Katy and the calendar, and a thanks

I have a cute little story to share with you. (short video to follow too!)

Meet Katy. She’s that cute thang on your right. Katy works at a local grocery store in my town. I don’t know her personally, but I certainly know her cheery disposition every time I stand in line during a task I don’t particularly like. I’m just not a foodie so I’m not into groceries, except for survival.

Well, Katy makes my short jaunt to the store bearable. Her smiles and talkative nature draw me in, and her scottish accent is simply icing on the cake. (I LOVE accents because I don’t have one!)

Last year I carried one of these calendars up to the checkout to pay. They’re special because they’re so BIG. Katy cheerfully rang it up and made mention that she had been wanting one too. I didn’t think twice. This gal that makes me smile every time I walk into the store deserved a calendar that day so I told her to, “Ring up two.”

She was taken aback and said NO!  But I wouldn’t hear of it! So for an entire year she’s had to endure the fact that I bought her a calendar. 🙂

This past weekend it was time to pick up another. I went to pay for my groceries and there was Katy again, smiling as if waiting for me.

me – “You get your calendar for this year yet?”

Katy in her adorable accent – “No, not yet! I’ve been (chatter chatter etc)”

me – “Well, ring up two.”

The calendar was a whoppin’ $12.00. Pittance! It’s nothing. But the combination of Katy and the calendar is a special one. What we’ve done for each other has made a difference for both of us.

Small things just mean an awful lot to me these days. Thank-you Katy!

But so did you contributing to Cindy’s family and being such a wonderful support system for all of us.

That was a really BIG thing and please know you’ve made a tremendous difference.

Thank-you for thinking of us and helping.

And thank-you for continuing to be a Katy to me every day.


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34 thoughts on “Katy and the calendar, and a thanks

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated; good for YOU! Just when did that simple axiom of life become “simple acts of kindness”? Yes, it is a simple act of kindness but it used to be simply the way we lived. When did treating others with respect, love and honor become a bumper sticker?

  2. I think it is the small things in life that really make a day worthwhile. A call from an old friend, an unexpected note in the mail, a smile from a stranger seeing the same thing you see and thinking OH MY! Blessings to you- you are a kind soul- xo Diana

  3. What a sweet thing to do. Wouldn’t the world be a different place if these acts of kindness were done more often. ((((((HUGS))))) for you.

    • Well said! Katy could have been ‘distant’ not knowing me, but she was far from that. She always made me feel like that was MY store. And that makes a big difference for me. I look foward to standing in line in her isle every week. 🙂

    • Thank you for being the smile that I look forward to each week. Yours is the only blog I haven’t become bored with over time and deleted. Each one captures my interest, creativity and heart. Thank you

  4. You continue to amaze me and yet, it’s not a surprise at all that you’d do something so kind. I’ve come to know that this is simply who you are. We’re all blessed and better for knowing you! You rock, girlfriend. xo

  5. Isn’t it fun when a little kindness means so much to another person? I love doing little things like that for people, just because they are them! You’re such a generous soul, Donna! You share so much of yourself, your home, your talents and your life and I appreciate all of the inspiration, ideas, motivation, laughs and heart-warming times. Still praying for Cindy’s family and sending healing thoughts to all. Take care. xoxo, Leena

  6. That made me smile :-). Been thinking a lot about Cindy and her family; I shed quite a few tears reading her story. It really makes you realize how ‘the little things’ in life (like Katy’s smile and your gift of a calendar) are precious.

    Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

  7. Donna, if we were to ever meet, we would end up being BFF and ever! Love your inspiration, thoughtfulness, creativity, the words are endless. We are very similar in nature and Canadian too! It feels good to help someone out regardless of the situation or size. If you ever venture to Ottawa, would love to be your tour guide!! Your awesome!!

  8. gosh I cry at everything these days….you’d think I was preggo and I’M NOT!

    Donna, sweet friend hate to break it to you, but you indeed have an accent…eh?

    I love it when I read or hear “pay it forward” stories, they’re my all time favorite stories. I’ve always told my children, if they are down in the dumps or feel like the world is dumping on them, to go out and make someone smile. When you do that, you feel amazing.

    Donna, you make us smile everyday! ((hugs))

  9. My father passes away a week ago………and one of the main things people taked about at his services were the importance of “simple acts of kindness”…..something my dad did…and received….with humbleness and honor.
    I hope to carry this on…..as you have.

  10. Yes, Donna, you do have an accent…we all do, we just don’t hear it, eh? You can tell where I’m from when I say, “coffee, dog and orange.” Katy’s accent is just charming…I always wonder how we sound, are we charming too?

    It is so easy to share the positive, every day with everyone we meet. You never know when your kindness will have a meaningful impact on someone. Plus, I know I get so much back when I am kind to others. Positive change starts with each of us and spreads out to others.
    Love this blog and the good people who read it!

  11. Beautiful post, Donna. It really shows what kind of a person you are when you do something like this for a ‘stranger’, and all because of a smile. My grandparents were from the Glasgow area, I really miss their accent so this video brought back wonderful memories…thank you for sharing it. Being in the customer service industry, I wish there were more like Katy out there! And it reminds me to keep a smile on my face no matter how hard my day is going…it can make a world of difference to a customer who is having a bad day.
    I was so sorry to hear Cindy lost her battle, I have been thinking about the family & praying for them.
    Debbie 🙂

  12. Everyone needs a Katy in their life (or a Donna!). There was a gal that worked in the gas station I got my gas at every Sunday on my way home from work. She was proficient, and so friendly. She had the best customer service skills in the world and belonged at a much higher paying job, but I loved seeing her each week. I even commented to my kids that I should call the manager and tell her she deserves a raise if they hope to keep her. Well…I never made that call and then I noticed that she was no longer at the gas station. I really missed seeing her there and wondered where she’d gone. One day while waiting for my daughter during a doctor visit, I ran to the pharmacy next door to buy a snack and there she was! Her new job was closer to where she lived, so she could walk to work and save gas. Thank you Donna, for reminding me to show my appreciation for her. I won’t see her often, as I rarely am in that pharmacy, but paying her a visit is a good enough reason to drop in occasionally!

    Thank you Donna…for appreciating others for the way they bless you – in big and small ways and thank you, Katy for being the kind of person who brightens someone else’s day!


  13. Hi Donna, you are such a Star, you make me Smile & after watching our famous clip, my husband agrees. Donna it does not cost anything to be nice to someone & you are so warm. The first time you bought me the calendar I cried, now tonight after watching this, the Girl from Glasgow is crying with Happiness. I thank my parents for the way I am. Xx Katy

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