My resource for happiness? Simple pleasures.

Happiness is... right now. via Funky Junk Interiors

flannel shirt Funky Junk Interiors

My own personal resource for happiness doesn’t come from any book.

My happiness stems from simple things. REALLY simple things. Things that are obtainable right now. For free.

Like flannel shirts and well worn jeans.

country scenery Funky Junk Interiors

Pretty views down quiet county roads.

Your E cards Funky Junk Interiors

Making silly stuff that makes me laugh. 🙂

photo studio Funky Junk Interiors

My own special hideaway.

junk wall art Funky Junk Interiors

Being true to me.

dandelions in bloom Funky Junk Interiors

Weeds in full bloom.

Big Brothers organization

People I care about.

drug store glasses

My loyal and adorable pets.

And even my crappy $35 glasses that work better than my even crappier $500 glasses.

Air dried laundry.

Clean clothes.

Learning from mistakes.

White cotton t-shirts.

No socks.


Blog comments.

Someone else’s cooking.


The sound of rain.

Warm wind.

New experiences.

A tidy and pretty house.

Friends that give a rip.

An unmade bed.

A quiet snowfall.



Anything. Everything! There’s so much to be happy about.

And how do I sustain happiness? 

I wake up every morning and love all this stuff all over again.

I have dreams and aspirations on where I’d like to go. However I won’t allow tomorrow’s potential take away what I have today.

 dazeychic Etsy

What’s your very favourite simple thing that makes you happy?

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34 thoughts on “My resource for happiness? Simple pleasures.

  1. The support from other bloggers.Hugs from my daughter.A kiss from my kitty.A compliment from my husband.Family time just taking a walk or a bike ride.Inspirational posts.These are a few things that make me happy.

  2. Coffee on the patio in the morning, with hummingbirds zipping by and nature all around me, while knowing that my family is still snuggled happily in their beds…Aww perfect!!

  3. Birds chirping and the fact I have the ability to Hear it.

    Looking at my daughter and us sharing a short chat and smile as we both start our day.

    Toilet Paper- yep thats right, good old tp , a 12 pack and a extra in the storage room.
    There was a time in this life I didnt have that and omg am I gonna admit, I;d swipe a rool from a public facility. I guess so, cause I just did. Still it was always nerve wracking to have to wonder if there was any.. You’ll just have to trust me here- I had no other choice and as SOON as I didnt have to do that, I bought my own and have ever since. Yet I have never forgotten it, even after 30 years and every single time I reach for it , I look up and thank GOD.. every single time.
    I wont list the other gazillion things that make me happy but thats how many there are and I am grateful for everyone of them including the fact that YOU asked the question and posted some of your own… What a great way to start my friday.. thanks

    • Oh yeah Sonny, I remember those days! And finding a charity centre that handed out womens’ ‘unmentionables’ & making those said items last as long as possible! Like you said, the best thing about the experience is that once you get back to basics, everything else is pure luxury!

      And thanks Donna for a wonderfully simple list of thankfulness — I’m inspired to add so much more . . .

  4. New born smells (except the diaper end!)
    Clothes drying on the line.
    Freshly mowed fields.
    Coffee with cream! (no foam, no fancy flavor, no frothy whatever…JUST COFFEE, Sugar and Cream…In my San Antonio Mug)
    No mail in the mail box…no checks in, no checks out…The days we break even!
    Slight breezes in the shade, on triple digit days,
    Cicadas making music in the trees.

    enjoy your Summer, Donna!

  5. A lot of what you said,I would repeat. I love hiking and climbing to the top of a mountain and finding a view that inspires. Best prayers of my live on top of a special spot in Black Elk wilderness in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Travel time with my hubby. Collecting rocks that speak to me. Finding great old arcitectur…making my own words up…and improving my blog and finding comments that make me happy and sometimes jump up and down…like this weeks…newbie award…Thank you for inspiration and again would repeat so much of what you said….I want your little photo studio a true delight

  6. That is a no brainer…
    My simple thing that makes me happy every time I think of is that my parents are still with us.
    They are my shelter and shoulder to cry on, so I feel extra blessed,
    that at the age of 40+ they are still in healthy condition.

  7. Reading positive messages that someone is kind enough to post on their blog (just so that some of us, who maybe aren’t having a great day, can find them) is one of my life’s best simple pleasures. Thank you Donna, for every happy, inspiring message that you send our way.

    And big trash day finds! Those make me really, really happy too 🙂

  8. I leave open the curtains on my bedroom window before I go to sleep each night because I want the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning to be the sky. It’s a simple thing, but I derive great joy from the every changing view it affords me as I make my way to wakefulness each day.

  9. Oh dear. Just re-read that. Let’s try that again. I’m apparently typing impaired today…

    I open the bedroom window curtains before I go to sleep each night because, in the morning, I want the sky to be the first thing I see. It’s a simple thing, but I derive great joy from the ever changing view it affords me as I make my way to wakefulness each day.

  10. Oh so many things, some already listed…
    the smell of fresh coffee, a road in the country, fresh baked bread, baby powder
    the sound of children’s laughter, ravens cawing, bird song in the morning
    the feel of my husband beside me as I wake, a cozy sweater straight from the dryer, my soft furry cat curled up on my lap
    the smile of a stranger, sunsets, sunrises, the moon

  11. sharing a poem I found online- the trouble with happiness- the trouble with happiness is that you think you can find it. but it cannot be hunted. it isn’t waiting for you at the end of some quest. it is already inside you flapping at your throat. if it helps, imagine it’s a bird. your job is just to stop every so often and listen to it sing. by Tara Mohr.

  12. Having all my children and grandchildren at my house from time to time. Sitting in the swing with hubby on the back porch early in the morning with my cup of coffee.
    Yours is well said Donna.

  13. For me, it’s seeing a wild creature nearby, cuddling with grandchildren, break times with my work friends, receiving any gift no matter how small, that compliment I got about making someone’s day better, when a favorite song comes on the radio, finding money in my purse, doing something new and exciting, and days i don’t have to work!

  14. What a wonderful post, Donna. What makes me happy? Well, it is kind of hokey-but my grandkids running to me and hugging me so hard I can’t breath. Watching the pelicans take off from the water in front of our house. Doing something just for me (something I have trouble doing). My cup of Starbucks every morning at the drive through where they know my name and my order when I drive up. xo Diana

  15. Love love love this post Donna! I couldn’t agree more….the best things in life are the little daily pleasures. As I sit with my morning coffee catching up on my favorite blogs, listening to the birds singing, what could be better? I also adore the saying about the bird with the French fry- never heard that one before and it’s going on my chalkboard today! Thanks for sharing.

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