An outdoor vintage market, great junk… and BLOGGERS

Once upon a time there was the most perfect overcast day. And before me, a wide open field filled with pretty white tents stocked with the most amazing treasures and most wonderful gals you could possibly run into.

Fieldstone Vintage Market was a local attraction located in Abbotsford, BC Canada. With one day only, the place was full to the brim with vintage themed and hand crafted vendors and eager shoppers alike.

I took my time getting there desiring a slower paced morning. When I finally arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes… there were vehicles parked where there were no parking spots. Apparently by the time I arrived, you could actually see the vendors. Before that, wall to wall people.

I swerved into a nearby Starbucks first for my pumpkin spiced lattee, then lugging the ‘ol camera, I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.  I met up with my dear friend Dorothy, neighbour Corinne and plenty of other gals that I got to know through blogging.

Let’s go shopping!

Red Wicker – Monica

This gal is not only gorgeous, her booth stole my heart. I seemed to snap the most pictures here because, well, I couldn’t stop. 🙂 Monica’s booth was double the size so when I needed a breather, I always seemed to gravitate back to her spot. It felt like home, what can I say. 🙂

Probably because she collects like I do. 

We love the same stuff. I could have taken everything home from her booth.

Monica doesn’t blog, however she follows my blog and many of yours. She sells her wares at local shows. We’ve been chatting about doing something together  so you may hear about Monica again sometime soon. 🙂

Vintage Home – Colleen and friend Shelley

I only met these two today but I’ve been emailing Colleen for some time. And I must tell you, if you’re ever feeling blue about anything, Colleen will get you outta your funk! This girl is FUN EEEE.

Aren’t they cute?!?

Colleen, I still want your apron that wasn’t for sale. Trust me, it was remnants of all kinds of things. Precious!

Shelley was an absolute delight! I think these two showed up just to hang out together and have fun, never mind sell. 🙂

Way to work that booth solo Shelley! Hmm… where’s Colleen gone to anyway?

Oh, that’s right. I lured her away to another booth to show her what I bought.

Type B 

This stuff was the cutest! The pendants are created with real items that tell a story.

See this WISH ticket? I had to have it because when you flipped it over, it read…

‘write a book’.

Another kick in the right direction…

And then Colleen and I started fighting (true story) over a tag with a camera charm on it. I let her have it because it had a map of Paris on the flip side which told a story for a family member of hers.

You’re welcome Colleen!  (still like her still like her still like her…)

Tracey – Keeping House and Everything Else

As you can only imagine, I spent a leeeettle time at Tracey’s tent. She had a bazillion massive corbels everywhere you looked.  I wanted them but didn’t bring the semi with me that day. When will I ever learn!

She was nearly begging me to take this door off her hands. I wanted it! But you know… lack of semi…

However I was able to get this door knob into my purse, so home it came. Both sides were still perfectly intact. What a score!

And just so you know, this gal is a true blue photographer. 

Click on her link above and you’ll be in love with her blog for the photography alone.

Carrie – The Passionate Home

Carrie and I go way back. 🙂 She came to my home when I hosted a town wide open house and we hit it off like gangbusters!

I think it was because I loaned her my jacket. Or maybe it was the empty bottles. We didn’t empty the bottles. Just sayin’…

Carrie is a HOOT. She has that personality where you feel like you’ve known her all your life.

That other cutie with the white top is my awesome coffee drinkin’ neighbour buddy Corinne, whom I convinced to come. She was eyeing up the chalk paint that Carrie stocks. One day I’m going to borrow Corinne for a portrait practice photo shoot. She’s. That. CUTE.

You guessed it. Carrie’s junk was decadent. And so is her store, located in Langley, BC. 

Elisa – Home Sweet Nest

What a sweet find Elisa was! She sells antiques and pretties up old stuff. Her blog is brand new so she’ll be sharing her adventures in all the things we DIYers love to do.

She was walking the isles and recognized me right away. Well, that’s all the invite I needed! We head back to her tent and I wasn’t disappointed. Don’t you love her ‘sign’?

I didn’t recognize Elise until I viewed her profile after I got home. Then I smacked my hand upside my head and yelled, “It’s HER!” She’s commented forever on my blog. Doh!

I swear she had the most fabulous view of the rolling fields and mountains from her location. Earlier on there were apparently horses on the other side of her fence. Sweet!

Rochelle – Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets

I have a funny story to tell about meeting Rochelle for the first time. I was purchasing my mac computer when she recognized me. We had a photo taken together in which she looked absolutely ADORABLE! Me? Not so much. I had on a ripped shirt, 2 inches of roots showing AND in the photo my eyes were closed. Niiiice… So today when we got together, she said, “I hope this one makes the cut!”

No roots today, eyes open, shirt intact… were’ all good. 🙂

Rochelle is insanely talented. She sells the most unique jewellery on the planet earth all handmade by herself.  


Her displays were as unique as her work.

Don’t you love the music sheet treatment to this bust form?

Get them, girls!

A gorgeous paris themed necklace. 

Carrie will be stocking some of Rochelle’s work in her store!

And this is what I treated myself to from Rochelle’s place…

Her pieces are made with loads of soldering work, resin and all kinds of trinkets to complete the mission such as book pages and music sheets. 

This piece just spoke to me not only because it was adorable….

… the hidden message on the back reads, ‘trying to make extraordinary…’ Don’t you just LOVE that?

Once Rochelle gets a bit more setup with her eventual online store, you’ll be seeing her again on FJI.

Outdoor sitting area by the main building.

The branch is suspended from the ceiling. Love the streamer treatment!

I love how this ‘designer gourd’ is painted out in a desired tone as well as the stem being wrapped with twine, key accessory attached.

Neat caged lighting inside the building.

And next up, some random beauty from other decadent booths. 

I wanted each and every one of these handmade flowers.

Isn’t that red on linen amazing?  Love the side closure with ties.

Sharalee Prang Photography

That’s it! I’m dismantling an old rusty rake.

Real deal chenille bedspreads turned robes. They were ever so soft and absolutely gorgeous!

Hand written quote on a painter’s drop cloth. 

There was obviously so much more than shown. But I had to make myself stop and leave already. 

This little number also came home for the ride. I fell in love with the perfectly faded red patina.

It was SO GOOD to get out among like minded gals. There’s been some chit chat about the locals meeting up sometime to hit a massive junkin’ place and restaurant decorated every square with … you guessed it, JUNK. These are indeed my kinda people. 🙂 Stay tuned for an announcement on that one.

Thanks Fieldstone! I had a blast!

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55 thoughts on “An outdoor vintage market, great junk… and BLOGGERS

  1. Awww, thanks for the mention Donna! Your photographs are fabulous! I’m pushing the door onto Victoria now. She needs a door, hopefully she’ll read this post of yours and look at your kick butt picture of it and want it. I sent her a underexposed, grainy iphone picture of it… no wonder I haven’t heard back.

  2. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics! I left my booth only to stand in the potty line for ages… other than that I didn’t even get to wander. It was a wonderful day! My booth had the horses behind me too, and the beautiful view… couldn’t have been more perfect!

  3. Thanks so much Donna! Glad you had such a great time and caught it all on camera! We had the best day and couldn’t be more thrilled with the gorgeous weather and all 55 of our talented vendors…they really pulled out all of the stops! Now that I see your pics, I totally saw you and your big camera walking around….will definitely get a chat in with you next time 🙂

  4. Donna….love this post and ALL THE GORGEOUS pictures you captured! Thank you for stopping by and definitely for posting pictures about my “little ol’ lola” shop! I hope you enjoy your “XO” heart necklace! Don’t forget about the junkin’ adventure we talked about – hopefully it could happen soon!

  5. I’m jealous, jealous, jealous! We just do not have that kind of market here! The closest we get is a ‘carboot’ and even those are few and far between here in the Highlands.
    Oh for that sun and all those goodies!

  6. Oh darn!! I sure wish I could have been with you!!
    Wow! Such treasures you have featured here!
    Amazing and fabulous!
    I want to come next time…k??

  7. I liked tagging along with you. What a fun day and how many cool ideas were all packed into that field? Getting to hang with bloggers~ always neat to see the faces behind the comments. I loved your necklace. By the way I have that rusty rake part sitting on the top of my stone wall in the yard…gave me a thought when I saw it draped in pearls…

  8. Wow, I am so jealous! That looks like an awesome show. I wish we had something like that around here, but alas, we don’t. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful goodies!

  9. oh I cannot wait to come back at my lunch break and read this post slowly. . .take my time with all the pics. . click all the links. . oh what fun. . thanks

  10. WOWZERS!!! I have to clean my screen, I just drooled all over it. Donna wish I could have been there. I did see my typewriter there and they are using it like I am for pics. Wish we had something like that
    down South. Your photos are wonderful and I thank you for sharing your trip.

  11. I wanted to buy so much and now regret a couple i wish i did get…. lol. But i did come home with a few great things = ) I can’t wait till the next one. I was one of the first through the door….lol. I didn’t see that red “&” sign. if i did i’m sure it would have been taken home…tonya

  12. Great POST!!! We Southern Oregon girls (yes, you Janice … I know you’re hooked now on FJ’s blog!!!) need to dust off our passports and come up for a visit….Maybe next Spring…ROAD TRIP!!!


    Tina…and her “newly addicted” Donna follower 🙂

  13. …Oh forgot to add, I loved everything on the tour, but that weathered wood/chippy red paint #5 stole my heart!!! Red is my color and #5 is my family (me and the boys in my life!)

    Too, too cool…I see it’s twin in the making…

  14. WoW! I so wish I had known about this…it would have taken just a few minutes to get there!!! What wonderful treasures!!! Putting it down for next year!

  15. Oh wow, what a great showing. Somehow these kinds of fairs haven’t hit this side of the ocean yet. What a lot of wonderful and inspirational talent you have got in your quarters.
    Next year you’ll have a booth of your own!!

  16. Just kicking myself for not having driven down for Fieldstone. I knew it would be AMAZING!!!! Thanks for teasing us with those pics of so many fabulous finds!!!! Think semi next time!

  17. Thanks for sharing all of the fabulous photos! What a location, what a sale, what great stuff!!! Every pic had me saying “I love that”.
    Looks like a great day!

  18. OK I was jealous before knowing that you were going and now I don’t know if I feel better or worse!! Love the shot’s Donna ~ I so wish there was something like that around here… whoa is me. lol!

  19. Oh my gosh….I think I just died and went to heaven, Donna! All of those glorious treasures!!!! I would’ave had stuff tied all over the top of my car if I went there! lol! What a fun day you must have had, and the sweet things you purchased are just awesome! Could you tell me where Carrie got her sweet white apron with the bottom ruffle? I’d love to purchase one…w/out the writing on it, of course. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  20. Is there such a sale this year in Abbotsford? I live in Seattle and would love to go… this is SO me! Thanks, Linda

    • Hi Linda, the shows are hit and miss in Abbotsford. I haven’t yet heard of one for 2015. If you follow Spruce Collective, they are the ones that put them on. Easily found on Facebook! 🙂

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