On the hunt for seemingly all things WHITE… help

AUGHAUGHAUGH! Why did I go into that favorite thrift store of mine today?!? And I happened to have my camera with me too, so I caught what I spotted. Just to taunt me.

Once upon a time, I wanted to do something like this to my kitchen, so I propped a bunch of odds and sods I had on hand in place. Then I tried to move my massive hutch that really goes here into another room and it didn’t fit. So I lost my office dream and dismantled the works.

Some of you may remember my quandary post about loving whites and coastal inspired themes as I live inside my very warm and pretty log cabiny woodsy upstairs. And I was wondering how I could incorporate some of that desired girlie white into my present scheme.

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to create a kitchen office. If I got rid of that mammoth woodsy hutch, (which holds dogfood and kitchen overflow, something I really can do without)I had imagined a desktop running the length of that hutch nook with something suitable holding up the works. I really desire a nice space for my laptop to get it off the island once and for all.

And what I saw today is so what I had in mind. Augh…

Aren’t those cabinets cute?!? Full drawers and one door each, and the doors even both open towards the center. AUGH! BAD! This is soooo bad! (not really but it is for all the right reasons. I should leave well enough alone!)

The two little guys plus that goofy loose board on top was a whoppin’ $20. (AUGH) The note on top of the works read, “Great for garage.” Yeah right, like that’ll happen. Next I’d need to scout out is something long enough to run the length of the hutch area for a topper. And I have this lovely tall white bookcase with a pretty curvy deal along the top, waiting down in my garage begging me to put that thing front and center on that tabletop. What an adorable office that would be! (AUGH)

Admit it! CUTE!

And here’s another AUGH.

Look at the pretty lines on these table legs! Hello!?!?! Abit pricier at $69, but the thing was as sturdy as a ROCK. (AUGH) Honestly, if I had a big separate area for a kitchen office, this table would be the desk. It’s just that cute. But it wouldn’t look good next to my current table. Bleah..

I am in agony here. This table would sit in front of that little office thing. And look good together and everything. The table isn’t that big, just a nice size. Not that we even use a table since I have a massively awesome kitchen island that seats on both sides. But you know, one should have a table so the room doesn’t look odd and all that.

The top is currently tiled which is kinda cute. One tile was cracked. I know how to tile so I’d have no qualms retiling it. And that is a solid wood outer edge that needs abit of help. But what a nice way to bring warmth to the table while tieing in all the other woodsy factors in the kitchen!

My current kitchen chairs are bowback black. But I could paint just the seats that antique white to tie it in perhaps… eh.. who am I kidding. The chairs would have to go antique white probably. Nothing a spray bomb or 50 wouldn’t cure. (this part is a bad AUGH)

Now, how to incorporate whites into my woodsy kitchen you ask? I’d love to find some tongue and groove thin slats of wood and attach them horizontally in the backsplash area. And you guessed it, paint it the same antique white.

Now, I had no intention of getting this, but it caught my eye and she was adorable! And there were two of her. And she was so comfortable! This chair just has to be a she. I can’t say it. Gosh she was just so comfortable! (AUGH) See that lovely black metal detail in the back and on the legs? It’s so cool! I sure wish I was decorating a diner styled kitchen and I’d have these snapped up in a jiffy! I need a barn for storage. NOW.

I have no budget for new stuff. I really don’t. BUT… if I implemented the changes, I could sell my other stuff which would WAY MORE pay for these little itty bitty thrifty items. I’d only need like 8 guys to lug my massive hutch downstairs though. No biggie. (run man variety neighbours, RUN!)

Oh… another thing I spotted was this gigantic roll of sage green canvas style curtain material. It was sort of burlapy to the touch. Exquisite, but it wouldn’t be what I would use. But if I just stocked it and had it ready for someone… stop it! I need to buy an acre and a barn first.

How do you just ‘leave’ these gems in the stores? How do YOU do it?!? I’m dyin’ here… I so want to shabby this place up abit and because I’d have to work at it, I have to admit the challenge thrills me so…

As always, I’ll sleep on it and stare at the pics tomorrow again. I’ll know my answer by then. I think. And then feel guilty all over again for wanting this NOW.And what DO you do when you spot things you want like, real real bad and you know you just, well, shouldn’t?


(feel free to offer your opinion or 3 on how to change over to more white with the least amount of $ and effort. The yard is calling me too you see..)


Rhoda at Southern Hospitality wants to know what recent finds you’ve discovered. Go see what others are loading their buggies with!

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18 thoughts on “On the hunt for seemingly all things WHITE… help

  1. I just bought a table very much like the one in your photo as my new desk. I’ll use it in my office. Mine doesn’t have a tiled top, but light fake butcher block with white legs.

    I rent and my kitchen cabinets are oak colored. I would give anything to have them white, but it’s not going to happen. At least the walls are an off white, and floor is light in color. I’m simply adding all the white I love anyways; old white farmer-made table (doubles as a desk as no room in tiny kitchen for a desk), white pottery and stone ware, white curtains, etc. It’s growing on me. I’ve been here two months now and I think I’ll be able to live with the oak among the white. ♥

  2. I feel your paint sista! I think maybe the White Fever you have is partly spring fever? It will definately take a bit of elbow grease to change over. My opinion: (now remember you ASKED for it). You’d need to change your chairs to white, your island, and your moulding above your cabinets. AND (this might kill you) maybe white wash that big dog food cabinet. Not alot of money, just paint, but alot of work. YOu could sand off some edges and let black show through on your chairs and island. Or crackle paint the table legs. Just for a little different textures.
    I really liked the headboard desk!

  3. You have a great kitchen and a perfect space to put a desk. I love your creativity and imagination. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Moulding above the cabinets… is it that black stuff you’re talking about? If so, I guess I should do an article on exactly WHAT that is. It’s a fake metal treatment attached to the ceiling to cover up ceiling gutting when I removed the header above my old cabinets.

    I hear ya on the rest. That’s what all the AUGH is about. Maybe I should just go take a sleeping bag and sleep outside this summer if I need light and bright, ya know? I so appreciate your advice! 🙂

    Funky Junk Donna

  5. Kimmcl, did you just give me permission to do what I gotta do?!? Oh, I so need permission. I need someone to set me straight when it’s an idea off the richter charts too. I think those critics are called men/boyfriends/husbands, right???

    So far I’m staying away from that thrift store today. But the day is early..


  6. Great reading thank you, I just want to know where your favorite thrift store is, those are some great finds.

  7. Anon, I have a few haunts I travel to, but my favorite two are MCC in Abbotsford, (there are two there) and Bibles for Missions in Chilliwack. I’m in the BC Canada area.

    These stores are BIG and they have such a great variety. But yesterday in my own hometown I scooped up a few like brand new shorts and pants for myself and my son for a whoppin’ $7.

    You know you’re doing a good thing when their stuff is soooo much nicer than you’re own at home. 🙂

    Plus, thrift shopping is like donating to help others.

    There just isn’t anything I don’t like about thrift stores! They are within my budget, the hunt is challenging and always a surprise, I’m forced to be more creative with my finds, and you help others.

    Thrift shoppers unite!

    Funky Junk Donna

  8. I think you should go with your gut. You’re right in the middle of all this redo, so why not do what you love?! It wouldn’t be hard at all, here’s what I’d do…
    Paint the top moulding on the cabinets in the kitchen a creamy white, as well as the island. You should be able to find white panels for the fridge, and then paint the dinning chairs! Viola, it’s a snap. It really is just painting a few things out.
    As far as having a dinning table, we made our dinning room a sitting room because we too never used the table, it had become a gathering heap. You could easily make this your office area.
    Go for it, life is short, create the home you want!

  9. I dust my kitchen table every so often. I think the writing is on the wall with that one, eh? LOL

    I dream of having my desk area along that wall, and a lovely cushy pretty chair and hassock to turn towards the outdoors to read a book. (I need the perfect chair for my fussy back! I can’t sit on anything else in the house. I passed up a gorgeous elegant cushy TAUPE high back chair for $50 at value village! I’m kicking myself!!!!)

    It takes me a good long while to let go of things. I think when I find the ultimate to replace, I’ll then have the nerve!

    I’m going to stage it first. Gonna move out that hutch, table and chairs and prop a pretend office up again and slide in the ugly recliner. Get a feel for how the space feels and how I’d use it. Staging and living what you want first is the way to go for me cuz I can still change my mind back to the old way again. 🙂

    Funny how these awesome islands kind of take over. Yesterday my son and his friend simply spun two island chairs around towards the tv to play wii. How convenient is that?!?

    Thanks for your comments ladies! I’m really enjoying your brainstorming!

    Funky Junk Donna

  10. Great finds. I’m never that lucky to find good things at good prices. I’m surrounded by thrifty creative people in my area. I think they all go with the adage, “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” By the time things get donated around here, they are usually pretty bad. I’m going to check out the new “RE” store. Maybe they will have some good finds. 🙂

  11. If you’re truly sure you want a permanent change, I’d add white painted beadboard backsplash and white beadboard on the island too. Remove the “woodsy” accessories, and add in accessories in a creamy white. Spray paint that rooster on your counter white and tie a black and white polka dot ribbon around it’s neck! You could add a pot of white hydrangeas or vase of white flowers on the island or table, with a vintage tablecloth underneath. You have the black fridge and a few other black things, so I’d maybe use some black accents on your new white desk area, too! 🙂

  12. Stacey, you’ve read my mind!

    I already have beadboard panels leaning against the island to get a feel for the pending change. And I’ve also masked the top of my oak table with off white to see if that would also work. I’ve already gutted my counters and lightened up the accessories. I’m going through inspirational photos like mad trying to stay in line here. LOL

    Awesome to know I’m sort of along the right lines! Yahooo! You gals are awesome!

    FJ Donna

  13. Oh I want a table like that for desk too! I have a very cute little drop top secretary desk but it’s so small and I long for a great big long table-ey kind of thing with lots of elbow room. I’m “aughing” with you 🙂


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