Ramblings 1 – a river house, nifty car heater, fav coffee, plus!

A river front sitting area in Hope, BC Canada

Every now and then (ok, more often than not!) I get to these places where I have lots to say but not enough material to make a decent blog post story.

So I’m going to share a ramblings and my favorite things kinda post update today for something different!

(FYI: this post contains some affiliate links)

A river house?!

On the weekend, I visited my sister in the nearby and beautiful town of Hope, in which I learned of a house that is coming up for sale . It’s a smaller ranch style (perfect to retire in?!) although a larger garage than I have (YES!), backs onto the river (oh my), complete with its own little forest. (did it have to go there?!)

Just know, I’m so not ready to sell and had kinda even resigned maybe not to, so I’m not sure if this will go anywhere. But I do plan to peek at it at some point anyway to ‘see’.

This was yet another exceptional reminder to keep ‘finishing this house’ before I go fancy on it! There’s so much to finish and purge it’s mind boggling.

I do feel incredibly accomplished with what I have done over the past two years though, such as gutting the back yard and currently fixing up rooms to completion. That is why it pays to push forward, even if slow and steady!

All I really know is, that river is calling my name so I’ll keep you posted once I visit for real… eek. Dangerous!

How to store toys in Ikea plastic bins that are easy to clean and stack!

Guest room progress

The guest room project is moving, however slowly.

Notice I call it guest room and no longer boy’s room? After the antique bed reveal, it needed a new name!

Once I removed all the toy bins from the shelving, I’m now going through everything to sell down some of the toys while still saving some for keepsake purposes.

It would be quicker to throw the bins in another room so I can run to Ikea in order to complete the room! However then I’m left with the mess elsewhere I don’t have the room for. So I’m going to push forward and make myself do it right. Plus, the stall for completion could be for a good reason. Who knows.

A few of you asked for a capture of the complete room as-is so I’ll put that together soon.


My current favorite coffee – Fairfield Island Fresh

During summer, my little town has a farmers’ market in our local park each Friday evening. This is where I first tried this locally roasted coffee and immediately fell in love. The beans are roasted in my own home town and you can’t get it anywhere else except from the original source. It’s delicious and so fresh! 

I also asked what optimum freshness for a bean is and was informed about a month. Wow. No wonder it tastes different than in-store coffee! And why Maui coffee is equally amazing. Fresh is where it’s at! I had no idea.

I do believe they ship… I’m in BC, Canada by the way.

Grain Sack Stripe stencils by Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Cool new grain sack design companions!

Due to popular request, I’ll be launching a few new stencil designs that are scaled perfectly for smaller projects, that are also specifically geared to work with our grain sack stripes! Excited for this one… they are pretty cute!

I leaked out a peek on one of the designs along with some cool grain sack stencil tips you can catch on Instagram under Old Sign Stencils / stories HERE

More soon!

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The DIY Style Finder by KariAnne Wood from Thistlewood Farm.04 PM

A new book that helps you find your style

My blog buddy KariAnne Wood from the amazing blog Thistlewood Farm has just launched a beautiful new book that is all about how to find and decorate in your style! It starts with a questionnaire, then showcases each room in a home, showcasing how to deck out that room in your chosen style complete with beautiful pictures and DIY projects! It’s really well done.

After taking the quiz, she nailed me from the get-go on my own style. I’m going to be doing a blog post on how the book works along with a new project idea soon!

Until then, The DIY Style Finder can be found HERE

A nifty car heater!

When my brother visited me, he got me onto this neat car heater he’s used for years.

It’s called a (affiliate link) Little Buddy car heater, which is geared to heat up your interior, making ice removal from windshields more effortless, as well as offer a warm vehicle before you hit the road.

I purchased one locally from Canadian Tire although it was under a no name brand. It appears to be the same or very similar.

I installed it on a metal bucket so it’s mobile. So I place it in my vehicle, gently close the door on the flattish cord (the weather stripping is easy on it) trail the plug under the vehicle and place on a wheel to keep it dry, then have it ready to plug in for an hour or two before I head out anywhere.

It’s so nice! However I often take off spur of the moment so it doesn’t work well so in those cases. But if you have to park outside and your region has long winters, this is a great little thing to have! If you remember to plug it in…

Here’s an identical car heater

Shop Funky Junk Interiors' Amazon Storefront HERE

A new store with my quirky style

As you already know, I add affiliate links to DIY posts so you can find the gear I suggest. Your clicks that lead to (any Amazon) purchases (with 24 hours I think?) offer a small commission back to me that doesn’t cost you a penny more. Thanks to any of you that click and purchase! So appreciated!

Another way to share my fav picks is through a store of sorts. It’s on Amazon and I can separate it into segments, such as clocks, rooms, quirky lighting, etc!

I’m still unsure how best to share it so it generally sits quietly while I keep making new segments I haven’t shared! All I know is, it’s super fun showcasing all my quirky, industrial, rustic favorites!

You can check it out the new store HERE


A furnace check and panel upgrade

I recently heard squeaking from my furnace so I decided to make a service call. Turns out, that was a very good call to make. Apparently if you don’t get your furnace cleaned and inspected every year, your house insurance may have a say about that should you ever have to make a claim due to it! Oops. 

Anyway, it was super dirty so I’m glad they came out. I had them leave me a year’s worth of filters too so I didn’t have to bother running out to get more until they visit next time. Cool, right?

They also upgraded my furnace thermostat in about 10 minutes! I now have it completely scheduled to come on when I get up, and turn down once I’m in bed. I was still sprinting in the AM to turn it on then dashing back to bed until the house heated up!

I did ask about the fancy ones you can work from a phone, however he suggested this route. Since he had it on hand, I went for it. Love it!

Anyway, HERE is the Honeywell thermostat I got.

Do you get your furnace regularly inspected? Where have I even been on this?!

When and where will I travel next?

Watching over everyone going on travels this winter has made me swallow hard. I miss my tropics but also am in this weird place wondering where to go and what to do next round.

So I was debating heading back to my default Maui, then maybe extending the trip to New Zealand and / or Australia to add something new… but I’m procrastinating because it’s new and requires so. much. planning. Maybe I should hit a travel agent office instead…

I had always visioned going to Ireland or England though too, however I’m uncertain about the walking thing right now, thanks to my still goofy foot.

Any suggestions? A nice small, ocean or beach front (safe) villa with quaint cobblestone streets, lots to see from one given area where I can relax if I wish yet still get in a little adventure?

I’m also hoping to finish blogging about my last trip to Maui! Goodness…. so much to share still. And revamp my blog travel area so you can find the exact info you’re looking for.


Looks like enough ramblings make a pretty decent blog post after all! Would you like to see more of these mini updates on occasion or prefer longer one-story reads? Thanks for sharing your opinion!

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15 thoughts on “Ramblings 1 – a river house, nifty car heater, fav coffee, plus!

  1. hi donna, did my comment post? Keep us posted on that house! Maui sounds like heaven right about now in Colorado! laura (formerly not a trophy wife) not it’s all about the everyday edits

    • Hi Laura! Your comment went to moderation because you’ve been dinged as a first time comments maker. Welcome! You’re now published and will no longer be moderated!

      And I’m high fiving you on Maui… I need to end this agony soon! haha

      And you KNOW I can’t keep quiet on a pending move if it happens! Egads, whatever have I done…

      • Libraries are always looking for Legos donations as part of their STEM programs for kids. And you can possibly take it as a deduction on your taxes,if you ask for a receipt. Well, in the U.S. you can but I am not familiar with Canadian tax law.. Just a suggestion in case that holds true byyou.

  2. I don’t know ….. you have been talking about a house near water for years! And now that you have gotten so many projects done maybe it is a good time!

  3. House on a river? Lovely! But may I suggest before you get too far into that house, that you check into flooding. Here in TN – US – the TN river has flooded something awful and hundreds and hundreds of houses have been either totaled out or have extensive damage. Just saying . . . .

    • Oh not to worry… I’d totally find out what level that river rises and view how the river bed is taking the water beating for certain. That neighbourhood has been around forever and has never flooded so that’s a very good sign! But thanks, I’ll keep this in mind!

  4. Liked the ramble post. It probably clears your mind of all the things you want to share… like a phone call to a friend that just goes on and on.

  5. Donna, have you ever been to Savannah GA? That’s my hometown and it has Tybee Island just a stone’s throw away, so much history and cobblestone streets, and many places to see within a two hour drive! Hilton Head, Jacksonville, Jekyll Island, a flourishing art scene(SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design is there) etc. Spring and fall is a perfect time to visit. July, August and up until mid September is crazy with humidity and lots of tourists. The area is not expensive and the folks are friendly. Just thought I’d mention it. Hope you find a perfect place to visit and maybe become the new owner of the river house!

    • That’s a wonderful suggestion Casey! I have never been there, but have been to Florida. I will consider this as it’s a bucket list destination for me! So is a revisit to Disney World too… hmmm…

    • Oh donna..you have mentioned many times the water…and your walks in the forest. This might be your time. ?

  6. Do I see some Thomas the Tank Engine in those bins? You brought a smile to my face as I have about 5 bins in my basement filled with Thomas stuff. My son won’t part with it as he wants to save it in case he has any kids of his own in the far off future. In the mean time I’m the one that has to store it (haha). Waterfront property is my fav too. The thought of having to move just gives me a headache! Maybe making a list of pros and cons would help?

    • Yes, so so so (too!) much Thomas! A new train use to be the potty training bribe, but I admit I got them more for me! haha

      I agree. The mere thought of moving gives me vertigo. LOL I’m really well set up right now so I can afford to be really picky I suppose!

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