New Upcycled Projects to Make 610

Visit 20+ New Upcycled Projects to Make 610 - Dried wheat hoop wreath, sweater cocoa display, stick wrapped candle, picture frame ring organizer, sewing cabinet makeover and box, plus 20+ more! All repurposed projects with full tutorials.


New Upcycled Projects to Make 610


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Where did the week go? I have no idea.

And the only thing I have to show for it is a clean closet. I’ve started cleaning following the Marie Kondo order of things once again, sharing short and sweet cleaning inspiration on Instagram stories, so be sure to follow along HERE if you need some inspiration in all that too!

Other than that, I did start a project but lost steam and there it sits unfinished. It takes me a big to get going in the new year and it appears the start of this one is no different. Are you taking a bit to jump start as well?

So NEXT week I plan to share a couple posts with just stuff I have been doing. May as well just share it if I’m doing it anyway, right?!

Welcome to my no rhyme or reason world.

Glad you came through though, because these project highlights from last week’s party post are amazing, and will most certainly inspire you in a good, creative direction!

New Upcycled Projects to Make 610 features:


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Stick wrapped candle by Homeroad, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 610

Rustic candle votive with sticks


Stick wrapped candle by Homeroad

If you too would like to add a spark of warmth to these longer winter evenings, this beautiful stick wrapped candle votive is the project to make! Love the rustic touch! Visit the link to learn how.

Dried flowers wreath by Elsa R Blog, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 610

Dried wheat wreath in a hoop


Dried flowers wreath by Elsa R Blog

This wonderful dried wheat wreath in a hoop is SO unique! Love the simplicity, and with the addition of corks and beads, it has sort of a boho vibe to me. Want to make one too? Check out the link!

Vintage sewing cabinet with spool drawer pulls by Junk Is My Life, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 610

Sewing cabinet makeover with vintage spool drawer pulls


Vintage sewing cabinet with spool drawer pulls by Junk Is My Life

I have fixed up many a dresser to store sewing supplies in. But boy if I ever come across one of these vintage Martha Washington sewing cabinets, that would be sweet! There’s nothing like the real deal for storage, and this vintage piece with vintage spools for drawer pulls provide just the right touch! Learn more about these beautiful cabinets and view the tutorial in this post!

Hot cocoa sweater creations by Homeward Found, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 610

Hot cocoa winter vignette made with sweaters


Hot cocoa sweater creations by Homeward Found

Leave it to Deb to land her favorite color yellow candy canes. Because they are the perfect companions to these enchanting wintery hot cocoa sweater creations! Oh my goodness… this post is a must to peek in at every single little detail!

Repurposed Picture Frame Ring Holder by Little Vintage Cottage, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 610

Picture frame ring organizer


Repurposed Picture Frame Ring Holder by Little Vintage Cottage

Whether you have lots of rings or collect them, this picture frame ring holder is so unique and SUCH a good idea for a ring organizer! With a built in stand, along with unlimited ways to customize one to suit your own style! Cute, huh? Learn how in this tutorial.

Painted sewing box by Birdz of a Feather, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 610

Painted sewing box makeover with a J & P Coats logo


Painted sewing box by Birdz of a Feather

If you’d like a compact to store all your smaller sewing supplies, this sewing box makeover is the coolest! I has such a great vintage vibe and is easy to move around wherever you’re doing some button mending or perhaps embroidery work. Learn every detail in this post link on how this was created, including the J & P Coats logo!


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15 thoughts on “New Upcycled Projects to Make 610

  1. I have a hard time getting a jump start every year too Donna; still feel like I’m in vacation mode! No rhyme or reason is the best way to approach it! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up too.

    Thanks for featuring our J&P coats sewing box ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My pleasure Sara! That sewing box is such a neat makeover, productive too! Yesterday I made myself go into my workshop and dig out. LOL Cleaning seems to come easier. Maybe it’s because I need to clean my workspaces first, so there’s that!

  2. Oh gosh, I hear you, Donna. I’ve had the same two projects on my workbench for almost two weeks. Happy New Year and hope the creative juices get flowing again for both of us real soon.

    • Oh dear… if I leave mine after even a week, I change my mind. Hope you pull through this one! haha

      I think I’m just in a cleaning mode and don’t ‘need’ anything quite yet, which I generally discover during the cleaning mode. Plan set! LOL

  3. thank you so much for featuring my silly sips project, Miss Donna! i hope they make your readers smile (but they should be forewarned that looking at them causes cravings for hot chocolate!!!!)

    and oh, ,y friend, can i relate to where you are right now…. i’ve been so overwhelmed and teetering on burnout that i had to just stop for awhile. the beginning of a new year usually invigorates me, but not this year. i’ve shifted into ‘maintenance’ mode around home and am getting things accomplished while i give my creativity a rest for a bit. (i still have ideas and am jotting them down, but the making/sharing part is on a sabbatical.) sometimes i think a break is the only way to honor ourselves and renew our energy – we can’t be running at top speed ALL the time, so give yourself grace and everything you need right now <3

    • Deb, your sweater creations just get more unique! This one’s so adorable. Those marshmallows though…

      And I admire how you just pull out when you need to. Those who work from home have to become very mindful of rest and time off too as it’s all too easy to keep going. Then again, when your hobby is creating anyway… I clearly have no good answer here. haha

      I miss a Maui kinda rest. Hopefully one day soon.

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