New Upcycle Ideas 645

Visit 20+ New Upcycle Ideas 645 - Paper bag wreath, drop cloth sunflowers, book pumpkin, cereal box files, plus, all leading to tutorials!

New Upcycle Ideas 645


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Visit 20+ New Upcycle Ideas 645 – Paper bag wreath, drop cloth sunflowers, book pumpkin, cereal box files, plus, all leading to tutorials!

pallet sofa on the patio

Life update post HERE

This past week, I spilled the beans. Meaning, I wrote a personal life update kinda post explaining my absense from most things DIY this summer.

And I secretly hope that by clearing the air, I can get back to it again! But if today is any example, no, not yet. LOL

I had big hopes this week but I was plenty busy, just not with projects. When did my head become a small one room compartment that can only handle one thing at a time? Where’s my pro multitasker switch? Maybe I need an electrician… 😉

Ah well. If you’d like to know more about what I’m even talking about, I invite you to THIS POST which explains a lot… and even perhaps more than you want to know. And may even answer a few of your own questions.

So anyway, now that you know I made nothing but at least wrote something, (yay to small wins!) let’s now peek at some project features from last week’s party that were made by these wonderful creatives.

Thanks for the inspiration boost! I need it.

New Upcycle Ideas 645 features:


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copper paper bag magnolia wreath for fall

Magnolia fall wreath from paper bags


Paper bag fall magnolia wreath by DIY Beautify

Wish you had a fall wreath but don’t want to spend a bundle? Grab your nearest paper lunch bag, because that’s what this gorgeous copper magnolia wreath is made out of! Isn’t it decadent?! Follow this very detailed tutorial and you’ll have one too!

map magazine file holders

Cereal box file holders


Cereal box map magazine holders by Pillar Box Blue

I’m all about good organization, but I hadn’t realized it could look this good thanks to a cereal box and paper of choice… in this case, a map! Think about all the options with this genius tutorial…

farmhouse DIY drop cloth sunflowers

Drop cloth sunflowers


Dropcloth sunflowers fall decor by DIY Beautify

Do yourself a big favor, and visit this incredible fall sunflower tutorial, because the results are enchanting! With a few additional tricks to age fabric up first! Those tones are literally fall perfection.


DIY Chia pet Halloween skull


Chia seed halloween skull by A Crafty Mix

Oh my gosh… I’ll never look at another object again without chia seed hair since seeing this incredible chia halloween skull for Halloween decorating. Now this tutorial is original! I just can’t believe the chia seeds grew on this surface!


3D Paper pumpkin from a book


Easy DIY Book Pumpkin by Creatively Beth

Would you like to make a pumpkin for a whoppin’ $1? Step right up and check out how this dollar store book became the perfect little fall pumpkin complete with wooden stem! SO adorable and easy to do!

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2 thoughts on “New Upcycle Ideas 645

  1. oh, my friend…. i hear you about the ‘single-minded’ thing!

    over a decade ago, i was running two multi-faceted businesses full time. i could multitask like nobody’s business! now??? oi vey. i can barely concentrate on one thing at a time (because the brain has ideas and wants me to jump the moment i think of them – and then i never finish anything.)

    i don’t know if it’s age, the result of all we have collectively been through with the pandemic and aftermath, or the influence of social media and media that is formatted for instant gratification and short-term attention spans. but it’s frustrating to feel like we can’t do/achieve all that we used to be able to. honestly, i think many of us ‘women of a certain age/generation’ are facing this adjustment of our concentration, energy, and ability. however, we can only do what we can do!

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