Lessons I learned in 2012 – journaling agenda

FOLK Magazine's Journaling Agenda via Funky Junk Interiors

FOLK Magazine’s blog has a new concept that I rather like!

Each week, you can do a journal entry on your own blog, then link it up to FOLK. So here’s mine for:

Week 1: Reflect on lessons learned in 2012

2012 was my 50th year and I have to honestly say, while it wasn’t easy, it was one of the best years of my life. I’ve had new opportunities that are helping me reach some goals, as well has having been fortunate enough to enjoy 2 southern trips! Wow!!

Blogging has taken such a hold onto my heart in such a profound way. I eat, sleep and drink this habit! If my house were on fire, I’d grab my son, cat, computer, and camera. Ok, and iPhone…

So what did I actually learn? 

Well… I learned when you dip into something deep, you don’t allow a whole lot of time for other things in life. And that’s sorda what happened with me. I didn’t bother with a whole lot of planning or scheduling so I just rolled with the punches and ended up spending a little too much time online. 

I kinda forgot to cook a few (alot of) home cooked meals, didn’t exercise like I should have, didn’t bother to grow any new friendships, nor spend as much time with my family or son just kickin’ around as I should have. 

Blogwise? I need to get serious about my poor ebook still waiting for me. 

What will I do about it?

“make more dates with family and friends!”

[ recipe HERE… and it’s awesome! ]

“cook more!”

Cook! Go over Pinterest with my son and together, choose some meals that appeal to him so he’ll be encouraged to help with the shopping and cooking. I’ve wanted to do this FOREVER. Now’s the time.

More son time. After school is my time with my son, period! No more sneaking online when I shouldn’t when he’s around.

Time for friends and family. I need to schedule in some dates with my family and friends. I really need to do this!

Walk daily. Anyone can walk. I’ve run out of excuses. And I’ve actually started. I already feel stronger and lighter on my feet. Love that!

Make an effort to open that ebook daily until it’s done! Yikes… but even if I give it 10 minutes a day, I can do that, right? Gulp…

Remember my New Year’s mantra DO? Ok! I’m gonna DO it!

Dear FOLK… what have you gotten me into now?!

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13 thoughts on “Lessons I learned in 2012 – journaling agenda

  1. I have always loved to journal… Did less last year than most years….I love those ideas. Not to overwhelming but really keep you on track…Blessings in this New Year!

  2. There is something so fun about cooking with the family. I love it when they help, or just when they sit and talk while I’m cooking. Sometime last year the 15 year said, “I’m going to go cook you guys breakfast, OK?” And, off he went to make us cheesy eggs – the best cheesy eggs I’ve EVER had. (He later showed me how to do them….but his are still better!)

    I love the idea of using Pinterest for ideas.
    You can have a special board for you and him!
    Love that.

    We do something close. We have a big list on the back of the door – new restaurants we want to try, recipes we want to make, places we want to go or go. Some things are quick, some are weekends. Sme are inexpensive, some are “special events” that we can’t do all the time. The list helps us to have our priorities at our fingertips. And, we add to it often.

    ~ Blessings

  3. Love to journal – such an opportunity to really look at myself and committing to paper the things I want to experience (I am terribly introverted) helps keep me focused! My word for this year is explore!

    Happy New Year All,

  4. I really like your goals for 2013, and your word fits them perfectly. Even 10 minutes a day will result in your e-book getting done, eventually. I love the idea you have for spending time on Pinterest with your son to have him help choose recipes, then you know he will enjoy them all the more for his input! Great post, Donna!
    Debbie 🙂

  5. It’s so important to turn off the computer and step away. Glad you are seeing that. There has been a commercial on lately that says something to the effect of “You can sit at home and ‘like’ something… or you can go out to dinner with your family and actually like something.” That is extremely important advice! Keep up the hard work on your e-book. You’ll get there eventually, then you’ll be SO proud of yourself. Thanks for participating in the community blogging project. I’m looking forward to your posts throughout the year!


  6. Hi Donna,
    “Do” is a wonderful word! It is very easy to get attached to these (‘fancy typewriter/word processor/dictionary/encylopedia/instant communicator/ etc,etc’) computers. After these holidays it will be a welcome break to continue to walk, enjoy your son, cook and write in your ebook for ten minutes a day. We, in blogland, still want to see your wonderful creative nature. Happy New Year to you and your son!

  7. I love this idea. I hope to journal, too. I haven’t, yet because I’m a procrastinator! ha. I turned 40 this year and it was my best year, yet! I wonder why we are scared to get old….i’m sure it’s going to get better and better! All that about not growing new friendships? I can help you out with that! be my friend. let’s grow it together! 😉 Really, though, move to Alabama. It’s warm and we can junk up the world one day at a time!

  8. It’s nice to have some challenges and set goals to aspire to! I’ve been so inspired by my favorite bloggers! Let’s be the best that we can be this year! I’m excited! I believe we can help each other! Happy New year!

  9. I have seen on a couple of blogs this Folk thought.I admire you for jumping in,and for looking so good at 50 seriously girl you look 38. Loved all your points and they all are ones that anyone of us could write…take care of yourself,walk and eat right. spend time with family! turn the electronics off! I have tried to focus on my hubby while he has been on Christmas break(educator) and amazing how fun it is..not getting any projects done…but lots of good times together

  10. I’ve found the internet/blogging and pinterest to be such huge time suckers. But, it is SO FUN! I don’t do resolutions and am searching for my “word” for the year, but it’s definitely going to have something to do with the same things as you. Get out of the wishing, wanting, planning and dreaming stage and on to the doing, implementing, being deliberate phase. Just do it! That’s what I did with my health and FINALLY lost the weight. Is it okay to have two “words” for the year? DO IT! Here’s to a great new year!


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