My new kitchen toy… and a mag winner!

Can you guess what my newest kitchen toy is by this first pic?

I was ruined the day I took my cat to her last vet visit. They had this little coffee maker in the waiting area that allowed you to brew your own cup on the spot.ย 

Well, me’n coffee are BFF (fingers tightly twisted) so I was all up for that. And know what? It was the BEST cup of coffee I’ve ever had.

I went home that day jittery with knowledge that one just like it shall be mine. Honestly, I should have bought it that day because I drove myself into a crazed frenzy to get to that end of town again. I wanted that fix!

I even reasoned with myself that it was the ultimate move. I’ve been working really hard at eating well and if a fresh brew could keep me from grabbing the wrong thing, that was a good thing, right? I mean, what else is LEFT? ๐Ÿ™‚

So I made it happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am the proud owner of an itty bitty Keurig one cup at a time coffee maker.

And with this thing comes with these crazy little portion packs by the dozen.

Isn’t this crafty of me? My son’s hot chocolate sits under the sugar dispenser.

Yes, stainless creamers are EXCELLENT sugar dispensers. Easiest lids to flip open ever. They look industrially cool too. And all this fits in the cutest little antique cheese box on earth.

And that grass? It’s cat grass from the pet store. They were giving them out for free when we were there and gave me two. Pretty cool stuff! I’d love 50 of them if they didn’t grow. Or die.

Right… coffee.

So do I love my little Keurig?ย 

Yes! And no…


great for both son AND I

perfect temperature

deadly easy and fast to whip up a hot cup of whatever you wish

beautifully compact!ย 


expensive if you like more than one cup at a time (only 2 a day total for me anyway)

doesn’t make lattes like some others do

small cups only


This is all I get for one cup. It’s half full. Really.

I started brewing it for full cups and it tasted like brown water so I halved the water. Perfect. Except for the quantity.

It works better if you choose a stronger coffee. So that’s what I’ve done. Now I get about 3/4 of a cup. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hadn’t realized the vet used tiny paper cups… that’s why it was so good.ย 

At first I felt sorry for myself as it really wasn’t enough. But once the ‘stronger’ brew kicked in, it really kinda was enough. And with a larger pot, I never really enjoyed the 2nd cup all that much anyway. The first was always the charm.


I decided to keep it after all. My counter space has doubled, the coffee’s always super fresh, and it’s easy enough for my son to whip up what he likes too.

And… I don’t drink as much coffee as before, which is also a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

You into the latest pod coffee makers yourself?

Which one do you have?

We have a winner!

Angela from I’m like a little bird, wins a free 1 year subscription to the new FOLK magazine!

Congrats! I’ll be emailing you shortly for your mailing address, you lucky duck. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned for another FOLK giveaway next week.

And your orders are so much appreciated! Thanks for helping to make this small town gal’s dreams a reality. ๐Ÿ™‚

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31 thoughts on “My new kitchen toy… and a mag winner!

  1. Thanks for the review. I love a good cup of coffee, but it should be REALLY good and I am willing to pay a bit extra for that satisfaction. And I don’t leave the house on a regular basis so stopping for one of those expensive brews is not an option thank goodness. I think I am still holding out for the day I can afford a good grind and brew system. Guess I’ll just go with my red Kitchen Aid for a while longer.

  2. I have a Sensa. It makes a decent, full size mug of coffee. It is great on work mornings where I usually have just 2 cups of coffee. Weekends are another story and I often have 4 or more on a Saturday morning. The pods are kind of expensive so when I need more than a couple of cups, I have to drag out the “big dog” coffee machine. All things considered, the regular coffee pot probably makes more sense for me.

  3. I have the larger Keurig and I love it. I can get a full cup of coffee and so fresh!! Ahhhh!! I get the stronger coffees’. Folgers’ Black Silk Bold is fabulous! Also Double Diamond Bold is great! I go directly to for ordering coffees. They have an amazing selection and if you join their coffee club (free) you get $2.00 off per box!! Woot!!
    Enjoy yours!

  4. I have a mini keurig too and I love mine because it’s the perfect cup of coffee and you are right….I can’t drink too much that way….I found a white one that compliments my kitchen perfectly…I’ve been buying my k cups by the case at BJ’s and found a great ceramic cottage style bin to hold them in….enjoy your cup of joe….Mariaelena

  5. I love my big Keurig…three cup sizes to choose from. I love the mid-size one. It seriously makes my day to have a really good, and quick cup of coffee. Plus I’ve only done starbucks twice in the last five months!

  6. Those things are too cute! But with multiple coffee drinkers here on a regular basis…guess I’ll have to stick with the big dog for now!Plus, until my five new (add on) kids get out the door for good I need 2 FULL mugs every morning just to get in gear….sigh..

  7. Ok Donna, I have a tip for you. We have the bigger Keurig, but did you know you can get a refillable basket made for the Keurig on Amazon? Then you are able to use your own coffee and you just rinse out the little gold mesh basket after each use. It makes it so much more affordable. That is what we do.

  8. I have a personal size Keurig and LOVE it! My boys also like to make their own hot chocolate, so I keep plenty on hand. I had been making an entire pot of coffee and drinking it! This way I only make 1 cup of coffee and I’m done. I also get the Earl Grey k-cups and will have one of those in the afternoon.

  9. Congrats to Angela. I like your new coffee pot.
    I use a Bunn and have for the last 20yr. It makes coffee in 3 minutes. I can’t survive without two cups of coffee in the morning and two cups in the afternoon from my Bunn.
    Your welcome Donna for the sale and thank you
    for introducing me to Folk.

  10. Yes! I love the idea of one cup at a time. I purchased the Cuisinart which lets you brew your choice of 5 cup sizes up to 12 oz! Best thing ever for coffee!

  11. I absolutely love my Keurig machine!!have had it over a year and it is just fabulous, also bought the basket that you can put your own coffee in and that works well for loose tea and coffee as well. Dark magic is my favorite pod!!

  12. I got a Tassimo for my birthday and LOVE it!! Not as many flavors available as there is for yours, but I’m addicted to cappuccino, latte, espresso, so it was a worthy trade-off! My Mom has the Keurig with the refillable basket, I love hers too! Everyone should have one of these! You know, I thought I would be drinking more coffee with this, but you’re right, it’s actually less because I’m not refilling my half-empty cup all day long! Yay! By the way, I love what you’ve done with your cat grass! Adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. We’ve been using a one-cup coffee maker by Black and Decker for years. Hubby likes the realk thing, I have to have decaf, so it works really well for us. It has a little basket that you just rinse out and reuse, so you can use whatever coffee you want at whatever strength. Love it. Always a fresh cup!

  14. My sister has one, a different brand, and she quite likes it. It is perfect for guests.

    Husband considered one, but he drinks too much coffee and would cost us a small fortune.

  15. Congrats to the winner!!!

    I love what you did with the cheese box. I can’t get enough of them. I’ve loved them forever and we even used them at our wedding reception. They hold our wii and tv remotes (A tip I picked up from YOU!) and they are strewn around the house holding all sorts of things now.

    Love the idea of the creamer as a sugar bowl. The closest I’ve come to that is re-purposing a vintage gravy boat to line up a handful of different flavored extracts. One drop of good vanilla can make the world of difference in coffee!

    All the best,
    Dana at CafeD and RusticWeddingStyle

  16. Donna, you can get a teeny filter to use regular coffee (instead of those expensive packs).

    I roast my own coffee stove-top. Very easy (for me, at least, lol). Not too confident in my roasts lately (stove stinks – moved to this apt last Dec), but.. I’m getting the hang of it. If I can produce a roast that I won’t be ashamed of – I’ll send you some.

    My son tells me no place can hold a candle to my homeroast. I’m really particular, though – if it doesn’t pass my black-coffee-taste-test, it’s not good enough, lol.

  17. Aren’t they wonderful Donna!!!!
    I got one last year on my birthday ….I’ve had it for more than a year and I love it so much!
    My favourite is Timothys Columbian coffee.
    Its perfect and isnt that great for your son too!
    So glad you’re enjoying yours!!
    I love how you have the wooden crate and the cat always make everything look so great!

    Deborah xoxo

  18. Oh goodie! I can’t wait to see the new magazine. Thank you so much.
    Sheesh…why do I have to smile so big and show every tooth and crown in my mouth!!

  19. I have a Keurig, but I don’t drink coffee. It is good for guests.I have other coffee makers. I keep my coffee for those in the freezer because I don’t use it very often. You should get a little refillable basket, then it will be cheaper and you can buy all sorts of interesting coffees. Little things like coffee and Coke Zero and M&M’s are what makes life fun. Ann

  20. Not a Coffee Drinker, but that is a cute little thing. I am all for more counter space. Plus…hee hee, your bladder has more space now too. Sorry, been with silly kids all day, my mind has diminished to 9 year old boy humor…..

  21. I got one of these after Christmas this year..My husband is the only one in our house who drinks coffee so it has been a life saver for him..NO more wasted pots of coffee..He makes a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and he is off..We got the larger one and it’s perfect..Glad you like yours..

  22. Yeah, I have one of these only the larger one. My husband and I love it and though it may seem expensive …it sure beats Starbuck’s prices for flavored coffees! We keep boxes of variety coffees, teas, and hot chocolate in our pantry with one of those little spinner racks next to the actual pot. I also like that ours holds a large tank of water so it is super easy to brew a cup.

  23. I found you by way of Pinterest and I love how you decorated your kitchen counter space! I have a larger Keurig and I love it – I also on occasion use reusable/refillable cups (the Solofill and the Ekobrew – way easier than Keurig’s branded version) and that also can help make a stronger cup of coffee and cut down on cost. If you want a latte and you live near an Ikea, I grabbed a milk frother for $3 there that is perfect. I actually also won a fancy frother in a contest, but…it’s big and has lots of parts, so I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I’m rambling…er…hi. I like your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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