New Upcycle Ideas 648 (with easy tutorials)

Visit 20+ New Upcycle Ideas 648 - Illuminated ghost, denim earrings, plate pumpkins, plus 20+ more repurposed projects complete with tutorials!

New Upcycle Ideas 648


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Visit 20+ New Upcycle Ideas 648 – Illuminated ghost, denim earrings, plate pumpkins, plus 20+ more repurposed projects complete with tutorials!

I’m over the moon to report that my newest toy is now up on the blog, and I couldn’t be more in LOVE with it!

DIY aquarium stand - New Upcycle Ideas 648

How to build an easy DIY Aquarium Stand made out of 2x4s

Welcome to our new fancy schmancy nightlight… or I guess I should say, new aquarium stand setup! When I landed a 65 gallon tank on FB, I promptly ‘needed’ a new stand before it went up, so I made it happen with a new build!

Never did I ever think I’d be housing something of this magnitude in our livingroom yet there it is, and I honestly couldn’t love the evening ambiance more.

Have fish ever been in your past? If you’re debating on your present, the blog post tutorial also shares our story and tips I wish I knew before choosing fish.

Goodness, there’s so much to learn with this fish aquarium hobby. But it’s worthwhile once you figure out what you need to do.

So excuse me for a short spell while I still cleaning up after this big move… and let’s enjoy some fabulous upcycle project features from last week’s party….

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DIY Man in Moon Vinyl Signs - New Upcycle Ideas 648

Vintage man on the moon signs


Man on the Moon vinyl signs by DIY Beautify

I’ve always been smitten with these man on the moon images that totally have a fab vintage vibe. And now we all can make our own, thanks to this wonderful tutorial! Aren’t they the cutest?!

palm plate pumpkins - New Upcycle Ideas 648

Wood plate pumpkins


Wooden plate pumpkins by Homeward Found Decor

Oh boy, am I ever gonna be on the lookout for wooden plates in thrift stores now, because these super easy and rustically cool wooden plate pumpkins are right up my own alley! 

I adore these plain, but also imagine additional custom possibilities with painted faces, crate markings, patterns, etc! So fun!!

DIY denim earrings - New Upcycle Ideas 648

Boho denim earrings


DIY denim earrings by Pillar Box Blue

If you too are a denim lover, perhaps you NEED these super cool, boho-vibe denim earrings! Aren’t the little fringes magical? Learn all the details in this fabulous tutorial.

ghost at night

Illuminated Halloween Ghost


Illuminated Halloween Ghost by Homeroad

If you are planning your front porch for Halloween, here’s a fabulous and easy way to create your own illuminated ghost! Grab a wire hanger for this one… which is shared in this tutorial.


Clay saucer pumpkin coasters


Clay pot pumpkin coasters by Sadie Seasongoods

Whether you desire coasters, candy plates or just a few shelf sitters, grab a few clay saucers for this super easy and clever Halloween pumpkin coaster idea! I mean, the colors and shapes are perfection!

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3 thoughts on “New Upcycle Ideas 648 (with easy tutorials)

  1. i am continually WOWED by your prowess with building things, Donna – that aquarium stand is fantastic! i think you should put your tutorial in to an article and send it to Aquarium Lovers Magazine (i have no idea what a publication geared toward aquarium owners might actually be called, but i am certain there must be some out there!)

    thank you so much for including my plate pumpkins in your feature this week! like you, i love their wood look – but they are actually made from palm leaves! i’m hatching new ideas for them in other seasons, too.

    • Thanks Deb! My brother suggested the same thing, offer it to a magazine. Fish is a rather new hobby so maybe… haha

      And yeah, I noticed they were made from palm leaves, but they resemble wood so well! Wooden plates are still a thing at thrifts so maybe it’ll spur to go search!

      Love your unique ideas Deb, thanks for bringing over your fabulous creativity to our little party!

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