New Upcycled Projects to Make 600


Visit 20+ New Upcycled Projects to Make 600! Wooden barn quilt art, burlap pumpkin pictures, old trunk coat hooks, vintage Halloween bottles, Christmas bucket planter, illuminated ghost, plus! Read all the original tutorials to each repurposed project!


New Upcycled Projects to Make 600


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Oh my. Did you notice today’s number that rolled around for this link party?

That’s 600 link parties that started WAY back when everyone was doing these. I’m not sure how many are still on the go, however each time I put a call out, ‘Are these still a desired thing?’ comments came out in droves that it indeed was still a wanted thing.

I admit I love that all these cool upcycled projects are brought to one spot so I have an opportunity to introduce your creativity to a new set of eyes!

Anyway, curious what your thoughts are these days, so chime in in comments. Keep the party going or is it time to retire it?

In other news, I’ve been super busy behind the scenes with new Christmas stencils to be announced shortly! But I did manage to pull off a fall photo shoot of my garden shed right before the leaves fell! Included will be sightings of my front yard as well. More next week!

Which puts more focus on your amazing creativity! Since there were SO many good projects, I broke my 6 feature rule and have added an extra!

Here’s some amazing upcycled projects highlights brought over from last week’s party..

New Upcycled Projects to Make 600 features:


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Repurposed trunk coat hooks by Junk is my Life, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 600

Vintage trunk coat hooks


Repurposed trunk coat hooks by Junk is my Life

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to break apart an old trunk more than I do right now just so I can create this amazing repurposed trunk coat hooks idea too! But the best part is you get TWO! Visit the tutorial to see the other one! So cool!

Vintage Halloween labeled jars by Fresh Vintage by Lisa S, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 600

Halloween bottles


Vintage Halloween labeled jars by Fresh Vintage by Lisa S

There’s something so utterly charming about vintage labels, so these printed vintage Halloween labeled jars that truly look authentic are EVERYTHING.

Check out the tutorial which comes with the printable so you can make one too!

DIY burlap pumpkin wall art by Songbird, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 600

Pumpkin wall art


DIY burlap pumpkin wall art by Songbird

Have a little burlap handy? You could be whipping up these adorable burlap pumpkin wall pictures in moments! I love the grouping of 4 all together, what a great fall art impact!

Wooden barn quilt art by The House On Silverado, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 600

Wooden barn quilt


Wooden barn quilt art by The House On Silverado

Barn quilt paintings are SO decadent. And here’s how you can recreate your own version of a wooden barn quilt perfectly sized to decorate your mantel or hang on a wall! Love the different tones of neutral stains on the white background! Visit the post link to learn all the details!

Christmas tree branch bucket by Organized Clutter, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 600

Christmas planter


Christmas tree bucket planter by Organized Clutter

Whether you have some mini Christmas trees or freshly cut evergreen branches to decorate with for Christmas, this Christmas bucket planter is so perfectly themed! Isn’t the white on black so fresh? Learn how easy this project is using Christmas stencils in this tutorial.

Illuminated ghost by Homeroad, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 600

Illuminated ghost for Halloween


Illuminated ghost by Homeroad

Who doesn’t love lit up Halloween decorations for those early October evenings? Here’s a fun way to create an illuminated ghost to add some sparkle to your front porch or front entry for the trick or treaters! Visit the tutorial to see the clever way this ghost decor was made.

Office window sign by Birdz of a Feather, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 600

Office sign


Office window sign by Birdz of a Feather

Have an indoor office that could use a stylish makeover? Here’s a beautiful way to create an Office window sign that’s tucked behind glass! The sign is so cool, but this tutorial is a must peek so you can see the extra special thing that paint loaded peg board does…

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17 thoughts on “New Upcycled Projects to Make 600

  1. Wow, 600 is just amazing Donna! I’m still loving this party so it might not be time to retire yet lol!

    Thanks for breaking your 6-feature rule to include our office sign :). I can’t wait to see what you have in store for Christmas!

  2. 600 and fabulous, please keep this “unique” long-standing party going. Such unique and creative salvaged, junk, and thrift store upcycles are shared at this party. Besides I agree with Bliss, you’re too young to retire anything.

    • Hey Michelle! They really aren’t lots of work at all. Everyone else did the hard work! haha I love the fact that it’s a way to bring bloggers together. It isn’t a large party like it use to be when I had 3 categories…but perhaps that’s part of the charm too? I sure appreciate you bringing your brilliant ideas over to share with others! They are top notch!

  3. Hello, I agree, please keep the party going. I sit in my cozy chair in the front sunroom of my little 1946 house every Saturday morning. I have my coffee and your email. The warm sun streams in and the dog snoozes in his bed beside me. It’s peaceful as I watch the neighbourhood moving about out the window and I get inspired by all the great projects on your email. It’s my favorite time of the week!

  4. 600! Congrats Donna! That’s amazing!
    Once again this link party has awesome projects and inspiration, which is why I’d love to see the link parties continue. “_
    I’m excited to see the new Christmas stencils!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my barn quilt project! And congrats on 600. Yes, keep on chugging with link parties. I love them!

    Niky @ The House on Silverado

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