just about anything. I hate wimpy two door cabinet islands.

  4. The floor is my favorite part, but I really love the entire kitchen. I wish I had that much space! Love the pendant lights over the island, too. Janette is a lucky girl!

  5. Oh it is going to be fantastic when completed. I would just die for those cabinets and floor. I also adore the fact that Janette is right in there doing the backsplash. Sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the big reveal… and Ms. Funky Junk, I didn’t think your kitchen could get any better… What have YOU done?

  6. Her kitchen is coming along beautifully. Interesting that her wall colour looks similar to mine and we have the same cabinets! I just don’t have the huge kitchen or an island. Our kitchen is almost done! Minus the dw and mw and backsplash. Tomorrow should put the finishing touches on the trim etc. I’ve already put a few things in the cupboards. I’m looking forward to your reveal!

  7. The pictures are so fun to see it all rolling out like that! How fun. Can’t wait to see the big reveal. Especially love those floors. Made me want to jump through my computer and run my hand over them!

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