PJ 230 – an upcycled link party and a survey


 Welcome to Party Junk 230 – An upcycled link party

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antique mason jar crate display

Hello and welcome to yet another weekend upcycled link party!

Things will be simplified this weekend. Internet connection is in limbo at the moment, so it’s been tricky getting a proper post set up. So let’s just get to our new projects, and we’ll be back to a themed linkup addition next weekend once again!

Mini Survey

So… while I have you here, I’d love your input. I’m attempting to assess what you like / don’t like about linking up to this particular party. The themed posts can take several hours to create, so I’d like to make sure the effort is winning. ๐Ÿ™‚ Chime in your opinions in comments!

Do you like the themed linkup? Or is one general linkup enough?
Do you ever visit the themed linkup area located in the navigation bar?
Do features within the post make a difference or aren’t they needed?
Your fav part about this party?
Something different you’d like to see transpire?
Would you miss this party if it were no longer? Or wouldn’t miss it because there are so many others?
Anything else?

Thank-you! Now I can’t wait to see your junk!

Have any upcycled / repurposed / old to new projects to share?

Link them up in this weekend’s linkup below!


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2. Linkups must be your own work, not another’s.

3. Only projects new to Party Junk please. The themed linkup is an exception.

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36 thoughts on “PJ 230 – an upcycled link party and a survey

  1. Hi Donna! Thanks for hosting such an awesome linky party week after week. Personally, I enjoy the themed link up; though I don’t always have something to offer, it keeps things interesting! And I enjoy visiting the other links. Additionally, I do enjoy features. I have discovered so many new blogs I love from features alone – – plus it can be such an encouraging thing to have something you worked hard on showcased on a site as influential as yours. Thanks for asking. And keep up the fantastic work!

  2. You have a very unique party Donna – in that there is a LOT of gorgeous funky junk to go through – I’d miss it for sure!
    Thanks so much!
    Have a great weekend – and when you’re out walking – if people pass you – stop talking to yourself until they pass by LOL

  3. YES I WOULD MISS YOUR PARTY TREMENDOUSLY IF IT WERE TO EVER GO AWAY!!!!! There are so many out there, true, but I have it whittled down to which ones are worth linking up to (since it takes a lot of time also to participate it all of them) and yours is a MUST. I also love the themes, but I understand how time consuming it can be since I host a once a week link party also, and mine is small! You rock, Donna! Thanks SO MUCH for all your hard work!!!

  4. I rarely have something to link up to the themed party.

    I have never looked at the themes in the nav bar.

    I like features.

    I love this party. It brings me lots of traffic.

    I am grateful (and most loyal) to successful bloggers who continue to have link parties because I think it is very generous. Thanks Donna!

  5. I love your party and would really miss it if you decided to stop! I liked it the best when you had a place to link up a general post and also a place to link up a themed post. I love the features…would have missed many great posts if they weren’t being featured. Thanks for hosting every week…hugs, Penny

  6. I love linking up things that I painted to look old, with a patina of time. I like to see the same and also repurposed items. Thank you for letting me link up my hand painted, much improved antique store find!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  7. Thanks for hosting the party each week. I am fairly new to blogging and I enjoy the thumbed party and I really like the features of the week. They draw me in to new blogs.
    Have a good weekend!

  8. Hi Donna,

    You know I’ve always loved coming here on Friday evening s to share my links and as a fellow blogger who once did a linky party, I’d say do whatever is best for you. That’s what I had do and blogging became fun for me again. If you don’t have the time for two, only have one link up each week and if it’s just too much anymore I’m sure everyone will understand.

    I will always be along for your journey no matter what you decide:-)


  9. Hello Miss Donna,
    Thanks for the partaaaay! To answer some of your questions: yes, I would miss your party since I rarely link up at any others, although I have been trying to expand my horizons. Themes, like them, but I often don’t have anything current to fit the theme so not a big deal to me one way or another. I do not usually visit the theme area in the link up in the navigation bar. I do think if you changed the party to once a month, say the first Friday of the month it would still be lovely and well attended (you didn’t ask this, but just an idea). Favorite part? It is you and you show great stuff, get some great links, and I like the party day.

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear!
    Becky ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thanks for hosting the party! I truly would miss it if it were gone. I don’t mind not having the themed link ups though. And, I do like seeing features. I appreciate all you do! I know it takes a lot of your time.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Do you like the themed linkup?
    I take a peek each week but only read in detail if I have something to add that fits the theme, I try to link to the upcyled linkup every week (my personal goal).

    Do you ever visit the themed linkup area located in the navigation bar?
    I visit to get ideas and just to enjoy seeing the work other bloggers have done.

    Do features within the post make a difference or arenโ€™t they needed?
    Features are appreciated, might have missed those posts and usually go for a look but not essential for me personally wanting to join in to Upcyled.

    Your fav part about this party?
    Motivation to upcycle, take some good photos and write about what I did – basically, inspires me to try different things out.

    Something different youโ€™d like to see transpire?
    I like what you do, love reading what you write. Love how you share your growth and encourage others to grow too.

    Would you miss this party if it were no longer? Or wouldnโ€™t miss it because there are so many others?
    I look forward to your party with great anticipation each week. I would miss it terribly. You are Canadian, we live in the same province, in the same area of BC and I am very proud of you.

    Thanks for hosting Upcycled this week Donna. Hope the sunshine stays around.


  12. I love your party. I love your theme parties. I’m not a blogger but I am certainly a fan of upcycling and/or repurposing. I try lots of the projects I see. I am always inspired by something on your posts. I love going to yard sales, thrift shops, etc. I wish more people would post. I like a lot of variety. I love your imagination and creativity. Party away! I’ll be here!

  13. Thank you for having these parties, Donna. I can’t imaging how much work goes into your themed parties,not to mention your regular ones, but there’s a certain sense of order and fine tuning,if you will,that I find very unique about your themed link-ups (and your regular ones for that matter). Do I use the navigation bar? Well,I was just going thru your themed parties on the nav bar last week. I don’t do too many link parties, but yours is one I try to link up to as long as I have something to share that fits. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  14. Hi Donna, I LOVE your party! Even though I don’t have a project to link up every week, it’s still fun to see and be inspired by all the fun junk transformations here. It’s one of the few parties I will stop by without linking up at just to see whats there.

    I’ve looked at the themed link ups a few times, it’s nice to know they are there when I need a place to go for inspiration. Thanks for all your hard work hosting every week and I hope Party Junk stays around, I would definitely miss it ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hi Donna, I really love that your link party is limited to upcycled projects and I would miss it very much if you wouldn’t continue it.

    The themed link parties are wonderful too and I always check them out. I’ve rarely visited them by clicking on your navigation bar button though. If you decide not to continue the themed parties in general, I would still love to see seasonal ones.

    I like the features because sometimes I’ve missed a great project.

    Thank you for hosting!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)!

  16. Hi Donna!
    I have yet to become comfortable with tools so I just enjoy the party…and amazed by what you all create. (I’m a crafter)
    If the themed party is difficult, I would say, keep the party and just don’t worry about a theme. I notice on other linky party’s that the themed part is the least joined in. I would hate to see you stop it all together, I think alot of people enjoy the inpsiration!
    Hugs! karen….

  17. I love the themed link up! You don’t have to wade through things that are overwhelming to see what you are interested in! I don’t think I’ve ever used the link on the navigation bar, really I never noticed it. Perhaps I was excited more by your post! I love the feature!

  18. Hi Donna, I enjoy your link party because it’s different from others – with lots of funky junk ideas, and new junky blogs to discover. I don’t link to it often because my projects don’t always meet the criteria of being upcycled. But I still love seeing what others create. I also love all the fun ways you rebuild and decorate in your home and the great tutorials on how you do them.

  19. Hi Donna, I am fairly new to Linky parties and especially here, at your place. I have to admit I look forward to your themed parties each week. I may not have something to link up each week yet your party draws me in with inspiration galore! Please don’t change your format I have just started! Thanks for hosting so much creativity and inspiration! Have a great weekend!

  20. Hey Donna,
    I like the theme link parties just keeping things simple is always good. There are so many parties out there where you can post whatever and ideas and neat posts can get kind of lost in all that. Honestly everything you put together here is great. It’s one of my favorite blogs and I love coming here because it’s so inviting. I like feature posts too – you know we bloggers love that! -Carole at GardenUp green

  21. First, I get great traffic from your party, so yes, I would miss it if you did away with it! Second, I love the idea of a theme and I am always excited when I have something that fits the theme, but I wouldn’t cry if you stopped it due to the work involved as long as there is a party still going on. Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you changed your main party to upcycles only. And lastly, I think it would be a great addition to see features each week. There is a lot of work involved there, but if I get great traffic already just from joining the link-up, being featured would be awesome! XO XO

  22. I like the themes, but very seldom have something that fits and is current to link. I liked it better when there was also a separate section for general craft, DIY and recipes. I have never looked at the themes in the sidebar. I love the features and the party and would miss it terribly if it disappeared! Your party is so different and unique ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hi Donna. I love your projects and think, its really creative how you make something so rustic into a charmed piece of art.
    Having a themed party adds a challenge to the party but I prefer the regular party rather than the themed one.
    I’ll miss you terribly coz I look forward to your party every week, so I hope you don’t have any plans of leaving us ๐Ÿ™‚
    Naush – Dubai

  24. I am not a blogger but I love the links parties. They have introduced me to so many blogs that I may never have come across otherwise. I also enjoy the theme, but you are correct in that several bloggers do linky type posts. Spell check keeps wanting to change it to kinky…hahahaha

  25. I love your linky party though I don’t always have something to share on theme but that’s ok. I am still inspired by the participants to both the themed and upcycled parties. So I hope you don’t stop doing the party because it would surely be missed by me and many others.

  26. Donna,
    I do like the theme, but I’m fine with there just being a general link up as well.
    2. I think without features, people aren’t very inspired to link up, because everyone enjoys getting featured every now and then.
    3. Yes, I would miss this party if you didn’t have it any more!!!
    Thanks for hosting!!

  27. I would definitely miss this link up if you discontinued it. SO many great bloggers link up here, so I find lots of inspiration and new blogs to follow.

    For me, I’d prefer an in general “upcycle” or “redo” link up and forget about a “theme.”

    No matter what, I’ll still be here to check everything out and submit something if I have it.

  28. Hi Donna,

    I love your party. I sure hope it won’t go away. The theme party is awesome as well. Yes, there are a lot of parties out there but I always visit yours because it has a unique vibe. I overlooked the theme bar navigation but now that I know it’s there, I definitely will use it. Lastly, I love your design aesthetic and look forward to all that you share.

  29. I would most definitely miss your link party if you did away with it!! Partly because when I link up it brings a lot of traffic, but also because I love junk and repurposing and upcycling and your party is the biggest compilation of all of that in one spot so it’s always a blast to come to the party. The themed link ups aren’t as big of a deal to me, they’re kinda fun but I wouldn’t be upset if you did away with it. I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a themed linkup in the sidebar.

    I do like the features though. As other commentors have said, I would have missed some great posts if not for the features. And it also gives something to look forward to and work towards. A feature on Funky Junk is like the Mecca of blogging! I have had the privilege of a feature from you a time or two (most recently my dropcloth shower curtain was featured in your weekly newsletter) and every time I’m practically jumping up and down and squealing with excitement! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I have to say though, I do miss the crafts and recipe section. I loved that you had it separated into furniture and upcycles and then crafts, etc., but I was sad when you did away with that other section. I enjoyed that too.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work! I know we all appreciate it!

  30. I would miss the specialty link parties! Sometimes I have projects to share and other times, I’m looking for inspiration on things I have that I don’t know what to do with or something different than what I’ve already done or seen a bazillion times on Pinterest. Maybe move it to a different night of the week? I don’t get to any link parties over the weekends, but I probably would forget that the party isn’t on a Friday, if it did move & STILL miss it. Doh!

  31. I seem to always be a day late and a dollar short at having something ready for a themed party. The days and weeks transpire so quickly that I can’t seem to get anything ready in time or if I do, I feel as though I’m scrambling to get it done which takes the fun out of it. That may be just me as I can’t knock out a million things a week like other gals seem to do, but especially with re-purposed treasures, it’s a time thing. Know what I mean? I have bits and pieces but not necessarily all the parts I need to pull it all together in time for a specialty thing. I love everything you do and the uniqueness of both your personality, style and ability to think now only outside the box, but before anyone else has the opportunity to do so.

    • I hear ya Shelly, they’re really meant for something you already have done. I don’t give enough notice (I give no notice! haha) for anyone to just whip something up.

      The themes are open forever, so they can always be added to. I repromote the scripts all the time, so it’s never too late to link up when you have something. ๐Ÿ™‚ The list is under the header in the navigation bar.

      Thank-you for caring enough to chime in!

      • Ahhh ~ ya see! I need to slow down and make more time to read the words so I know what’s going on. I knew your themed parties stayed opened in the past but for some reason this week’s post confused me. I’ve been working 7 days a week since the first of the year to get ready for West Michigan’s Women’s Expo so I missed several of your latest posts. I have a tendency to star things I want to go back and read later (which usually translates to when I’m on vacation) so I missed where the three separate categories went. I’m used to seeing home decor, recipes & the themed link up. When I logged on last week and again last night to link up two of my latest and best painted furniture makeovers, I was confused as to where the home decor category went. I’ve never been one to read and am immediately drawn into your amazing photographs. I’m ashamed to say that I rarely slow down long enough to read half the words between the shots (not just on your blog, everyone’s). Not to say that I your content isn’t amazing – it is – I’m usually just scanning through blog posts while helping one kid with homework over my left shoulder while answering questions from my blog in another window. Pretty sad when I spend an average of six hours writing my posts each week. Because I’m so easily distracted, my eyes don’t always know where to go or what to focus on. I just read it again and I’m still thinking that this week’s link up isn’t including home decor and food; am I wrong or should I crawl back under the covers and get myself some much needed rest? I need to run out through the back field, find some trees and rocks and rejuvenate my brain cells. It’s been a LONG cold winter with no end in site.

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