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All ideas and projects are original by Funky Junk Interiors and are copyright protected. 

Please feel free to copy for your own use and share with a link back, but please ask permission to sell.


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13 thoughts on “My Projects

  1. Found you by accident! Glad I did. I teach preschool and was looking for some spring crafts. I live in the country and my friends and I are always looking for good JUNK at sales! My dad made me a outhouse for my gardening supplies I now am working on my flower garden around it.Looking forward to some great ideas form you.

  2. The other night I found this idea for a book that has the covers ripped off, the pages dampened with coffee or tea and tossed in the dryer, then tied with a ribbon. I can not find it anywhere. If it was at your site, can you direct me to it?

  3. looking for the front door baskets (purses) with flowers–the target and michaels combo–too cute–got everything but they are “floppy” and know there is a tip in the article re that:) thanks

  4. I am attempting my first pallet project. I can really use some help. Have you got any HINTS OR SUGGESTIONS on how to tear these things apart without breaking the boards? Help! PS Love your stuff!

  5. Love your blog..check it every day..I have a half of a cherry dining room table..racking my brain as to what to do with it…any suggestions!!!

  6. I am attempting a pallet made sofa , any one know where i can get big comfy cushions from ? i am not sure what to use , if any one has any suggestions that would be great . thanks and i love funky junk xx

  7. i too would love to know if you have any tips on getting the pallets apart without damaging the wood, am gung ho to get started on a day bed for outside my studio
    thanks in anticipation

  8. A face book friend of mine put pumpkin made out of old jar lid rings. Absolutely beatiful but I can’t find it again. I would love to make it if someone would let me know how to find that idea again. I love so many of your ideas.

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