My ‘Canadian award winning’ pallet board sofa… really!

This is a story of winning a contest for building an off-the-wall pallet sofa.

“Hello, Donna speaking…”

“Hi Donna! This is Cheryl from Earth Day Canada’s Upcycling Challenge…”

Poor Cheryl didn’t have to say another word. For this is where I got POSITIVELY GIDDY.


You see, in late summer I entered this Canadian challenge / contest where you submitted something you made from nothing. (I have a few of those…)

And I knew the winner would be notified on December 7th.

And then the phone rang on December 7th.

Cheryl really didn’t get a word in edgewise after I knew it was her. I don’t even remember what I rambled on about but it had something to do with my most heartfelt dire absolute NEED for what I won.

Oh my word… I lost my cordless drill and driver kit about a year ago after major renovations did it in. I have a cordless drill, but not one with a chuck like this one. Welcome Panasonic! Can’t wait to add you to my little collection. 🙂

No worries, when it comes, I’ll show you why I wanted it and what it’s all about. This sweet thing comes with two lithium batteries to boot! (only the best) And it’s black… ooooo… pretty!

So what did I submit for the win?

My pallet sofa won “The Most Inventive” category!

Some Canada wide publicity will be part of this pallet sofa win as well.

Last year’s project got published in a magazine!

Pallet sofa reveal

Pallet sofa build

I’m so proud of my little girl. 🙂

I’d like to thank (the academy) Cheryl from Earth Day Canada

and friend Barbara, for it’s on Barbara’s beautiful blog that I saw the contest! Just goes to the prove how powerful social media really is and how vital it was I followed Hodge Podge. 🙂

Award winning builder here… who knew. 🙂

Keep cranking out those one of a kinds, friends. You never know…

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