New kitchen office – in the works

This is a before picture in an effort to show you how I concept a new idea.

I had an armoire in this part of the kitchen, however as my computer needs increase (my son does homework on a computer now you know), I required a real kitchen office of sorts. And as the floor isn’t quite finished in this area of the house, the very heavy armoire is still pushed to the side, which makes a trial of my idea (way too) accessible for my own good.

Objective: kitchen office

Budget: none of course

Supplies shown:

an old desk, a flat piece of door (not even the whole thing), a scrap of bulletin board, an old headboard, accessories stolen from other parts of the house, a bit of imagination and time


Start propping stuff. Important things to remember: make everything have a function, not just to look pretty. Not many of us have a whole lotta room for just pretty. ‘Displays’ work hard in my home because I utilize every square inch.

Coming to terms of the needs:

I could do this little office so many ways. I have this great wide tall bookshelf with a pretty top that would be awesome in the middle, but then I’d require a bigger desk top. My ultimate dream desk top in this little cove is to have that board go all the way from left to right so my son can use his laptop in this given area too. However, that would require alot more space taken away from the dining room table area, making me probably have to relinquish it altogether. I may do that one day, but baby steps here! We’ll start small for now and see how we like it.

Although I’m not ecstatic to be facing a wall, it’s my hope that I’ll do my business, then get OFF this laptop. Or, utilize the battery on occasion and carry it where I prefer to sit? I’ll figure it out. I just know I didn’t care for office riff raff on my kitchen island all the time. It was accessible and fun, but just looked messy and we were constantly scooting paperwork over to eat at it.

Problems to yet solve:

The desk as is doesn’t carry enough weight. After painting, I may curtain the two ends, hence also hiding a printer.

Paint – I want one shade of the perfect antique white ivory so it can truly be my girlie corner. I like the idea of the pegboard being the wall colour for a tone on tone effect.

Headboard – that will be a bulletin board. I mean look at it! It’s perfect!

How to hide a printer – still thinking and it also depends on what I find. I’ll be looking.

Bookshelf – would be nice to have one, and the right one could fit but then that could end my dream of having a longer top, will have to think this through. And of course, it depends on what I find.

So this is how I start a project. I gather up all my special finds and group them together creating something that may work. I didn’t morph this too many times, it plopped together pretty soundly right off the bat. Nothing at this point is attached or glued or nailed or stapled or anything.

So, I’ll be working on this one until it’s solved. But today, I really do need to go work on the tile in my entryway. And when I need a break, I can always escape back to this little project of course. What’ll you bet I spend more time on this one than the other one? 🙂

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3 thoughts on “New kitchen office – in the works

  1. Donna-

    I like the idea with the headboard being the bulletin board.

    I also think it would be great to paint it with chalkboard paint for a message center.

    Either way works!
    Nice set up.

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