OUR latest loves

Did you catch the latest little gem Miss Mustard Seed just scooped up?

Well, I scooped up something ultra cool myself this past weekend!

So what does a collector of fine antiques vs. a junker have in common anyway?

Let’s do a little comparison of loves, shall we? Using her quotes and new toy as a guideline.

 MMS quote ~ “They are just so stinkin’ cool!  They are not practical, but they look fantastic in photographs, so one has been on my “prop” list for months.”

 I was in an antique mall in Frederick, MD, looking for some last minute small things to take to the antique market and…in a soft pool of light…with a harmonic choir singing around her…there she was.  (Not really.)

I raced over to flip the tag, certain the price would start with a three and have two digits after it.  It didn’t start with a three…or even a two!

This girl was coming home with me.  I actually reached my hand through the arm, grabbed the center pole and started to wheel her around with me while I continued to shop.

I finally realized I was being a little ridiculous, so I parked her by a ramp that led to the counter.  Suddenly, I got paranoid that a fairly empty antique mall would be flooded with people who wanted my dress form.  I ran back and removed the tag to let everyone else know she was off the market.  It was totally an impulse buy, but it’s one of my new favorite things. 

Me ~ These are so stinkin’ cool! They are VERY practical and look like crap in photos until I do something with them, but these are always and always will be on my prop list FOREVER.

I was at the curb down the road going for a walk with my son and… in the blinding sunlight… with son whining in background to “LEAVE THE JUNK ALONE ALREADY”, there they were. (really)

I raced over to flip them on their side so no one else would take them (I was truckless!) No digits on the tag.  Not even one!

These cuties were coming home with me. I actually reached my hand through both of them and picked them up as if I was going to take them on our walk, but my son yelled again in HORROR.

I finally realized I was being a little ridiculous, so I parked them further up the driveway that led to the house. Suddenly, I got paranoid that the road would be flooded with other walkers with a sawhorse fetish like me. I ran back and frantically ripped off the FREE price tag to let everyone else know they were off the market. It was totally an impulse grab, but they’re two of my new favorite things.

 …and baby’s got back. 

 … and baby’s got joins. (and tattoos!)

 …and in black and white.  You can whistle.  It’s OK.  I know she’s hot.

… and in black and white. You can whistle. It’s OK. I know they’re hotter than the chilli from Wild Hogs. Right Jenna?!?

Check out the wire cage at the bottom!  Oh, be still my heart!

Check out those endless legs at the bottom! Oh, be still my bucket’a rusty nails!

Gotta love a curvy girl. 

I think I got too much sun this weekend.  

 Gotta love those straight lines.

I didn’t get NEARLY enough sun this weekend, darn it! But these two made up for it. Right Jenna?!?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Geez… MMS should write ALL my posts. 🙂

(No friendship was harmed in the making of this post. I had MMS’s full blessing to go forth. 🙂 )

What objects of desire make your heart go pitter patter when you find them?

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38 thoughts on “OUR latest loves

  1. Oh, you funny girl! I really like your finds though. I am looking for some sawhorses for tanning hides. Do you know how hard it is to find wood ones? Of course you do. I am drooling over yours. There is lots that my little heart goes pitter patter for. Frogs, stoneware, old cameras…. to name a few. I am sure that you don’t want the whole list. Just goes to show I am a well rounded girl, in more ways than one!

  2. I am giggling out loud. giggle giggle giggle I so know the feeling, my pitter patter is old doors, tall, dark, a hint of glimmer in the glass, ahhh priceless!! Thanks for the giggle!

  3. I am a little bit FJI and a little bit MMS. You are both the bomb. What makes my heart go pitter patter? Finding junk on the side of the road. I am like a crazed woman on a high if I spot something even remotely savageable. My kids have all been trained to scan the roadsides for “junk”. You never know when opportunities might present themselves. My latest score? An uber huge pile of old wood planks. I picked these up off the side of a busy Highway bypass!! I was in heels and skirt for this score. A nice man stopped to ask if I needed help, he thought they had all spilled out of my momalicious minivan. When I told him I was picking them up for a project, he looked at me like I had a few loose planks myself. But he continued to help. Several cleanings, scrubbings, and sandings later, they are now the coolest new table top for outdoor dining table. Can’t wait to post about it, they just need a little finishing touches before they are ready for their debut. Free junk makes my heart soar!!!!

  4. YOu are TOO funny! But I can totally relate! In fact NO ONE will stop for me any longer, they just turn their heads and pretend they did NOT see anything. TRAITORS! every single one of the males in my house… you would have thought they would understand by now. I love old metal and wood and wood chairs! OH lets not even talk about bowls… ironstone bowls with bits of rust, big wooden bowls used for mixing bread and serving up salads, pyrex bowls which next inside of each other in a rainbow of colour, and pitchers. Oh did I mention old enamaled storage boxes and trays? And sporks? I love sporks! Yes you read that correctly.. the spoon/fork of the 1950’s. they make my heart sing!

  5. Thank you for my laugh this morning! It makes the dreary day it is outside more “cheery!” Your sawhorses look like they’ve been around the block a few times!
    Have a great day…

  6. so completely funny! Great finds – BOTH! You actually found those sawhorses? I have never found anything remotely that cool. Still on the lookout though… 🙂

  7. You are hilarious! I, too, have a family member who was horrified when I made him stop and get some old ladders marked 15 bucks…ended up that the guy gave them to me for free! Oh, the thrill of sweet satisfaction!

  8. Your so insightful and truly a gift for gab. I felt I was with you, my heart was racing when you decided to leave them. Did you ever once think about leaving your kids tied to them with orders to bite anyone until you returned? I love your blog. Enjoy your new treasurers.

  9. Donna, this is too good!!!! Inspired blogging at its best. And I love Miss Mustardseed, too. (I found you through her, I think.)

  10. So Funny and a Great Post! Now I have to admit that those truly could have been the two sawhorses that I insisted my DH throw away several years ago. Yup, put them on the curb right beside the trash cart. I mean the paint, angled cuts,the boards tacked on for stability, it is all identical!! Do you think sawhorses can move themselves from Eastern Nebraska to wherever you live if they find themselves in danger of extinction??? My apologies to the other readers,….this event occured several years ago….I have since come to my senses!!
    Linda S. in NE

  11. Tell Cody that your Junk Escapades are going to put him through college (university in Canada?) and buy you a new camper. He should help out because “the junk” is going to overflow so that you will need a second truck which will become his.
    I brake for: lamps, especially ones made from the hubs of wagon wheels. Old English brass. Nutbirds – see the photo- 1920’s and 30’s English birds made from Brazil nuts with bakelite feet and beaks. Usually used in smoking and bartending items. Benches, like those outside a barn. Boxes and things made from porcupine quills from Africa or Ceylon. Free books.
    I would totally pick up those saw horses. I don’t have any. Ann

  12. Donna when I got up off the floor and dried my eyes where I could type I still could not quit laughing. You are so funny. Those sawhorses look just like the ones I use to have. I used them until they couldn’t stand up any more. I love,love,love your girl. I have one girl and one boy, but they don’t have cages on the bottom. They are very old, but no cages. When I bought the girl I put her in the middle of the front seat and got plently of stares. We laughed all the way home from the flea market and it was in Canton, Texas and I live in Louisiana. Fun,Fun,Fun. I love all your good junk.

  13. You’re such a clever girl…I just finished reading about her find of all finds and then flipped over here to find your hilarious comparison 🙂
    I would have to say objects found on the curb…discarded trash to some, found treasures are what makes my heart flutter!

  14. I’m torn between two loves. I wouldn’t be able to pick just one of your two finds. My junk passion is old doors and windows. Can’t have enough. I have NO clue on how to pick the “real” artwork, but boy, I can pick up some artful junk stuff by the truck loads(as the truck slows to a crawl and I lean out the window!)

  15. HaHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You are making my laugh to hard! Both are great finds! I would have taken them both too! Thansk for the laughs! And, thanks for showing (all the time) that rusty “junk” can go with any style and belongs wherever you want it! I love using it!

  16. Now that is too cute and funny. I was already smiling when I had read what Marian posted about her gal, but for you to do a twist on it like you did cracked me up! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

  17. Oh, you’re so funny! That cracked me up – thanks for the laugh, and I love those straight lines too 🙂

    I’m a junk girl myself, a regular trash picker and dumpster diver. Glad to know there are others like me around.

  18. From Miss Mustard Seed… (who can’t log in to comment… what’s with blogger anyway?!?)

    “This is so funny. You are a riot! We’re definitely the “odd couple” of the blog world. So many people at Lucketts asked me about you.” 🙂

  19. Hang on I need to go grab a bag of buttered popcorn and a drink !

    I love the dress form ! What a find !

  20. Your dress form made my heart go thumpity thump!!
    Another thing that makes my heart go zwing is one of those platform dollies with iron wheels. Ohhhh! Be still my heart. I don’t have one…but I sure would kill for one!! Ha!!

  21. Donna you crack me up! I was drooling over MMS’s post. Now Im sooooo jealous that both my favorite ladies have them. Ive been scouring craigslist for months. The closest I got were the mannequin store half forms that I covered in dictionary pages and used in my bedroom. I love the horses too. Your trips sound just like mine “Mom come on really…omg!” lol they will learn when their older.

    Have an awesome day!

    Lucky 7 Design

  22. You gals really know how to crack me up!

    My thoughts:
    MMS: move mountains in your home
    FJI: move rust in your home

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist! 🙂

  23. Oh, that was just too funny! Absolutely laugh out loud, slap my leg, funny! I guess if you combined the curvy dress maker’s dummy with the saw horse’s legs you would have the gams and the mams to make the perfect woman, wouldn’t you?

    Thanks for making my day!

  24. Donna, I really don’t think too much sun can ever take the blame. I think you were just born nuts! hahahahaha!(that’s a compliment) You have made me a true junker to the point of being a dangerous driver cos my eyes are now on the side of the road most of the time! see below how much of a follower of you I am?



    Val, Malaysia

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