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122 thoughts on “No longer available

  1. Hi! If you stayed with something close to your blog name your followers would be able to find you easier (at least thats what I think). Maybe THIS MONTHS FUNKY JUNK?? Or TODAYS FUNKY JUNK??

  2. How about “Funky Junkin'”? Funky Junkin’ with Donna? That allows you to do just about anything from projects, style tips, visiting junkin places, etc. You could even change it up each month: Funky Junkin’, Canadian Style, Funky Junkin’ at Garage Sales…you get the idea. How fun this all must be for you. Congratulations again.

  3. I don’t know how often the mag comes out, say monthly, how ’bout This Month’s Junk by Funky Junks’ Donna? They are all good! 8^)

  4. “From the creative world of Funky Junk Interiors”

    because that is what it will be

    Good luck — I’m excited for you!

    Marilyn in East Tennessee

  5. “Donna’s Funky Junk Folk Fuel” I will now be trying to think of another name all day. Just as soon as I hit the button I will think of another. Oh well, I know I will never be asked to write.LOL. I bought a Folk mag. last week and I can’t wait to get it. Hurry Sept.

  6. “Diggin Junk” know how we junksters love to dig and hunt for the good stuff.

    Good luck girl..your mama would be so proud of you!!!Whatever you do…remember to slow down and breathe and enjoy!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  7. Hi Donna, That is so exciting and sounds like lots of fun. I think you have to incorporate your name into the column so maybe
    Funky Junk Talk, or Funky Junk Yak, or Funky Junk Jangle..( which means a friendly informal conversation.)
    Best of luck whatever you pick.

  8. Hmm.. This is a tough one! I do agree with the comments that your column title should have a close tie to your blog title, so people can easily find you online..

  9. I have a few ideas for you Donna:

    ‘From Trash to Treasure: Funky Junk Interiors’, Creative Interiors with Funky Junk’, ‘The Funky Junk Home’.

  10. Cannot wait to see this mag, i thought “Funky Junk Folk” or “Not your Mothers Junk”.

    Tried to LIKE on Facebook but i cannot find their page.

    Noted on my facebook wall about the mag and your cool stuff!


  11. Donna that’s awesome you get to choose your own column name. How fun!! My two cents, “Funkin’ Up Junk with Donna”. ~ Catie

  12. I’m not all that good with these kinds of things & there’s really great ideas already.

    How about “It’s Only Junk ‘Til You Add Some Funk!”

  13. How about “The Funky Junk Drawer”? Just like everyone has a drawer somewhere in their home full of all kinds of goodies…..

    Love your blog and follow you on FB.


  14. “Let’s talk Trash”
    “Talkin’ Trash with Donna”
    “Talkin’ Trash with Funky Junk”
    These were the first thoughts that popped into my head. Whatever you call it, I am sure it will be great. Good luck and enjoy the process!

  15. Folksy Junk Redos or Folk Junk Refurbishing…
    Fun with Junk… Never Too Far Gone… Fun Folk Refurbishing… Donna Does…
    Junk Folk Makeovers

  16. It would help to know what you think you’ll be writing about – ideas? Adventures? Finds? All of the above?

    What about “Livin’ the Life” – relates to living the FOLK life, and also infuses YOUR life of junking and funking. 🙂

  17. It’s Not Just Junk, or, Another Look at Junk

    Although I agree, the closer it is to your blog name, the easier it will be for people to remember when they look for your blog.

  18. “Inside Funky Junk”

    Congrats on the column, you deserve it. I come by your blog all the time to read your latest adventures and ideas

    dianaboersen(at sign)

  19. How about Donna Talks Trash or Donna’s Junkin’ Around or Junkin’ Around with Donna.

    I think it should have your name in it since you now have a byline (How exciting!) and you want to associate it with what you DO. Because, let’s face it, you are more than the sum of your parts. You’re Amazing!

    You could also write about Funky Folks if you want to keep your column about your readers. It’s all about where you want to focus your writing. Good luck! This sounds like an amazing opportunity!

  20. This giveaway is now closed. Thank-you for commenting! Winner will be announced at the next giveaway on Monday. 🙂

    Fabulous brainstorming! Thank you everyone!! Will reveal chosen name on Monday as well.


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