Sat Nite Special link party 114 – featuring your Christmas stories

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This weekend’s theme – your Christmas stories

We had a really nice Christmas.

 A few from my family met up at my sister’s on Christmas eve afternoon, 

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then some head to our church for the amazing evening service. As usual, the service was power packed with the most amazing music. I did another photo shoot and was quite pleased with the outcome despite such low light.  Thank-you manual settings!

Then we head back to our place for a nice leisurely visit in front of the fireplace. 

The food was absolutely abundant! Every square inch of the countertops were stuffed with everything imaginable. We’ve been picking at the leftovers all week. 🙂  We visited with those we haven’t seen in far too long and made some new friends along the way as well. It was a really nice evening.

On Christmas morning, we head to our friend’s for an amazing Christmas turkey lunch. I love watching others’ traditions. Do them enough times and they sort of become your own as well. As kids we didn’t have those cracker package things, but at this home they do and it’s always fun to see what colour paper crown you land with. 🙂

The next day, we laid pretty low. Naps, too much eating, drinking coffee as fluently as breathing air, watching movies, reading magazines… whatever!

And then we started to get a little more productive but not by much. Doctor visits, picking up passport papers to fill out, going to the movies, getting the truck checked out, signing up for cadets, learning new computer software, hitting Starbucks… a real mixed bag of work and pleasure.

I really haven’t felt like blogging this week. Three drafts and not even one of them got posted. Nothing spoke to me except living life and working out some big decisions I’ll share with you soon.

In a nutshell, we enjoyed our season very much. Thank-you so much for your generous friendship and support for everything you see on this blog. I honestly have NO idea what I’d do without such a passionate group. You are just the best!

Here’s to a wonderful New Year and may many new dreams come true for you!

Feel free to share your own Christmas story in this weekend’s 3rd themed linkup!

Next week

your 2011 ‘favorites’ – bring your fav DIY, your fav recipe, AND your fav craft/sewing project!

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39 thoughts on “Sat Nite Special link party 114 – featuring your Christmas stories

  1. Hi Donna,
    Your Christmas holiday sounds fantastic – what’s better than time with family and friends! Wishing you a fabulous New Year (check out my favorite New Year cocktail in link #4 of home decor (Good fortune, vintage find, and fab cocktail)! Cheers!

  2. What is UP with inlinkz? Sometimes it takes my thumbnails, sometimes not. Makes me nervous cuz I just signed up with them.

    Anyhoo! How are ya! Happy New Year!!! Hey, I linked up MY fav posts – one of which has nothing whatsoever to do with painting, DIY or the like. It’s my what-not-to-do story about when I opened a floral shop. If you need some comic relief, drop by. But I’ll warn ya, it’s a 5-parter! Judging from my comments, you know I can’t say hello in two words *ahem*

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. What a beautiful picture of you and the baby! I was so excited to see the Christmas theme- since we got our puppy, all I want to blog about on my HOUSE blog is the new pup!
    Thank you for hosting and Happy New Year!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  4. Donna, it’s been a blast finding you in 2011 and being WOW’d by your creativity. I’ve learned SO much from you in a very short time. Thank you for doing what you’re doing here and inspiring so many. May 2012 see many of your biggest dreams come true!!!! <3 Christina

  5. Happy New Year Donna wishing you the best 2012 has to offer.
    I have learned ALOT since coming here project galore with the help of DH that is. Here’s to the heath, the hill and the heather, the bonnet, the plaid, the kilt and the feather!
    May the honest heart ne’er feel distress
    Cheers Ann/alba

  6. Love the Christmas story idea. My story was surrounding my Grinch tree, how I was feeling grinchy but after decorating the tree my heart grew three sizes just like the Grinch (or at least I felt better about the holidays). But I linked that up to the Christmas tree linky already.

    Anyhow, have an absolutely fabulous new year. I’m so glad to have found you in 2011 and hope that we meet at a CDLB West meeting one day in 2012.


  7. I just posted for the first time in two weeks. Life gets busy at this time of year 🙂
    I love the photo of your church. It reminds me of the chapel at the camp I grew up going to.
    Happy New Year to you and best wishes in all of your endeavors!

  8. I wanted to stop by and say Thank You for a wonderful year at Funky Junk… I’m so inspired by your blog and words.
    Happy New Year to you and your family and wishing you another great year!

  9. Thank you Donna for be such an exciting and encouraging friend!!
    I have been lazing and shopping sales and just having a nice time with my vacationing hubby.

  10. Happy New Year! I added my Sweet & Salty Neighbor Gifts tutorial-great for Xmas, New Years Parties, or whenever!
    Thanks for hosting the party!
    Love-Rebekah (

  11. Oh shoot, sorry, I accidentally posted in the wrong category. I put our ‘hall windows’ (supposed to be in decor) in the christmas memories group. #38. I’ll repost to the correct category, hope you can delete my incorrect filing. thanks, Little Bit

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