My ‘mom cave’ blog office

~ My ‘mom cave’ ~

Where else could it possibly be?

This is my funky eclectic blog area. A sacred place I consider all mine. My own personal little mom cave.

While the desk area houses two chairs and two computers, this area is generally used just by myself.

 And my cats. 🙂

Those that know my style and habits won’t find it very surprising that this would be deemed my special place to hang.

Antiques speak to me.

They take me back to a time where life appeared laid back and easy going.  

 They also create memories of loved ones now gone.

 I’ve been asked why I don’t have much art in my home. These items are 3D art to me.

And let’s talk a little about some natural weathered goodness… ahhhh  🙂

No two boards are alike which is what makes them extra special. We’re all diverse in our own way, aren’t we?

What’s not to love, when you surround yourself with all the things you love?

Pride has alot to do with this area. I built it. From the ground up.

My mom cave. Where passion takes over and time stands still. 🙂

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47 thoughts on “My ‘mom cave’ blog office

  1. How wonderful, Donna! Now, what were we saying earlier about lack of sleep? When I first saw the snippet for this post my brain read, “This is my election blog area.” And I thought, “Ooh, I didn’t know about that!”

    Mmhmm…oh, and my kitty likes to sit ON my computer, whether it is open or shut. Do your cats do that? Do you then disinfect your keyboard? I had to do that today.

    Your space is awesome! I especially love the meet grinder pencil-holder!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Ohhhh yes Julie. I have photos somewhere where each one is sprawed out all over the laptop. At two diff times. 🙂 One is snoring right beside me now as I type. Smart cat. I need to take a hint! nitey nite. LOL


  3. I love every stinkin’ thing in every stinkin’ picture!!! The pencils in the meat grinder put me over the top. You are so incredibly talented Donna! This is how I want my house to look, but I feel hopeless in getting it there, and I’m not sure why….thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Fabulousness. And your photography is stunning as always. I’m always reminding myself you using a point and shoot. Incredible.

    Love this space…all the touches….every wee thing. Love that you put your heart and soul into it. Wish every one of my spaces was like that!

  5. lol@ cat’s gosh mine just sprawls over keyboard when ever it can and while i am using it last night she got her lil hiney smacked she had something all screwed up but course this am she is walking back and forth as i type now…got to love em

  6. Love this space! So creative and you always amaze me. I look at cast offs so differently! When I saw your post Mom’s cave I thought of the pink homegoods way better.

  7. Donna your cave is my favorite of all time! I have watched you put it together and you always inspire me with great ideas to use what I have gathered along the way! You also inspire me to put the things I love all around where I can see them, instead of in a box somewhere wasting away! I love your ideas and gitter done attitude and look forward to seeing what’s next! thanks for sharing your many talents with us!

  8. What a gorgeous mom cave!! The fact that you built it from the ground up – perfect! Nothing says relaxing like knowing what things that you can accomplish!

  9. You know I love your funky spot. I don’t remember seeing that propeller sitting there before… I think one of my current favorite things is your window framed photos with the gears/pulley.

  10. Hey your mom cave inspired me to do a post on my mom cave! I think it is soooo you, and the fact that you did it all yourself is even cooler. Don’t forget to tweet your link to your cool cave.

  11. Thank-you, all! How sweet of you!

    This is freaking hilarous… I couldn’t find my stencil brushes. I knew I had two wonderful ones. I had to use a ‘fisted up’ regular paint brush instead.

    So I saw the gear picture just now. DOH! They look exactly the same as I sit and type right now.



  12. What a great space, Donna! I love all of your antiques displayed on your shelves… just gorgeous! I feel the same way you do about them… 3-D art. I wish I had me a mom’s cave (pouting)…
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous space with us!
    Have a great week my friend!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  13. I want to have a glass of wine and just hang out in that happy place! I love the table, of course. It is the perfect place for you to run this blog! Great job.

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  14. This is amazing… I especially love the contrast of “old and new” with the rough cut lumber and your pc and laptop sitting on top with a neat uncluttered space. I believe that you have just given me some inspiration!

  15. What a wonderful place to call your own. I am spread out all over my house. I plan on turning the back half of my garage into my studio….someday when I have the time. For now my office is on my couch, in my diningroom and breakfast room.

  16. I love all the things you do on your posts! I’m a new subscriber and your blog is one of my all time favorites!! I am going to try to upload (I am a new blogger) a picture of a wedding I did for my daughter in a historical barn—I think you would appreciate the ladder that I did as part of her rustic/farm theme. Thank you for your posts and wonderful ideas!

  17. OK, that has got to be the best cave I’ve seen. It totally has your personality all over it and I love that you made it all yourself. And the meat grinder is awesome. Oh, and the window with the pictures stuck in the twine. Very creative.

  18. Hi Donna, I just wanted to say that is awesome! Seriously great spot!!! You built it, I love it. My wheels are spinning for my sad space now. Thanks for the inspriation ~Stacey

  19. Oh my goodness.. I didn’t expect THIS kind of response. Thanks so much! You’re making me feel a little special right about now. 🙂

    #31 Julie, you and I have a problem, girl. A sleepless one. Get to bed on time already! (me too)


  20. I love your style Donna….and your comment about “art” is dead on! I have things in my house that make me happy just looking at them, but most wouldn’t give them a second glance, let alone decorate their homes with them. Thanks for sharing your spaces and talent with us!


  21. Wow!Wow! FABULOUS Mom Cave! I LOVE your desk…the whole idea of the ladder with boards attached…such a cool idea. And the printing on them…and the old meat mincer!..and the big rusty ‘cog thingys’! LOVE them…You are extremely talented and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing..dunno where I found your bloghopping, started at Marias blog at dreamywhites…so somehow thru her blog I found yours…
    will be following closely now! 😉
    blessings from downunder…
    oh, and happy new year!!!!!
    jessie, nelson, nz

  22. Like Jenny McClain just said, OMG! It’s insane what you’ve done with the pallets and ladder, etc. I have a TON…well…a few pallets on my farm – i did make a ‘raised’ bed out of 3 of them cause I needed color spots on the farm….but who’d a thunk this desk and other stuff idea!

    i’m in love with your blog!

    xoxo lylah 🙂

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