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While I was building this Upcycles for Pets post… my two hecklers started in on me.

Funky Junk's cats in a basket

She – “Pssst… did you SEE what she’s lookin’ at?!”

He – “ZZZZ… whaaa…. huh? Oh! I know!! I saw her looking at all that cool pet junk a couple of days ago! She was all like, “I should make that and that and that. But to date? Nothin’!”

DIY-Parasol-Dresser-Drawer-Pet-Bed by DIY ShowOff

Dresser drawer dog bed – DIY ShowOff (stylin’ to the max!)

She – “Oh for…. I want that umbrella over MY bed!”

He – “I want that drawer for MY bed!”

vintage coca cola crate dog bowl by Sew Woodsy

Vintage Coca Cola crate turned dog bowl holder – Sew Woodsy (ridiculously creative and fun!)

She – “Well, I never!!!!”

He – “I KNOW! And for a DOG!!! What are we? Chopped tuna fish popped down on the road in the shape of a can?!” (oh yum…)

Vintage suitcase turned pet bed by DeJaVue Designs

Vintage suitcase turned pet bed – DeJaVue Designs (droolworthy adorable!)

She – “You have GOT to be kidding me!!!! Style style style! I’m on some fake sheepskin thing that came with this basket!”

He – “I LOVE the paisley!” (I also love this dog’s beach style wind swept do…but I’m not going to tell her that) 


DIY elevated dog bowl chairs – The DIY Village (lucky dog!)


He – “FFFFFSSSSSTTTTT x 10000000!!!!!

Funky Junk's tuxedo cats in a basket

She – Our “CAT BASKET” is so LAME!!!!!… Why I oughta… (yawn)…. zzzzzz”

He – “I KNOW! We should… (yawn) just… zzzzzzz”

 Me – “My, how quickly these two have adopted the junk lifestyle, huh? I’m proud of ya, guys!” (I’d better get busy…)

Pet Smart Projects, curated by The Blissful Bee, from Hometalk

And here’s an adorable clipboard collection of Pet Smart Projects from Hometalk!

Have a cool DIY pet upcycle you’ve created?

Link them up in this weekend’s 3rd themed linkup!

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23 thoughts on “Party Junk 192 – Pet inspired upcycles

  1. Cute, cute pet projects. I love the Coca Cola crate idea, it just might keep my little guy from pushing his food and water all over the floor. Thanks for hosting Donna.

    • haha! Adorable! Thank you SO much for the feature, Donna! My cat and dog are here beside me but snoozing, but pinning to show them later. 😉

  2. Thanks so much for the fab pet features Donna. We’re still recovering from the loss of our sweet pooch, but starting to think we might be ready sometime in the not too distant future to take on another. It was fun to imagine that new friend in these pictures. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Hi Donna, cover their sweet little eyes (they will be jealous of all the great pet ideas. Thanks for hosting, love joining in. Love your sweet little brother/sister kitties too.

  4. I love the theme for this week! I was just trying to figure out how to make the beds for my dogs a little nicer looking…now I have some new ideas! I love that drawer dog bed — gotta find me some drawers! 🙂
    thanks for the link-up!

  5. Donna, this is such
    an inspired post. Not
    sure I want my Gracie
    to see it, as she might
    be jealous!!!

    Loved the kitty “commentary”
    as much as the projects : )

    Happy Summer!

    xo Suzanne

  6. Great party, as always. I was all excited seeing the drawer dog bed with a dog looking like a greyhound in it. My dogs are standard poodles and I never see anything like that for big dogs. But it’s an Italian greyhound in the bed and only 10 lbs.–mine are 50 lbs! Major alterations needed there, for sure, LOL.

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