Name this decorating theme! What would you do?

This is my kitchen. (not quite finished but getting there) It’s warm and cozy and even log cabiny kinda and has all the right elements for a rustic upscale country funky flair. (what IS my taste anyway?!? Does it have a name? Name that taste! Sounds like a good game show)

So why do I continue to be drawn to this look?

See that hutch thing over yonder? I like that too! It’s rustic and suits this house to an absolutel T. It holds a ton of overflow kitchen stuff and even a big ol bag of dog food in the bottom. It’s a must have!

So why must I continue to drool over this thing?!?

Here’s a small glimpse of my living room with no curtains as yet. The screens are a recent find that offer some privacy until I can get things squared away the way I really want them. At first my thought flashed, wow, oriental. But now they just sort of fit in, black and all. I didn’t plan for that to happen. Again.

Can you see a running theme going on? Do we always get that glimmer in our eyes for something we don’t have? What leads us to our decorating decisions?

I love the coastal theme and or that fresh light country kitchen kinda feel. I love the light penetrating inspiring surroundings the whites and creams lend. There just isn’t anything not to love. I was going to go along that route when I gutted and redid the kitchen. But at the eleventh hour, I didn’t feel it was the right thing for my particular house. I mean, I’m nowhere near water except for the ditch out back. But then again, I’m not exactly on a farm or near tall log cabiny pine trees either…

Things just started to transpire and fit together like a puzzle. The current look really does suit this house. However, perhaps some accessories need to lighten up abit…

And I totally know that can be done. Take for example, my fireplace mantel. It can be the funky chicken kitchen or the log cabin by the lake look, depending what you put on it.

Here’s where I’d love your input if you care to play. If you’d like to see abit more of the house at it’s current state, click on this very not coastal picture below, of what my counters and cupboards and hardware look like close up… the link will carry you to my home reno blog where you can browse at your own leisure to get a feel for what’s going on around here if you need more visual.

And I’d like you to tell me, if this was your place, what would you do to accessorize it?

And fess up if you’re brave. Do you wobble back and forth between current trends wondering what if? Or am I the only one on this universe that wishes she had two kitchens with two very different looks just so I can have it all?

Honestly, I think the moral to this story is, those that have this thing for decorating like our types do, simply are inspired by many different looks. And we can be happy right where we’re at with just the right tweeks to make it truly ours. I think if nothing else comes out of this, I can always girly up my office downstairs…

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13 thoughts on “Name this decorating theme! What would you do?

  1. Hi there, stumbled upon your blog from I’m not sure where, but I just wanted you to know that you’re not the only one who struggles with this, “what IS my design style!”. I have the same problem. I like too many different things that I have a hard time committing to just one, LOL. My goal for my current home is to stick with one color scheme and see if I can pull it together that way. Good luck, have fun and enjoy your journey!

  2. I can’t ever make up my mind, either.

    I think it’s good to have good base pieces that you can do anything with. That way, all the small fluff can be changed out depending on your current decorating tastes. (My husband is starting to get upset at the bins of “unused” decor in the basement – because I know I may not want it out RIGHT now, but I will again at some point! haha)

  3. I have the same issue about waffling between styles. I try to keep my home consistent, but my dream would be to have a mountain house, a beach house, and my home in Birmingham. I’d do the mountain house in Rustic Chic with lots of earth tones and reclaimed wood, the beach house in blues, whites and yellows, and the suburban house in my regular old style of Everything Pottery Barn. This is the only solution I can come up with: to have three homes. 🙂

  4. I’m right there with you! I dream of having two homes and depending on my mood, you’ll find me at either my shabby chic home or my very vintage cottage- I just can’t make up my damn mind, lol! My grandmother (who has decorated 20+ homes worthy of magazines) told me that if you love something, somehow it will work with everything else you love (she pairs oriental, with african and mexican art and guess what? it looks great!!). I’m trying to remember that when I decorate. Who says we have to stay inside a box or decorate with one style in mind?

    I think your funky style is awesome. If you’re longing for something coastal, why not bring in some weathered accessories like frames/mirrors or some ticking stripe cushions? If you tire of them, you can take them out of the room- good luck doing that with cabinets ;o) Hope this helps!!


  5. Wow. I am so flattered to have someone blogging about my kitchen- I cannot tell you! Becca at follows your blog and called me at the crack of dawn to tell me. You’ll love knowing that just last month I was thinking of re-painting my cabinets, so you are not alone in your struggle to settle for one decorative look! If it wasn’t for Becca and her resounding NO! I would have a completely different kitchen by now. I, too, am attracted to too many styles to be tied down to just one. I often wonder what my style is as well: Modern Country? Traditional? Transitional? Pottery Barn? Oh help me! Truly, I’m hoping that I don’t fit too strongly into any category except maybe Unique (?) Since you like all things recycled, you might like to check out our office that I posted on RMS today; Here’s my thoughts on your house; your island top is to die for! Love the function of it too. Becca is betting that the wicker hamper at the end of the island is your garbage container- if so, that is so cool! What a wonderful way to disguise a necessity. If I have to put your house into a category, I vote for Country Funky! Love it. The accessories could be unique funky salvage finds. What about adding red to the color palette? Again thank you for the complements! You certainly made my day.

  6. Oh I’m sooo glad I’m not alone in this dilemma! Your comments have confirmed I’m not mad after all. Thanks!

    Debra Renee, is that really YOU?!? I’ve drooled over your kitchen forever. If you want it outa there, I’ll be right over to pick it up! LOL Your kitchen is worthy of a magazine spread, nevermind a little ‘ol blog post. I really think you should submit it and attempt for a publication, girl!

    As for the basket, it use to hold a massive bag of dogfood, and now it houses massive bags of flour and sugar. It’s actually a wicker hamper from a local hardware store and yeah, you can hide alot of decorating sins inside that puppy!

    Ok, as for your office I just checked out, ahem…cough… please say it’s ok to do a profile on that baby too! I can barely stand it. Oy… I need to come visit you.

    Funky Junk Donna

    p.s. is it me or is anyone else having issues iwth this new google deal for posting?!? arg!

  7. …this is me blushing. Of course you can blog about my office!! I’m new to this blogging thing- and couldn’t find where you’re from but if you find yourself in the Denver area ever, you are absolutely invited for dinner! I have to sincerely thank you- because of your blog and my adorable friend Becca, I am once again excited about RMS. Going to go find pictures to post of what I call the “Great Area”. With the walls down, it makes our little house a Great Big place to gather with friends and family. We just love it!

  8. Ok, then, Denver road trip, here I come one day! I’m in BC Canada so I may have to book the entire afternoon off for that visit. heh..

    Thanks for the approval on the office. I’m battling a tile floor today so I’ll surprise you one day soon again. 🙂

    Your canadian kitchen fan coming over for dinner one day, Donna

  9. Okay, I’m hardly one to have any decorating skill so I won’t be offering advice in that arena. I did notice that your home also has a modern, straight-line feel to it from the pictures you shared. That’s a big observation for a domestically-challenged person like me!

    I can relate to wanting a lot of different styles. Today I was moving furniture and stuff around. Painting comes soon. At first I was realizing that the toile/French/reds/tans that are currently in my home are definitely not my style- a little late to figure that out! I’m more of a colorful beach house or cottage type girl. However, this is what I have and when I looked at it all later in the day I was happy with it. Besides, I don’t have money to redo it at present and, like you said, I think it really fits the house I’m living in at present. But if I ever get that beach house…oh the joys.

  10. funny – my kitchen has the same oak cupboards, and I too, have the exact look in mind. I do have a beautiful brick archway over my stove and oven; but it needs something, I’m thinking the old tin ceiling or stainless perhaps I should send you a pic. It’s pretty big, 6feet wide. has ugly gold tile up now. ugh. hideous. so dark and gloomy. The floors are dark, too; green ceramic tile. I’m not at all interested in changing them for cost reasons. I’m looking at a Tuscan makeover. I don’t know.

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