A few Maui ramblings and a storm watch

Stone church on Maui / funkyjunkinteriors.net
These days are feeling a little bittersweet. We are nearing the end of our 6 week Maui stint, and I’m not even sure how I feel about it. 

90% of me is struggling to find meaning on why being here has provided a healing peace of sorts. And how I can bring some of this magic back home with us. I know there’s a lesson to be learned here. And I do believe I’m seeing the light in a few areas which I’ll share with you soon. I miss deeper, writing ramblings and can’t wait to get back to that.
Ocean with driftwood / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Anyway, we had a fabulous ‘nothing’ kind of day yesterday. I started my day walking the beach early with coffee and camera in hand, taking a bazillion shots, like the one above. Can you believe no saturation was added to that? Then jumping in the pool all afternoon.

By late afternoon, desiring a bit of an adventure, we hit the road to the end of Maui through Kihei. I had heard there were lava fields, and wow, there were. It was like driving from the amazingly, groomed perfection of high end Wailea onto moon grit. Drastic. Startling. Kinda scary even. I will show you soon.

But upon coming back, we drove past this quaint church I had to capture. I have a thing for old buildings and churches, and would love to go back to these grounds for an entire photo shoot! This sweet stone church was found in the Makena area beyond Kihei, which was nestled right against the ocean. Complete with its own graveyard. 🙂

I have taken hundreds of pictures during this vacation, but being that our stay is nearly complete, I’d rather take these photos home and edit them properly to share. So please bear with me as we ride this last week out.

For today, there’s something else brewing that’s rising to the top. There’s a tropical storm watch that fires up Wednesday night and will run through the end of Thursday.

The notices are taped to doors on how to prepare. So taking it fairly seriously, I gassed up, got cash, picked up larger containers of water, extra food, and now we wait. The grocery stores were pretty empty last night people wise, so I hope that’s a good sign! I noted what others were picking up and they appeared to be the same kinda stuff we were, so there’s that I guess.

Hopefully it’ll only be a rain storm. Pray it’s only a rain storm… we are ground floor level close to the shoreline. And the only time to kinda fear that is during a storm watch. 🙂

This may be the last post you’ll see should we lose power, wifi and all that good stuff. So if there’s no link party on the weekend, you’ll know why. I REALLY hope I’m being overly cautious… 🙂

Time to nip a few loose areas in the bud, and get on with it. The sky is already being washed with darker cloud cover as I type and the wind is kicking up early in the AM, which is not typical. Not very comforting… and I can hear the lifeguard’s warnings from the beach. Hmmm… I  think I need to take a quick walk to the beach and see how large those shore breaks are… 

Would love your prayers for safety for everyone here over the next few.

See you soon, friends! Can’t wait to chat with you so much more!

Edited to add: storm watch has just been dropped to heavy wind and rain! Yay!! Let’s hope it stays that way…

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27 thoughts on “A few Maui ramblings and a storm watch

  1. Georgia is having storms too, so I am with you in thought. Loved all the pictures from your trip. Hope there are a few more. Be safe and happy.

  2. If don’t get my Funky Junk Donna back soon, I am going to unsubscribe. I’m sorry if that sounds rude. I don’t mean to. It’s just that for quite a while you have gone in a direction that doesn’t interest me. I don’t care about Maui or hearing from 30 bloggers about their blogging Conference in Atlanta. If I have to read one more blog about vacations, I’ll scream. Go have a good time, enjoy yourself and then get back to what you do best! I’m not a mean hearted person. I just want my girls back. I get so much from what each of you offer and I miss that.

    • I completely understand, Linda. I had wondered if I should just take the entire time off instead of posting off topic. I did get a few repurposed and DIY posts into the mix thankfully.

      From past experience when travelling, my readers have enjoyed dipping their toes into the sand and salt water to see what a given area is like from the eyes of another.

      Truth be told, my blog has never been JUST about junk… I gotta write from the heart on occasion, and share other things that may prove interesting and helpful to others. Some of those posts get the most comments, so that has been very telling.

      Something I will look into though this fall, is to have separate follow feeds avail. So if you just wish to hear about junk, you can subscribe to only those emailed posts.

      Thanks for your opinion!

  3. Donna, Please continue to keep us posted on the storm situation. I am in the MidWest and don’t get weather reports of your area. Will continue to pray
    Have loved your vacay posts, sharing what is in your heart and seeing through your eyes what many of us may never see. And how you have been creative and so appreciative of wherever you are. Thanks for sharing the various facets of your life, it’s challenges, and questions, and it’s joys.
    You have had a most unusual opportunity and pretty amazing that your son at this age wanted to share it. Life time memories.

    • Thanks Joan! I’m touched by your interest! After I get home, I’ll look through all three cameras (good grief… haha) and see about sharing some island beauty and stories for those interested… without overdoing it of course! 🙂

  4. Thank goodness that storm warning has been downgraded, but I will continue to hope and pray for your continued safety because that never hurts to do!

    I, too, have been enjoying your Maui posts mightily and am soooooooo glad you decided to drop in on us and share some of your adventures and projects these past six weeks. In my opinion, six weeks would’ve been much too long to go without my Funky Junk fix! Also, I love getting to celebrate this happy time in your life along with you…it makes me smile knowing you are having the time of your life with your son…you’ve worked hard for this and no one is more deserving…so thank you for giving me and the many others who are interested, the opportunity to do just that! Those who aren’t interested should be grown up enough just to hang in there for a little bit, imho…I mean, is it really such a hardship to maybe read something else for a few weeks?

    As much as I’m looking forward to the time when you are home and ready to share all of your thoughtful take-aways and amazing pix with us, I am sad that this wonderful time in your life is coming to a close. But I know you feel fortunate just to have had this unique experience with your son and that you will focus on the joy rather than the sorrow cuz that’s just who you are! Besides, those sweet kitties are going to be over-the-moon when they see their people come through that door and I know you have missed them greatly, too! May your remaining moments in Maui be filled with boundless joys…the stuff of warm and lasting memories…and also wishing you and your son a very safe and happy trip home! In the meantime, please stay safe, k?

    • Susan, you are one of my biggest cheerleaders. Love you for that!

      My wanderlust filled heart really needed to do this, even though I didn’t completely know why yet. Still putting it all together mentally.

      It’s my hope that by sharing life’s truths along with the beautiful sights, it will be about much more than just a pretty show and tell.

      Thanks for hangin’ in there until the true blue junk fires up again!

      And the cats! Ohhh my cats…. they are going to be sick of me very, very soon… 🙂

      • You are sooooooo worth rooting for, Donna…your judicious reply to Linda above just goes to show what a class act you truly are…brava! You are a far better woman than I…I’ll tell ya that! 😉

        Personally, I like that your blog is sooooooo much more than junk (though I do lurve me some junk!)…some of my favourite things about you are your thoughtfulness as well your ability to take a full self-assessment and write honestly about your findings. Many times I find that, when reading such posts, it causes me to become more thoughtful,reflecting upon my own deeds or misdeeds and learning a little more from them. I also love that you are such a winner…no matter how bad a certain situation may be, you are somehow able to analyze it, learn from it, give it a positive spin, work that positivity into your life, share the experience with others, and inspire us all to do the same! Yep, I’d say you are much more than just a junkin’ girl and I like you that way!

        Awwwwww, bet you just can’t wait to love on those kitties and I know you’ll be practically bombarded with furry love when you get through that door…what a beautiful welcome home that will be! They’ll make all the bitter in the bittersweetness melt away, no doubt! Have a safe and happy trip, Donna…looking forward to reading you again soon! 🙂

  5. A trip to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without a storm or hurricane warning! It adds to the adventure! It will hopefully be as usual – a media-hyped much ado about nothing much – just another rainy day in Hawaii!

    • I’m beginning to realize that now… it’s part of it! Plus we have way more non perishable food and water. I’m pretty sure we needed that anyway, right?!?! LOL

      The renters right behind us will be blessed with a few groceries in their pantry…

  6. Tropical storms are super scary. We were on a cruise ship years ago
    when Hurricane Gilbert was a mennance. Be safe. Love your blog.

  7. That Church is my favorite on Maui. There is such peace if you sit still and just listen. Once I was there during a wedding and everyone takes of their shoes. I took a pic because it was so funny, heels next to slippers, next to tennis shoes. Plus the priest was running late and was running to the church holding up his robes with beach shorts underneath.

    The lava fields remind me of what the moon might look like. If you park at the end and walk about 100 yards there are some beautiful beaches there.

    I’m glad the storm warnings dropped. Locals stock up in case but pretty much ignore them.

    Have a safe trip home.

  8. I have to agree with Linda. I subscribe to your post for all the interesting things you do. However, I’m not interested in your vacation. When I see a bunch of posts from someone who’s spending SIX WEEKS in Maui, my first thought is: how can someone afford 6-weeks in paradise, and why do I need to need to see your vacation pictures? I’m happy your having a great time on your vacation, however most people do not ‘work’ on their vacations. Go – have your vacation, and return to work when your ready. I dont need to see your vacation pictures.

    • Hi Denise, I totally get it. So bear with me as I show a few things to readers that have shown interest. Some are even junk related, such as the swap meet I took in.

      In the past, the vacay pics have helped a few readers even plan their own trips!

      It’s all part of the ride here, as I view photography as an art form, but I’ll hold myself back from overdoing it. ?

  9. AS somebody who will never have an opportunity to travel to Maui, I wanted to tell you: please share as many pics of your trip as you want. I will get a vicarious thrill from looking at any and all that you share!

  10. Good news to hear that the impending storm was downgraded. It’s so much better to be safe and prepared than to be stranded without enough food and water.
    What a fabulous adventure you and your son have had. You are so blessed to be able to take the time to stop and smell the hibiscus, travel the back roads, witness the beautiful sunsets, and experience this time together. Looking forward to seeing what you have hiding in your cameras!!

  11. Dear Donna,You give us so much! and I don’t pay you a dime.I get so much out of what you give us, every single day but Boohoo hoo hoo, your in Maui Boo hoo, what about me do you even think about me? boo hoo hoo. Good Grief people
    Grow Up! I Can’t wait to see Pictures!! -Judy A-

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