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72 thoughts on “No longer available

  1. Donna, my “current” classic favorite is vintage Pyrex. They are a great way to bring color and graphic design to your kitchen and have uses all over the house. Love to find it at thrift stores and estate sales.

  2. My favorite American classic is the good ol’ Ball Jar. So versatile, so pretty and so functional! Congrats on the new column–looking forward to checking out the debut issue!

  3. Hi! So many American classics…love apple pie with ice cream on top of course…love antiques..for some reason recently admiring old Pyrex bowls..they are so colorful & pretty…weird huh…thanks again, Linda

  4. My American Classic would be huge farm table that would fit at least 10-12 friends around it. . .with another American Classic as the center piece. . fresh flowers

  5. Its hard to pick a classic! I love old wooden advertizing boxes, large crocks, antique furniture, hand pieced quilts. I think those are my favorites! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  6. My favorite ‘American Classic” are things that are geographically labeled… like a milk bottle or crate that has a local business name on it. It combines Americana and your own history.

  7. I really love old farm implements that are left outside in fields, all rusty and forgotten with flowers and grass growing through them. Such a great reminder of all the people who came before us..

  8. Mine would be my wall of portraits of our grandparents when young people, their ways of making a living (sawmill and gravel trucks), as well as our parents when little kids.

  9. My favorite classic is my bed! It’s one of those old cast iron beds with the swirly flowers and weighs a TON! I found it when I was 16 and helping a family friend clean out an old barn for extra money. It was in horrible shape..and cruddy with layers of paint that had swelled and split and rusty plus moldy. I saw it’s inner beauty and drug it home and my Dad and I cleaned it all up and it’s been mine ever since. I can’t imagine sleeping in any other bed every night 🙂

  10. I have two favorites: Hardwood floors and BARNS! They ‘re fabulous as their original intention and when that purpose is done, the weathered and distressed wood has potential for new life in oh so many ways! Picture Frames, wall covering, art, furniture, crafts…….gotta love it!

  11. My American “likes” are small town festivals, recognizing either heritage or local industry or crops, food. In my area we celebrate all things dairy – have Ice Cream days, Cheese Days, cow festivals, etc. And of course we celebrate bratwurst.

  12. My favorite American classic is baseball! 🙂 Have you seen how to turn the old ones into flowers to hang on the wall?

    Also, got a photo into the first issue of FOLK! Can’t wait for it to come out…and I’ve bought some license plates for the big boy room! 🙂

  13. My favorite American classic is an antique commode that came to the Midwest from back East in a covered wagon…and my daughter is equally happy to inherit it from me someday, which really makes it special.

  14. Just liked you on Facebook and also tweeted you on Twitter. I would love to be able to get the Folk Mag. but I am on a very limited income w Soc.Sec.and no other income so this is the only way I can obtain extras in my life. I truly feel blessed though just to have my computer friends and a little blog on blogspot.

  15. My favorite American classics are old toys. I am always drawn to the simple, handmade rocking horse or doll, especially if it has been well loved. I always wonder what games they played and secrets they were told when they were loved by a child.

  16. My favorite American classic is several things, the flag, a red flyer wagon and a ball canning jar. I just can’t choose 🙂

  17. My American Classis is anything patriotic! My Son just returned from Iraq after a year of deployment, my flag flew the entire time.

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