Professional procrastinators will LOVE the new Gitter Done!

I have never shown you my awful staging area in the dungeon downstairs. And there’s a reason for that!

Nor my downstairs office. Good reason for that too!

Caption this!

I know… makes you wanna cry, doesn’t it? Jenna! I’ll do better, I promise! Soon! But I need some help.

Over the holidays after cleaning up Christmas, I started simplifying upstairs and it felt wonderful!

And silly me just started a massive 6 room project on the weekend! Which will eventually include cleaning up the dungeon as well thank-goodness!  2011 is the year I will GET THIS ALL DONE. And make it funky cool to boot!

What about you? Do you also need to clean up and simplify?
Or get some long overdue DIY projects finally completed?


Remember this button?

Gitter Done is coming back! AND….  it’s going over seas. 🙂

What is Gitter Done?

(sample HERE)

The premise behind GD was to work on DIY and non DIY projects that sat for way too long while we were busy blogging and having fun. So, GD was devised to create a place to get the ugly done and have a chance to blog all about it.

See? Work + fun = getting our nasty stuff done in a fun way. 🙂

And I have to honestly admit, while it was a great idea, I didn’t have time to run it as often as I felt it needed.

So… someone else is stepping up to the plate to help fix this situation pronto!

Sweet Marianne, from the popular blog, Songbird, has been deemed the new host of Gitter Done, and is going to guide you in helping you get back on track with all your undone stuff.

Now don’t go confusing this one to a regular link party. Ohhhh no. This one’s about getting stuff done that you’ve procrastinated about forever! DIY OR NOT DIY related. The pretty or the ugly.

Need to clean out a nasty closet? This is for you!

Need to finally paint that table that’s been sitting for 2 years? This is for you too!

Why Marianne?

I’ve followed Marianne for some time now and let me show you why I think she’s gonna kick butt with this one.

DIY Diva!

guest bedroom

This gal knows how to DIY with a vengeance. Her unmistakable style is the kind we all wish to simulate. She just knows how to throw simplistic yet must have elements together and make it work. ON a budget. 

postal chair

Her awesome photography skills and amazing projects WILL have you wishing for more.

Participated in Gitter Done

 blame it on Donna cabinet makeover

Miss Marianne blamed me for nearly not completing this project on time for GD. She got a little sidetracked.. 🙂

But she came through anyway.  This girl has spunk AND willpower and is capable of moving mountains when she puts her mind to something.

Why Marianne wishes to host GD…

“I’m up for the challenge. I need Gitter Done. Have you seen that ‘opening soon Etsy shop’ thing on my site? I thought posting that there would make me get on with it already. Didn’t work. And there are about 20 projects half way finished. Oh and your last workshop challenge? I took before pictures…….

Don’t let her fool you. She may be procrastinating on some things but only because she’s busy doing others. You’re in good hands. 🙂


Well Miss Marianne, sitting there so calm… I can’t wait to see what you have cookin’ up. 🙂

Remember… it doesn’t have to be a pretty job to play. 🙂



  Slated to start Friday, Jan 14! So get those before shots done and start today!

Head on over and watch for Marianne’s new post HERE inviting you to join in!

 Show of hands! You gonna go for it?
What’s your most delayed project right now?

Why do you think you’ve delayed it for so long?

Just Gitter Done, friends! See ya there. 🙂

pssst… short updates on the 6 room project on Facebook! Blog post coming soon on a wall removal.

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28 thoughts on “Professional procrastinators will LOVE the new Gitter Done!

  1. Wow we did it! Different time zones and all, our posts went up at exactly the same time LOL.
    Let’s hope we will be as efficient and speedy the rest of the year too!
    Have a wonderful week, work and all….

  2. I already know what I am taking a picture of: My office/cat room. AKA the room I avoid at all cost because it is just too awful to be in right now. Oh yes, my laundry room and walk-in closet might make the list too.

  3. My most delayed project is my studio. Why? Well all the stuff we didn’t have a place for, ended up packed into the studio space. Now it is a jumbled mess! I am taking pictures of it today!!

  4. About this time last year I was laid off from work. Thats when I decided to paint the bathroom and re-do it….started it….not done!!!!! 8>(
    THATS A WHOLE YEAR!!!! I think it’s time, don’t you?
    Pattie @ On Hollyhock Farm

  5. Your first photo looks my bonus room that is piled high with stuff that needs to be purged and organized. You are a brave woman sharing that with the world. Everyone thinks I am so neat. NOT! Cleaning and organizing is on my to do list for sure because that room literally makes me ill.

  6. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with skeletons in my closet!!!! My goal last year was to get organized–well, you know how that turned out! I’ll have to follow this and maybe I’ll get inspired ; ) Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

  7. Well, congrats to Marianne! She sure looks ready to take over the popular Gitter Done! I’m so hoping to have my dining table and chairs ready for the first one. But I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your space!
    Happy New Year to you 🙂
    Becky C

  8. I thought the title said, “Glitter Done,” which peaked my curiosity a bit, but “Gitter Done” is something I really NEED to do. I have a huge list waiting for me to complete this year. Can’t wait to participate.


  9. I’m so glad Gitter Done is going to keep on going! I am definitely going to be joining!! I have one big nasty project I am in the middle of right now, and I hope to have it done by the end of the week, but we’ll see.

  10. I am really excited about this, I think I am going to join in this time! Btw, I love your blog, your hints on how to have a better blog have really helped me, I appreciate it so much. Thanks!!! And, I’m a fellow Canadian, I moved from BC two and a half years ago to one of the Prairie Provinces and I LOVE it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Ha! Ha! “Gitter Done!” is what my husband yells out to my kids when they have to wake up to do chores. I’ll be working on my office.

  12. Oh my goodness Donna, guess what we did this weekend? Removed a wall in our house! I spent a good three hours cleaning up sheet rock dust today, yuck! Even tarps did not catch it all but I love all the light and room we have now. Hope to have the whole thing finished out by the weekend so painting can begin. We have been procrastinating about this for years. I might have to go and play at gitter done!

  13. You sure have your work cut out for you Donna. My shed looks like the room you showed. Unfortunately it is to darn cold for me to tackle it. I’ll have to refer back to this post for inspiration come spring…..

    Can’t wait to see all of your clean ups checked off the list….

    Take care,

  14. Its so nice to see there are other clutter bugs out there with a room of doom! My garage is a disaster with J-U-N-K! Boxes of thrift store finds waiting for a facelift, paint cans and just about anything you can think of. It makes me crazy. My plan is cleaning it and turning it into an ORGANIZED studio where I can work and actually walk around but think It will wait until the weather warms up. That’s my GITTER DONE!

  15. Gosh, just when I was planning to wallow in my filth for another year, you go an get all international on me! The multiple time zone pressure might be too much for me to take…I may have to give in…which could include unpacking or throwing away things that I have not unpacked since I moved…uh, 6 years ago! My how time flies when you are a procrastinating hoarder! ;} Just the kick in the pants I was looking for.

    m ^..^

  16. I must say it cracks me up that Marianne is hosting a party caller “Gitter Done”. I have a very good friend who is Dutch and I can’t ever imagine her saying such a thing! Having said that, I KNOW Marianne will do a GREAT job of hosting because she is a very talented creative lady!!

  17. I am happy. Thank you for tossing GD over the pond!

    Marianne is wonderful and it will be a hoot!

    I’ve started already. One entire room almost done TODAY!!!!

    You know me….need a boot in my bottom in order to clean this place OUT!! I’d really just like to go rent a Bobcat and bull doze the place, but not all of our dreams can be made a reality! AHHH!!!


  18. puppy junk interiors! *LOL* i love that little white table the pup is sitting by. Songbird and FJI constantly inspire! messy closets? bonus rooms? YIKES – i better get to work this weekend so inspiration = results! ha-ha

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