No weekend party, new clothes and moving on.

Funky Junk's new blog design

You officially have the weekend off… from linking up that is.

My amazing blog guru Josh will be migrating the blog content to my new location this weekend, so his goal is to shut off the comments and do it while it’s relatively quiet. So it would be best to not host SNS this weekend.

But hey, great news… now you have more time to go make something new for NEXT weekend, right?? 🙂

Please be prepared for a little bit of a bumpy ride and a big shuffle once landed. I have no idea how the posts will be messed up or whatever. We’ll figure it out I’m sure.

Moving forward

farm house

Recently I took a cruise by my old place. This is where I use to live before I do now.

I avoided this drive for the longest time. I knew the new owners had removed the amazing golf course type yard, barns and massive ancient trees and all the rustic fences lining the property. Trust me… it was amazing.

I had planned to retire here.

While this is a little hard to look at for a few reasons, it helped me realize how ill suited that place would be for me on my own. 5 acres is too much as is. That door felt nearly closed at this point and it was a revelation to me.

I still miss the porch, but don’t miss cleaning up after the birds.

I miss the massive yard and all it’s wonderful plantings but don’t miss spending 4 hours to mow it all.

I miss the countryside but I have a variation of that scene in my own yard now… with MUCH less upkeep.

I’m glad I am where I am. There… I said it. Finally.

Garden happy

lawn care and garden home decorr

I hit the garden isle not long ago and stocked up on a few new bells and whistles for the yard. Who else goes through a hoze nozzle every year?! They just don’t last or I’m shopping in the wrong place. And real rubber hoses.. nothing like them.

Check out those crazy big flowers in the home decor area… sure were fun to look at!

Clothes shopping

layered shirts for new clothes

I do this about once a year. I walk into Winners, load up a buggy to the hilt and go on a trying on spree.

I don’t like shopping for clothes. I’m not at the weight I desire to be so it isn’t as much fun, ya know? But oh well… I have a reason to get a few new things so I made myself.

I was drawn to simple layers. This is my version of a Jennifer Aniston look with a little junk twist in the mix.

I just wish that checkered shirt fit… I really wanted it! Boo.

Swayed with suede

brown suede shoes and boots

I got shoed out too! These boots and… loafers? clogs? whatever they are were both sooooo comfy! Loved the suede. They both came home with me.

Home decor taunts

Winners home decor

And then I snuck into the housewares. I fell in love with the colourful, soft throws. I wanted the red and blue. But I left them for another day.

The burlap stamped boxes were so awesome! Wouldn’t they make a fun side table or foot stool in a bigger size?

Loved the subway picture too… this one had a real chalkboard feel to it.

So… I hope everyone has the most wonderful weekend and cya on the flip side! Hopefully we’ll land right side up and everything…

Over and out, old world. Here’s to new beginnings!


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21 thoughts on “No weekend party, new clothes and moving on.

  1. I usually go through a hose nozzle a year too, but it’s usually because the hubby ends up trashing them. Believe it or not, the best one I’ve found (so far) is one I picked up for $6 (US) at a discount grocery store! Love the shoes, btw!

  2. Oops… deleted by accident…


    Change is not easy. Sometimes when things happen that seem awful, they are a blessing in disguise. God can bring good from evil. Love your blog! Thank-you!

  3. I love those boots with the fringe…Never heard of Winners???? Just in Canada huh? Well I loved your old house..but I know from experience that once you really close the door on the old..Then you are really open for what Gods plan is for you..Good Luck and see ya on the new blog..!!!! maybe I will be able to comment using my name and not Anonymous!!!!! still haven’t figured that out..but any way…Not Anonymous.. but Amy Watson!!!~!

  4. I went through a little mental “cruising by my old place” yesterday 🙂
    Bittersweet, but always good to be reminded to be grateful for all the things that make up here and now.
    Looks like a fun shopping trip! Have a great weekend getting the new blog together!


  5. You can always add a big porch to your house. That “dream house” looks like it is out in the country. Can you be more than two or three miles from Starbucks and a hardware store? Didn’t think so. When one door closes, another opens. I saw some junk collage on that Junking Style website that you contribute to you. Printed on a switch plate or escutcheon, decorated with junk was “Every wall is a door.” Profound. I believe it. The best is yet to come for you, Donna. Don’t get excited if the new blog has some problems. We are patient. Ann

  6. Since your moving and all can I make a request? Can you stop doing pop up ads? Sometimes I can’t get them to close and on my Ipad they completely obscure your web site. They are as bad as pop ups where back in the day. I dearly love your blog but I find myself hesitating about stopping by because of all the ads. Just thought you might want to know.

  7. Good luck with the transition. Enjoy the weekend “off” from blogging. As for the drive-by, it’s always bittersweet to look back. But truthfully, you’re right – 5 acres is too much for one person to handle. And now you have so much more time to pursue your dreams – and we’re thankful for that.

  8. My little girl and I are in the midst of getting ready for a new life. Getting this big old house and yard ready is tough by myself. I am now looking forward to the 2 of us in a new ‘old’ cottage with a patch of grass. When she is off to college in 12 yrs, I might just take me off to the coast. I’m amazed at what I now think of as possible with NO ‘negative nellie’ by my side. I just updated my blog but haven’t had the opportunity to migrate to a stand alone site YET! LOVE those boots..

  9. Donna… your blog! Your posts are so well done and this one is especially inspiring. I hope to join SNS next week. I just have a little work to do as far as figuring it all out! I wish I knew how to comment w/o hiding my email address.
    Have a Blessed weekend!

    PS..Love the clogs!

    • All Winners stores carry different items. When you see something there and you like it, you’d better buy it because they will likely never have it again! That’s what makes it rather original, you’re not going to see 50 people walking around in the same outfit! And I’m not Anonymous either!…I’m Ellie and one of these days I’ll figure it out too 🙂

  10. That was wonderful that you closed the door on your old life as you will close the door on your old blog, and open a new door and keep moving forward! I am so proud of you!!! It is hard but YOU DID IT!!! Love everything you do and can’t wait to see the new and exciting things to come!

  11. I had to look through the comments to see what kind of store Winners was. LOL Here in Nebraska we have TJMaxx and Marshalls which is similar. And I get lost for at least an hour or two when I do go in there. Just lots of cool stuff! I dig the new boots!!! Congrats on the new site!

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