Play "Name that book!" and you’re entered to win Flea Market Style!

Ok friends, I promised to keep you in the loop with the book deal I’m currently traveling through.

(all book newsworthy posts are HERE)

Part of the application process is offering a few different names and subtitles for what to actually call it.

I need to fire a list of ideas off by Thursday, so this one’s gonna fly quick!

And then I thought of all of you. Who else better to ask?!?

As a thank-you for your awesome help,

I have a little giveaway I’m offering you….

 Yup, I’m gonna throw on my movie star glasses and sign one of these babies and get it your way. 🙂

There I am!!! 

But trust me, there’s so much more in this magazine.  You’ll be sold the moment you open it.

~ How to win: ~

All you have to do is throw in at least one book title idea in the comments and you’re in!

Facebook, tweet or blog about the Book Naming giveaway and

comment to enter again!

Trust me. I could use all the help possible.

 Offer  5 or more brainstorming ideas and

comment to enter again!

Yes please yes please yes please

So… think big! And lots. 🙂

And hey, if you win and you already HAVE Flea Market Style… I have another surprise magazine option for you I think you will love, hot off the press! Although I’m not in it, I most certainly could be! It’s called Flea Market Garden and it’s wild with outdoor junk. 🙂

Back to the book:

~ Here’s what to consider: ~


– catchy, and needs to hit home with my style


–  subtitle can be used to better explain the book’s actual content

ie: The unique, easy and affordable way to decorate your home.

– is the term ‘junk’ cool or too odd for the general public?

– do you think ALL my content is funky if funky is used?

Winner will be chosen by 

Your email is required in either your blog or comment in order to be deemed a winner.

Miss Mustard Seed's Creative Blog

 Want even more fun? Run on over to Miss Mustard Seed’s blog. She’s also in the mag and we wanted to celebrate the features with the same giveaway! Because that’s just what blog buddies do. 🙂 Her post speaks of some major excitement that just transpired and she wants you to tell her your dream in order to enter. Good luck there too!

Thanks so much, friends! Let the brainstorming begin! And I’ll let you know the outcome when the dust settles again.

Off I go to write up abit more of a storm over the next couple evenings… huff puff huff puff….

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145 thoughts on “Play "Name that book!" and you’re entered to win Flea Market Style!

  1. Funky Junk-how to decorate like nobody else on anyone’s budget.

    Just a thought…I like having your name on it. Seems silly to be anything else actually. But maybe that’s just little moi. 🙂

    You go girl,

  2. I have to say that I agree that it should be called something to do with Funky Junk. How about this:

    Funky Junk:
    Turning junky finds into one-of-a-kinds!

  3. How about…

    1- Funky Junk Finds…Welcome to My World of Rust, Recycling and Relics
    2- Funky Junk(ie)…Style with a Smile
    3- Funky Junk Interiors – My Story
    4- Funky Junk Interiors: Sharing My Passion of Rust, Old Wood and Life

    No matter what you call your book, it will be a hit!

  4. Funky Junk Style
    Treasured Style on a Junker’s pocketbook

    Funky Junk Home
    finding. fixing. freestyling

    Funky Junk Decor
    Imaginative creative style for the home.

    Funky Junk Interiors
    Buiding Stlye One Pallet at a Time

    Funky Junk Interiors
    uniquely home

    Donna of Funky Junk
    forming unique style while reforming junk…

    lol, I’m done…but as you can see I think you should keep atleast part of your Funky Junk Name as well… So glad for you! Lezlee Cheek

  5. Hands~down your “Funky Junk Interiors” as the title! Sub~title? hummmm…”One of a kinds from Junkyard Finds” or “Inspire your Home with Junkyard Finds!” So many choices!!!
    P.S. Do you have wads of crumpled paper piled in a corner as those famous writers do yet? 🙂

  6. Funky Junk Interiors: Abysmal to Amazing, Boring to Beautiful, Cheap to Chic … the ABC’s of Junk~a~holic’s Treasure Hunt

    Awesome Blog!

  7. “Funky Junk Interiors” is your signature and a must for the title.
    Subtitles could be FJI for Everyday Style
    FJI – The Old Made New Again
    FJI – Rusted, Recycled, Repurposed
    FJI – The Old is Stylin Again
    FJI – From Dumpster to Design
    Cindy at

  8. Here’s my second entry for five titles. I’m excited about the chance to win Flea Market Style but more excited to read Funky Junk Interiors… You go girl!
    Cindy at

  9. I agree that you should use Funky Junk Interiors as the title & maybe incorporate a sub-title such as…..

    Funky Junk Interiors
    ~ Rekindling Junk from Trash to Treasure
    ~ Transforming Junk into Repurposed Home Decor
    ~ Re-Funkifying Junk One Rusty Treasure at a Time
    ~ Inspiration for Repurposing & Recycling Junk
    ~ Unique, Eclectic & Inspiring Ideas for Junk

    I also like Shannon’s suggestion (comment #20)!

    Good luck!!! 🙂

  10. Funky Junk Treasures

    Eclectic Home and Office Decor

    “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”
    Thomas A. Edison

    (You could alter the word invent to create)

    So proud of the Funky gal from B.C. Best wishes to you an your ever supportive son!

  11. I agree with pretty well everyone here…keep the Funky Junk title….however, if you’re looking for alternatives…..Trash to Treasure…how to decorate your house with someone elses “junk”.

  12. Funky Junk Decorating . . .Turning other’s junk into cool home decor, one rusty nail at a time.

    Congratulations on the book deal. Can’t wait to purchase!

  13. oh donna – good luck…the title is only the beginning! speaking from experience (my book, the salvage studio came out in 2009) the publisher had strong input on the title..but agree with all the other comments – you need to keep your brand out front…
    funky junk interiors/making your house a home
    (that’s pretty lame but I’m sure you’ll end up with a fabulous title!)

  14. “Funky Junk Designs”
    Rusty, Crusty Creations on a shoestring budget.

    Keep Funky Junk. You are the reason why I blog today because I googled Junk last year 🙂

  15. I also believe that you have established yourself with the title “Funky Junk”, (and I do think it fits you well!). So here’s two possible ideas: “Funky Junk Inspirations by Donna” or “Everyday Funky Junkin’ with Donna”. As this makes the title a bit more personable, a bit more You!
    Subtitle ideas:
    FJID or EFJD: The passion of collecting the rarities along lives pathways and using them in your everyday life
    FJID or EFJD: Creating eclectic elements for the body, home & soul
    FJID or EFJD: Truly turning trash into such priceless treasures
    EJID or EFJD: There is no right/There is no wrong, the beauties in the eye of the beholder

    Thank You and the Best of Luck!
    March 9, 2011

  16. In a Funk? Fix Up Some Junk.

    One Girl’s Junk is Another Girl’s Funk

    Funky Junk. The Cool Girls Do It.

    Turning Junky into Funky

    Funky Style. May the junk be with you.

    Well, Look at That! Junk Turns Cool.

    Funky Junk Interiors. Throw it Away? I say “No Way!”

    Junk meets Funk…it’s a girl thing.

    Funkalicious. Designs for the junk in your life.

    From Funky & Fabulous to Cleverly Creative. Turning one girl’s junk into another girl’s treasure.

    Funky Junk. Ordinary meets extraordinary.

    Funky Junk. Styling the future with the past.

    Don’t just Decorate. Funkify! – (Haha! A new word!)

    Funky Junk Interiors. How to put some Spunk in your Junk.

    Use your spunk to funk that junk. – (Oooh. That could be a mouthful! Next! Haha!)

    That’s all I “got” this early in the morning. I am laughing at some of them as I reread them. Ha! Hope some of that at least gets your brain moving. It may take a lot of so-so ones to get to the best one. Do you remember being in school, learning creative writing? Try the bubble technique (if you haven’t yet). On a piece of blank paper, write your name, well “Funky Junk Interiors” and circle it. Then draw lines out all over the place (like sun rays) as you think of words that describe your style. Always works for me. 🙂 Best to you! How exciting!!!

  17. 1- I’ve got junk in my trunk (haha-had to throw that one in there!)
    2- Trash revival/rubbish revival
    3- Salvage Salvation: for the love of junk (my fav.)
    4- Funky junk Salvation : The art of turning trash to treasure
    5- Put some spunk in your junk !

    I’m horrible at coming up with names! I think you are doing a good thing by asking us. Brainstorming (even if some of them are ridiculous) sees to always spark up just what you were looking for!

  18. Confessions of a Junkaholic
    One girls passion for collecting ‘cool junk’, and creating one of a kind elements for the home that are unique, affordable, and easy to copy.

  19. Funky Junk, creating trash to treasures

    I’m too late, there are so many good ones! can’t wait to read the book, you are blessed!

  20. I’m so excited for you Donna! Let’s see if I can be of any help 🙂

    1 – Junkhound – Gathering Unique Treasures for your home
    2 – The Junky Style – Making A Home Out of Things You Love
    3 – For the Love of Funky Junk – What To Do With The Pieces You Love
    4 – Inspired by Junk – If You Love It, It’s A Treasure
    5 – Funky Junk To The Rescue – Because What You Love Matters

    can’t wait to see the book Donna!

  21. I haven’t read any of the comments…yet. My first thought was why would you not name it Funky Junk that is what we all know and love your for. You aready made your name “FAMOUS” with your fabulous style. I say don’t try and re-invent the wheel on this one, unless you are decorating with it…lol.

    Good luck Donna… take a deep breath and savour the moment.

    Hugs my friend.


  22. I like the the Funky Junk, it’s your ‘brand’.

    Maybe Funky Junk Designs…..or Finding your Funk….

    …desiging with junk and other found objects

    …rusty gold, inside and outside

  23. Thanks all! Here’s a few I came up with in hopes it spurs on more ideas from you!

    Funky Junk Interiors
    for your home

    Funky Junk-tastic!

    decorating your home with
    Funky Junk

    creating your own
    Funky Junk Interiors

    styling your home with
    Funky Junk

    Funky Junk Interiors
    The unique, affordable and easy way to decorate your home.

    Funky Junk Interiors
    creative decorating with unique elements anyone can do

    Funky Junk Interiors
    creative decorating with unique elements

    Funky Junk-mania!
    creating unique spaces in your home

    creat your own
    Funky Junk Interiors

    Junk-tabulous Interiors
    creative, easy, affordable home decor

    unique home decor from reclaimed finds

    Funky Junk Interiors
    one of a kind home decor and furnishings

    Fabulously Junkified


  24. “Cool Junk to Cool Art”
    “From Cool Junk to Art”
    “Funky Junk Art Styles”
    “My Funky Art Styles”
    ” Funky Junk Art with Donna”
    ” Funky Art by Donna”
    ” The Funky Junk Art Lady”

    Lots of variations….I like bringing in your name…your art is WHO YOU ARE!
    If I get something more, I’ll send…no gift required, tee, hee! Cindy

  25. I have to agree that I like the name you have now also, but if you just want to change it up a little.
    How about “Fabulous Funky Furniture”,
    One mans trash is another persons furniture.

  26. You HAVE to stay true to your name. It’s your signature. Get creative with the tag line.

    Funky Junk Decor…
    First Rate Style from Second Hand Stuff

    Funky Junk Decor
    How rusty and worn gets reborn.

    Funky Junk Decor
    Rusty,Dusty,and Crusty…Oh My!

  27. Funky Junk…
    Trash to Treasure and Adore!

    An Inside Guide to taking the discarded and unusual to Beautiful, for your Home and your Life!

    Congrats! Can’t wait to buy the book!

  28. I’m new here, and love the contest idea!

    How about:

    ‘Got Junk and Know How to Use it! Shabby Chic Creations on a Budget.’

    ‘A Chick and Her Junk. The Path to Decorating on a Budget.’

    ‘Junk and a Trunk. Turning Trashy Treasures into Style.’

  29. Just for the record? I don’t wish to change it up at all. But this is a necessary step all books travel through to ensure it’s a sellable item to the general masses. YOU know me as Funky Junk just fine, but what about Jill down the street that doesn’t read blogs? Mass appeal is the deal with this step.

    Thank-you everyone!!!


  30. “Funky-Junkalicious: From Trash Heap to Creative Chic”

    Your stuff is so inspiring. Let us know when you’ve chosen a title. What a great way to get some input!


  31. History and Hand Tools:
    Decorating your home with Funky Junk.

    Funky Junk:
    Decorating with history and hand tools!

    First Rate Style from Second Hand Stuff

    I like your:
    Funky Junk Interiors
    The unique, affordable and easy way to decorate your home.

    I like #71 – Ricka’s
    Funky Junk Decor…
    First Rate Style from Second Hand Stuff

    77 – Snowflakes & Dragonflies
    Funky Junk Interiors:
    One mans junk is this woman’s decor

    I’ll think more…

  32. Keep “Funky Junk” in the title — not because your blog-buddies know you by that name, but because it really describes what the book is about, even to someone down the street who may not may not know of you yet.

    How ’bout FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS….where everything Old is New again!

    or to play on another popular title:
    FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS…the-Repurpose Driven Life.

    What ever you decide, I’m sure it will be wonderful.

  33. I think you should keep “funky junk” so people will know it is you. As for the subtitle…how about junktastic creations from formerly loved items.


  34. (I deleted my post above because the spacing was wonky & it looked like a post. I’m not a blog hog.)

    Wasted Spaces
    – Creating Repurposed Interiors, Funky Junk Style.

    The Funky Junk Handbook
    – Your Guide to Creating Unique Style with Re-purposed Finds.

    The Funky Junk Philosophy of Design

    Just the Scraps

    Repurposed Interiors
    – Creating Green and Unique Interiors, Funky Junk style.

    Funky Junk Interiors
    – Creating……

    Dumpster Diaries
    – Creating Repurposed Interiors, Funky Junk Style.

    The REAL Coffee Table Book
    – Turn this book into a coffee table, Funky Junk style.

    (That last two were total stretches but I thought you’d get a laugh!)

    The first title above is my favorite if you could think of a better tag line to bring it to life.

    Good Luck, Donna! xoxo

  35. Without looking at all the other comments….here’s what comes to mind:

    Funky Junk Decorating Tips & Tricks
    Funky Junk Decorating
    Funky Junk and Rustic Decorating
    Donna’s Funky Junk Style
    Donna’s Funky Junk Decorating
    Donnna’s Decorating…..Funky Junk Style
    Funky & Junky ~ Donna’s Way
    Funky, Junky & Rustic ~ Donna’s Way

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  36. Cast Off Decorating, A funky junk girl says “think before you toss”.

    Second Look Decorating, what you thought was toss worthy. (or junk pile worthy).

    Okay, I’m not very good at this either, but I hurried down here before reading anyone else’s entries, so these are my own :P.

  37. I started with thinking of the average person searching a card catalog for ideas . . .

    Junk Makeovers
    Funky Junk Style

    Repurpose Your Junk

    Junk Worth Saving

    Redo That Junk

    Junk Treasures


  38. A few more

    Repurpose Your Junk
    Funky Junk Style

    Curbside Shopping
    Don’t throw it out, make it over!

    Salvage That Trash
    Makeover what others throw away into something useful.

    Secondhand Treasures, from curbside junk.

    From the dump to Funky Junk

    This was fun and you Donna are the
    Queen of Junking!


  39. For the five
    1. Funky Junk Decor
    Where the old becomes a new style of decorating.
    2. Funky Junk Style
    Decorating with Junk is so in
    3. Funky Junk Interiors
    Make your home lovely with old junk
    4. Funky Junk Decorating
    Old junk can beautify your home
    5. Funky Junk Fix
    For today’s stylish home decor

    So many ideas come to mind it’s hard to decide what to suggest so I went with these and hope they help. Congratulations!

  40. I also say keep the title Funky Junk Interiors!
    I like “Meet the gal who puts the Funk into Junk” as the sub.
    I would like more info about how and where you find your stuff.

  41. Donna’s Funky Junk Interior Designs
    (everyone knows Oprah by 1st name only)

    1. Rusty Relics Rely on Relativity
    2. Just add Rust and Relax
    3. Junktopia….a collection of decorating ideas for the rustic of heart
    4. Decorating outside the box and with rust

    I don’t think I was much help…but will say a prayer that the LORD will give you some fresh ideas! Congrats!

  42. Funky to Fabulous… a funky junk story

    Make Your Shabby Chic with Funky Junk Interiors

    Free to Fabulous… with Funky Junk Donna

    Good luck!

  43. Mix and match the titles with the sub-titles…

    Junky & Funky: Creating Style with Salvaged Items
    At Home with Junk: Junk-Inspired DIY Style
    From the Ground Up: Thrifty Style with Vintage and Salvaged Items
    Funky Junk Style: Creating a Home with Vintage and Salvaged Items
    Funky Junk Home: Do-It-Yourself with Vintage & Salvaged Items
    Funky Junk Home: Creating Style with Found and Forlorn Items


  44. Congrats on the book deal-
    Thought I ought to chime in on the Title suggestions:

    Funky Junk Interiors- “Decorating from Potential to Perfect”

    Funky Junk Interiors- Seeing Potential in everything

    Funky Junk Style Decor-Take your JUNK and give it some Funk!

    Funky Junk Style Decor- The Ultimate book for creating a unique space out of whatever you can cram in your pickup truck!

    ok…so much for that. We know why I’m not writing a book! LOL…

    Have fun with it.
    So far you’ve probably sold 115 books on OUR Crummy titles Alone!

  45. Circling back to say that when I suggested “Wasted Spaces”, I was not insulting you, lol! (I didn’t think you’d take it that way, but JUST IN CASE.) I was referring to the fact that you make the coolest things out of what would be wasted materials, I swear. 🙂


  46. Ok girlie – how about something like:

    JUNK RULES: Bringing HOME vintage style…the FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS way!

    (the corresponding graphics could be rulers, yard sticks, tape measures etc but in a light setting to appeal to the masses who might not know about how cool junk is YET)


    *JUNK RULES: The FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS guide to incorporating cool salvage and vintage style into YOUR home today.
    *JUNK RULES: Renew, refresh, rebuild with FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS.

  47. I liked Freckled Laundry’s Funky Junk Handbook. That shows that there are really good instructions inside. The title has to appeal to the many people who don’t read DIY blogs, like all my 20 something friends, college kids, and semi-handy people on a budget. Or even handy people without a budget. The ideas and designs are so revolutionary that they may appeal to a wide audience.
    So: Funky Junk: A Revolutionary Approach to Improving Your Space

  48. Decorating Funky Junk Style. I like your name, it’s catchy & makes you want to know what you’re all about; at least that’s how it struck me. Good luck & congrats on being in the magazine.

  49. I think keeping the “Funky Junk” in the title some how is the way to go. Maybe “Get YOUR Funky Junk On!” – The guide to getting your own Funky Junk Style.

  50. How about “Funky Junk Journey” or “Funky Junk Adventures”
    ~refreshed and re-purposed home and garden goods
    ~one woman’s delightful, decorating discoveries
    ~contagious and creative design and decor
    ~ a contagious appetite for creative, stylistic, affordable home decor
    ~delightful and stylistic decorating discoveries
    ~contagious decorating with creativity and style
    ~ho-hum to thoughtfully spectacular home decorating
    ~home design elements made fresh and unique

    This was FUN!

  51. FLEA MARKET FANCY — Easy ways to transform the funky junk that you find for pennies into home items that look like a million.

  52. And here’s my barnstorming:

    Beyond Junk: Projects Designed for the Creative You

    Making the Jump to Junk: Projects for Creative Home Interiors

    Creating the Wow Factor…With Junk

    Discovering the Creative You through Junk: Projects and Tips for your Home

    Junk in your Blood: Projects and Tips for Creating Something from Nothing

  53. I will echo many in saying I really think you have to keep your name ~ Funky Junk Interiors ~ then come up with a fun subtitle. You have built to big of a following with your name so your book should reflect that! I think if I was cruising down the book aisle and saw your name I would screech to a halt to see if it was you. I cannot wait to see what you choose. xo

  54. Hope I’m not too late & that this isn’t taken already, but how about …

    Funky Junk{ie}: When you’re looking for a little curb appeal!

  55. FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS is your signature , it’s catchy and sounds classy. By all means ..stay with your name…

    …pure class

  56. You should definitely stay with Funky Junk in the title…That’s YOU! I am so happy for you. I cannot wait to see it!

    Funky Junk Interiors
    Funky Junk Style
    Funky Junk in my Trunk…HA JUST KIDDING!
    Funky Junk in the back of my truck….just being silly….
    A little Funk for Your Junk

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  57. You make my heart happy with your vision! Agree with others to keep as title
    sub could be
    DIY elegance from (your)chaotic junk!
    thank you for your wonderful sharing –

  58. Here my take on your book naming:

    Funky Junky Interior is my style

    Decorating your home with affordable bargins finds from your attic to the Thrift store for one of a kind items.

    Norma at

  59. I love your name “as is”
    But, here goes….
    “Jazzy Junk…………jazzin’ up the junk in your life!”

    And I love your blog! Just been watching about a mo., but, I am hooked! Shelly

  60. I don’t want to read everyone’s until I get mine entered, although I’m sure yall’s are way better, lol!!!

    You gotta keep the “Funky Junk” so my suggestion is “Funky Junk Interiors, learn to funk up the junk in your life!!!

    aka paintNpatch

  61. I say keep the junk part (or emphasize your love for rust), because as a junker I’m on the hunt for books/magazines, etc that are my style. If a title doesn’t seem to apply, I don’t even bother to pick it up.

    – Funky Junk Style
    – Glorified Rust
    – Rusty Goodness
    – “Junky” Decor at it’s Best
    – Junk Happy
    – Addicted to Junk

  62. 2nd entry for 5 ideas.

    Tag line could be-
    “Home decor like you never imagined.”

    “Using “junk” to beautify your home.”

    “Low cost projects for a high end look.”

    “Using what’s around you to creat a beautiful home.”

    Okay, my brain is smokin’ from all this thinking! 🙂

    by:Donna at Funky Junk Interiors

    How to turn what some call junk into beautiful furniture for your home.

    I dont know… maybe for your second book. but congrats on the book deal I am so excited for you!

  64. after reading the tons of “junk” names( and thinking of how many times i see it in books, magazines and blogs), what about something different and unique, but still pretty edgy? (just like you are) 🙂

    1. rē-dū’
    ~make it over, make it yours!

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