New Upcycle Ideas 660

Visit 20+ New Upcycle Ideas 660 - Raised stencil mirror, gum ball machine snow globe, Christmas art, plus more, leading to tutorials!

New Upcycle Ideas 660


Visit 20+ New Upcycle Ideas 660 – Raised stencil mirror, gum ball machine snow globe, Christmas art, plus more, leading to tutorials!

Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific

Greetings all and a Happy New Year to you! I hope you enjoyed your holiday season and got a chance to spend some downtime doing positively nothing!

As you may have noticed, I took a week off from this party because it landed in the midst of the busy season. Who actually made stuff between Christmas and New Year’s?! If you did, BIG kudos because I was personally ‘busy’ watching Netflix series and going for bike rides and walks with my kiddo.

But I did whip up something this week, which I can’t share quite yet… but will very soon! It felt good to pull out the wood and paint again after a break!

I admit I’m itchin’ to start cleaning and purging though. Taking down all this year’s Christmas decorating was only a start. I’d love to tilt the entire house on its side, so all the contents spill out for a good chance to start all over fresh!

What’s first on you own New Year’s list to get going on?

So since I have nothing to show for this week for myself, let’s revisit some of the features from last week’s party… and if you’ve done up any round up posts for the entire year or best ofs, please feel free to add those posts too!

New Upcycle Ideas 660 features:


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painted and stenciled mirror - New Upcycle Ideas 660

Raised stencil mirror makeover


Raised stencil wall mirror makeover by Creative Moments

Have you tried raised stencilling yet? If you aren’t sure what that is, definitely visit this pretty mirror makeover tutorial, because boy does this extra special step make an impact that you’d totally appreciate in real life, even if you can’t make it out in this photo!

snow globe with gum ball machine - New Upcycle Ideas 660

DIY gum ball machine snow globe


DIY snow globes with poly pellets by Me and My Inklings

Ever desire to whip up a snow globe but didn’t want to mess with faux snow? Here’s another clever way! This snow globe tutorial shares several different ideas on how to make unique snow globes with poly pellets that can be reused! And I’ll take this festive red gum ball machine version please…

gingerbread Christmas

Sweater gingerbread decor


Sweet sweater gingerbread cakes by Homeward Found Decor

If you haven’t taken note by now, Deb is famous for her sweater creations. And they keep getting more elaborate by the minute! Take in all the tutorial details for this delightful Gingerbread Holiday, or should I say faux cakes… that you can make once, and bring out each year without entering the kitchen even once! Now that’s my kinda baking…

mixed media Christmas art in a swivel frame

Mixed media Christmas art


Mixed media Christmas art in a swivel frame by Little Vintage Cottage

Who else loves a scrap book mixed media vibe? This sweet Christmas art outfitted inside a swivel frame is darling! Aren’t all those layers delicious? Visit this tutorial to find out where everything came from and what to look out for next time you run into a cute picture frame destined to become SO much more!

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3 thoughts on “New Upcycle Ideas 660

  1. oh MY! i just love Laura’s gumball machine snowglobe idea!! so cute.

    thank you for including my calorie-free faux cake in your feature, Miss Donna – i am honored to be included. btw, i figured out that i forgot something that cake needed: scent! i should have put a piece of felt soaked in gingerbread-scented oil on the back side of the cake to make the illusion complete! 😉 and i may or may not be working on a winter version!

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