Lookin’ scrap happy with a Hats by Peach giveaway! (video)

The giveaway event is now closed. 

However please read on for a full video review of these wonderful hats and scarves I fully endorse!

 Ohhhh… tell me you wouldn’t want to hug this amazing little fuzzy number right now.


Or how about this one?

If you like all things soft and warm when going out for a walk or ?, you are in for a real treat!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hats by Peach!




Peach has a website and Etsy store filled to the brim of every kind of hat and look imaginable. But that isn’t all she carries.

 Check out this precious scarf! The funkiest of yarn creates a wonderfully unique look without the bulk.


They are warm! And thick. The brims are bendable to whatever shape you desire, and they tighten up to fit via a drawstring on the side to achieve the perfect fit. They sit right above your ears.
(prices range from $20 – $48)


They are fuzzy and oh so fun to play with! I love the fact that there’s little bulk, so you can still look cute without it feeling like a snowstorm is heading your way, kwim? They are the cutest fashion if left loose, and can add abit of warmth if you snug it up nice and tight around your neck.

photo courtesy of Hats by Peach Facebook

More about Peach

Why hats? When did you start?  

I started crocheting about 30 years ago.  Before that I was a knitter.  My first “art” was potholders made on a loom.  That was in elementary school.  I sold them door to door to the neighbors.  In hindsight, they bought out of pity! 
I always wore hats.  When my Mother-in-law taught me to crochet, I made many different things and eventually ended up making hats.  They didn’t always look this good though.

Your style is so creative! What inspired you to take this leap? 

My hats were pretty plain to begin with.  Then a buddy of mine gave me some of her scraps, small balls of leftover yarn from some fancy shawls she made.  It was at a two day show when she gave them to me, so I sat at the show, worked up a funky hat, over-priced it (or so I thought) just to see what would happen.  It sold in 10 minutes.  That opened up a whole new world for me.  (By the way, I gave my buddy the money for the hat that sold, I was so grateful.)

What would you deem your style? 

Not sure I have a style.  I have more fun making the funky hats, but I do make conservative ones too.  But even they have character.  I have customers tell me they saw someone wearing a “Peach hat”, so I guess my style is recognizable.  I’ve already been out and about and someone will ask me if I’m wearing a “Peach hat”.  It’s funny when I say yes, and I’m Peach.

I make what I’m in the mood to make.  I don’t take orders. (Except for my family:)  If I wake up and feel like making red hats, I make red hats.  If I feel like doing skull caps that day, I make skull caps.  But for the giveaway, I will gladly give a hat already on my Etsy shop, or I will take an order!  That person will get the VIP treatment.  Yours was a special order too.

 ‘flat top’



What would you say to women who claim to not look good in hats?

If a woman thinks she doesn’t look good in a hat, I always tell them to try a flat top hat. The funky one I sent you is not technically a flat top, but with the funky yarn though around the top, it gives the appearance of a flat top. I have many flat tops on my site, as well as the bowler type like the plain black one you have.

9 times out of 10, a woman looks good in a flat top. And sometimes a woman just needs to put the hat on correctly. Just play with it.

Thanks Peach! I enjoyed that!

Here’s a 4 minute review video I shot of me and my pretty little hats and scarf. 

And you know how serious I am in front of a camera… (NOT) 🙂

(subscribers, you’ll need to visit the blog to take in the video)

Forgive the cheesy Mac music. It’s liable to ruin my reputation but oh well…

~ Giveaway! ~

Peach has generously offered a lucky winner a 

hat AND scarf 

of their choice!

Mix and match. Get them to look the same. It’s totally your call. You will LOVE them!

How to enter


Visit Peach’s  Etsy and choose which hat you like the best.
Let us know in comments the name of your choice and you’re in!


 “Like” Hats by Peach on her Facebook and comment to enter again!

If you follow or subscribe to Funky Junk, (thank-you!) comment to enter again!

Blog, tweet or facebook about the giveaway and comment to enter again!

The giveaway will be open for 1 week and the winner will be chosen by random.org. Winner must have an email avail in order to win. If you don’t have a blog, simply leave your email with your comment.

#483 – $48.00

 Sadly, not everyone can win. 🙁 

However, Peach has generously offered a great deal during the giveaway event.
Peach’s hats never go on sale so this will be the best deal offered.
(some restrictions may apply, just ask)

May 19 – May 26

use code JUNK in order to receive the discount

And I have a secret to share. If you only get one hat, you’ll wish you had two. It’s so fun to get two very different ones and mix and match with them. So, fair warning. 🙂

Peach sent me these items hoping for a positive review and her goods earned it. I LOVE my stuff!
No payment was made for this review. And my opinions are my own.

Thanks for coming out to play, and good luck!




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69 thoughts on “Lookin’ scrap happy with a Hats by Peach giveaway! (video)

  1. I love the gorgeous blue Funky Fashion Hat with Novelty Trims and Adjustable Drawstring (#483) but then I saw the fabulous hat with the Sari Ribbons (#881) and it stole my heart! Must be that gypsy thing. These hats are cute enough to make you want to wear one even when you never wear hats.

  2. Hi Donna!
    You are too funny in your videos – you sure know how to have fun! I am wanting one of these for our winters – they would be so cozy come Nov/Dec. I am loving hat #9877 – I am a black color wearing gal, so this would suit me great!
    Maybe I can have the luck you had with Jeanne Oliver!

  3. Dear Donna, I follow your blog, it’s the best. Also, I love both hats that you wore in the video. Anything in black or brown from the Peach’s Etsy store makes my heart pound and long for wintery days. Wait- still waiting for Spring here in Idaho… I could wear it now!

  4. Donna!
    You are hysterical! 🙂 Great review and I like the Woman’s Crocheted Chenille Cloche with 3-Petal Embellishment and Adjustable Drawstring hat by Peach! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  5. ReallY? How do I pick just ONE hat? I mean, I LOVE the Funky Fashion Hat with Novelty Trim and Adjustable Drawstring. It’d be my top choice.
    How fun is the Woman’s Funky Multi-Colored Fabric Crocheted Hat With Braids? I dont know that I could pull it off, but I love it!

    Now this one I could def pull off and is a perfect blend od the other two: Woman’s Crocheted Fashion Hat – Sari Silk Fabric Strips – Adjustable Drawstring
    IN LOVE!!!!
    If you force me to pick only one….I will.

  6. I love the flat top one you featured on your blog. My 14 yo granddaughter would love it (and look smashing in it too). And the scarves…..love them.

    I am off to “like” Hats by Peach on FB and post about it on my FB page.

  7. The rusty bowler hat would go well with my jackets and I love the chenille scarf with various other yarns knitted in there. The jewel tones are delishous!Thanks for introducing this wonderful artist!

  8. I already follow FJI on FB. Yay Donna! ;7)
    Thanks for hosting the give-away & thank you Peach for generously giving away a hat & scarf. They’re absolutely brilliant!

  9. I LOVE the two Black Hats and Scart which Miss Peach made for You!!! Those are my Favorites….They are Stunning!

  10. You are such a hoot Donna!! And don’t you look ever so adorable in the hat & scarf!! So much so that after checking out Peach’s Etsy store I decided I like the one you have with the scarf the best! I could not tell which one it was on the site but if it’s a one of a kind then I like the black & silver Women’s Crochet Fashion Hat. Thanks for the chance at winning a hat “by Peach”.

  11. Hello again!! I am a follower of your blog via email, I look forward to each one and have even saved some to peruse again later!! Thanks for the great ideas and entertainment!! Also thanks to Peach for a wonderfulmgiveaway!!
    Take care, VBg

  12. Donna I have been following your blog for a while. I love all of your creative ideas. I love the black hat you modeled in the video.
    I love hats!!! Your video was very entertaining, you made laugh, you are so funny.
    I enjoyed looking at all of the hats by Peach.
    Pease count me in.

  13. I think I like the woman’s crocheted fashion hat the best – the black color seems the most versatile to me! She does BEAUTIFUL work!

  14. I like the Funky Red Hat with Purple Band and also the Woman’s Funky Hat with Novelty Trim, Button Center Flower, and Adjustable Drawstring. They are beautiful!

  15. I love this one: Woman’s Black Crocheted Hat with Adjustable Drawstring! I know it’s the ome one you sported and I can see myself wearing it a LOT!

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