My Kamaole Beach desks

My tranquille Kamaole Beach desks - where I write in Maui |
First off, I’d like to thank you so very much for all your kind words and well wishes on the post ‘why we came back’. I was having a rough moment (yes, in paradise it’s possible!) and your kindness positively lifted me up!

I thought you may enjoy a little sight seeing on where I’ve spent nearly all my time during our first week here.

beach boardwalk on Kihei beach in Maui |

beach boardwalk on Kihei beach in Maui |
In front of our Kihei condo are the 3 Kamaole beaches, named 1, 2 and 3. We are directly across the road from 2, but 1 and 3 are so close, that I commonly walk to all 3, depending on where the wind is blowing me that day.

Kamaole Beach 2 during sunrise in Kihei, Maui |
Kamaole Beach 2 during sunrise in Kihei, Maui |

Kamaole Beach 2 during sunrise in Kihei, Maui |
This is Kam 2 beach. It wears the most gorgeous pastel hues in the morning, but becomes much more vivid by day or evening.

Kamaole Beach 2 during sunrise in Kihei, Maui |
What’s so unique about this beach is, the ends of it are filled with lava and the most gorgeous growth. So if you back yourself into a corner…

Kamaole Beach 2 along the lava and plant filled edges, in Kihei, Maui |
It transforms into a whole other world, filled with tide pools, turtles, early morning snorklers, and just that outstanding lava and plant life I can never get enough of. 

Kamaole Beach 2 along the lava and plant filled edges, in Kihei, Maui |
I love to climb through the nooks and crannies to find a good spot to sit.

Kamaole Beach 2 along the lava and plant filled edges, in Kihei, Maui |
Kamaole Beach 2 along the lava and plant filled edges, in Kihei, Maui |
This has quickly become my favorite spot to park myself with my AM coffee ,and belt out something on Instagram, Snapchat (under funkyjunkdonna), or even under my personal Facebook page. The phone teamed up with a keyboard is a pretty sweet way to post stuff!

It’s really weird, but I don’t feel an overwelming desire to post special thoughts until I’m in this spot. I think it’s one of those ‘listen to the quiet’ things. If you’re so busy doing this and that, you can’t hear a thing. But if you sit in a vast of not needing to do a thing, the emotions start to rise out of seemingly nowhere.

I suggest you try this if you haven’t in awhile. Go somewhere super quiet, where nothing pulls you to lift a finger. Then just sit. But beware… that quiet can get noisy if you have lots to work out.

I won’t lie. I’ve broken down a few times. The first week is the hardest. There’s just so much one goes through to ‘get’ to your vacation spot, and once there, your expectations aren’t quite met because you have different ideas on how to handle things. It can be one big juggling act… for us anyway.

But things are starting to smooth out. I can see both of us working out a system of sorts that gives us both a bit of alone time among all the togetherness.

That’s why I love coming here. We are both safe, and comfortable on our own in this place. It feels like your backyard.

I just love to be able to wander on my own among nature.

Gorgeous palm tree bark and vivid green plant life on Kamaole Beach in Kihei, Maui |
Just to the left of that lovely lava / plant area, you climb a small hill that leads to a park in front of Kamaole Beach 1.

Arched trees in Kamaole Beach 1 in Kihei, Maui |
Yes, these three trees are arched into each other. It’s the coolest thing!

Tree lined lookout with aloe vera at Kamaole Beach 1 in Kihei, Maui |
And to the right of them is this lovely lookout. With a wild bush of aloe vera.

Tree lined lookout with aloe vera at Kamaole Beach 1 in Kihei, Maui |
Which other beach offers you a free sunburn remedy? 🙂

This stuff works. I’ll show you soon how I use it when I’ve had a little too much sun.

Gorgeous lava and plant edged Kamaole Beach 1 in Kihei, Maui |
Down on Kam 1 beach, this shore is to DIE for. 

It never fails. Each time I wander in this area, I gasp. The formation of lava against all that mounding growth is spectacular.

Gorgeous lava and plant life along Kamaole Beach 1 in Kihei, Maui |
The whole beach is actually gorgeous, but it has lots of big chunks of lava all over it, so it’s a beach you need to be careful on when the waves are rough. Kam 2 is lava free and much safer.

Park with large trees in front of Kamaole Beach 3 in Kihei, Maui |
Kam 1 beach to the far right happens to sit in front of my fav iced coffee place, (I’ll fill you in on that too soon!) so when I wander to pick one up, I love parking myself in front of this tree.

The branches twist over top creating a canopy on one gorgeous view, generally of sail boats.

Park with large drift wood based trees in front of Kamaole Beach 3 in Kihei, Maui |
I crave this drift wood base. I wish the pictures could showcase how truly beautiful this is.

I’ve yet to walk Kam 1 beach, so no pics yet.

Each Kam beach has it’s own grassy park in front of it so you can choose sand or shade.

What’s equally unique about them is, they all connect from the beach side. So you really can walk all 3 if you desire a long, beautiful stroll. 

The sand is the sticky, fine type. No shells, and very little loose coral. It’s the cleanest sand I’ve ever seen.

But I think what makes these beaches so spectacular and hard to resist is the fact that…

Sunset in the park in front of Kamaole Beach 3 in Kihei, Maui |
… they dramatically change at night. So it’s kinda like 6 beaches for the price of 3.

And I’m AAAAALLLLL about sunset on the beach with my coffee in hand. Without fail!

Is it any wonder we haven’t done all that much the first week? I can’t stay away from all this. I’ve just really needed the tranquility.

Sunset in the park in front of Kamaole Beach 3 in Kihei, Maui |
When I was last in front of ‘my river on a bike ride‘ before we came, I told the river I’d miss it.

I hope my tranquille Kamaole Beach desks are prepared for the same statement a few weeks from now… 


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16 thoughts on “My Kamaole Beach desks

  1. First off, I am happy to hear that you have found tranquillity. It can be very hard to find especially in this day and age where we are always running and never catching up. Secondly, just take it one day at a time. In the end as long as your heart is in it, everything will work out. You are in paradise and that really does help. Thank you for sharing your stunning photography with us.

  2. Donna, I’m so glad you are having a wonderful time soaking in that wonderful nature goodness.

    God bless you,

  3. Oh, how I want to go back….today! Have you checked out Maluaka Beach? It’s by the Makena Golf Course & Resort. You park in a public parking lot and walk a couple blocks down. Great for snorkeling with sea turtles! And on the other side of the island, the sea turtles come up on the beach at dusk. I cannot remember the name off the top of my head but it’s where the surfers surf. This is a must see! And have you driven down to see the blow hole? Great scenery all the way there. Take the long way home if you’re up for an adventure. On Little Beach clothing is optional so I suggest not taking your teenage son there ;). Ok. I think I need to book my vacation… Enjoy yours!! Praying for Wendy & you. Moms of teens need to stick together 🙂

  4. Oh, Donna it’s absolutely gorgeous! You’ve captured the serenity so well, I can feel it sitting here in NC LOL. I’m so happy for you 🙂

  5. O.m.g—breath taking…the Sunset!!! the trees branched together, clear-blue skies, wild aloe vera — I wanna move there when I retire…noooo kidding 🙂
    I read your blog mostly in a hurry (of course!!) but once I open your posts they are my favorite–they’re all so insightful with your unique personal touch. I love how you magically transport people to your ‘space’ — thank you!!!
    I will share this with my daughter since she’s in l.o.v.e. with nature and sunsets are her favorite! 🙂

  6. I’m glad for you Donna that you were able to go back to your favorite place. I am so sorry to hear you were having such a hard time. I will keep Wendy and you and your son in my thoughts and prayers. Life can be so very trying at times and it’s wonderful that you have found your own special ray of sunshine to help illuminate the dark moments of life. Enjoy yourself and I wish you and your son a wonderful time.

  7. Kamaole beach with lava rocks covered with plans are one of my favorites on Maui. I could sit on those rocks for hours and enjoying. All that power from volcano that once was live hit the ocean on that place and formed beautiful most beautiful place on world where life is growing again. Beautiful pics thanks for sharing.

    • You nailed it Nick, it’s my favourite spot. The open beach is pretty, but the edges have so much character, hidden treasures, tide pools… and the tranquility! I took a really neat shot with the lava framing one side of the beach… I’ll have to post it at some point!

  8. What a lovely post and photos! Thank you for sharing. I hope Wendy is doing well and have been saying some prayers for her and for you. Enjoy your trip, and I look forward to hearing more about it soon. x

  9. Those Kamaole beaches look like paradise on earth. This year I don’t have funding to visit Maui, I have spent too much on renovation of house, maybe next year. I heard that in spring time is much better to visit Maui then summer?

    • Hey Celia! I have never visited in spring, only summer and fall. And I have to admit, I see no difference between the two. The temps appear to be comfortable year around here. And that is the thing I will miss when we leave… it’s never too hot. And… what jacket? 🙂

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