Rustic valentines and a photography class.

Make rustic valentines! More samples at the blog post. By Funky Junk Interiors featured on FOLK Magazine's blog

I’m not big on decorating for special occasions. Do I sound like a scrooge?

Ladder plant stand via Funky Junk Interiors

My ladder plant stand above is an example of spring, summer, fall and winter decorating in my home. What do you think?!

So why the snowless winter mantel or pumpkin filled front entry? Well, I have a method to my madness. I love to leave everything right where it is and just embellish it with small touches. True cheater decorating at it’s best!

And then there’s Valentine’s Day. My home with pink sparkly hearts would just look… not like my home.

Make rustic valentines! More samples at the blog post. By Funky Junk Interiors featured on FOLK Magazine's blog

So I came up with a way to create rustic little valentines. I did. I really really did!

Only issue? I don’t want to give them away. Oops…

Check out my rustic little valentines today at FOLK Magazine’s blog!

And in other exciting (and somewhat scary) news…

Improve your photography skills in 30 minutes! Lenses, lighting, tripods. RSVP at this link! via Funky Junk Interiors, powered by HomeTalk

Yours truly along with these amazing gals will be in a Google Hangout next week. And it’s all about photography. Learn our secrets to improve your own skills within a quick 30 minutes! Oh dear. Live. Here we go again…

We’re going to talk about lighting, lenses, tripods and styling.

Tues, Feb 5th, 6PM Pacific, RSVP on Google Plus HERE.

You can also follow me at my:

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Google Plus Funky Junk Interiors page

If you miss it live, it’ll be taped to YouTube after the fact.

So, what about you? 
Go big or go home for seasonal decorating?


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9 thoughts on “Rustic valentines and a photography class.

  1. I LOVE those little valentines! I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t want to give them away, either. I am signed up and looking forward to the photography hangout!

  2. I cracked up at your comment about your ladder plant stand decorated for spring, summer, fall, and winter. I really is perfect for all seasons though!

  3. I LOVE to go all out with decorating for fall and Christmas. But, after that, it is over for me. Little touches here are there are about all I like to do. I am not sure that I am going to be able to make the live photography class, but I do hope to catch it on YouTube! I need to sharpen my photography skills! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

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