31 Days Blog to Biz / day 14 – A gutsy junk challenge for you

I’m going to challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone today. 

Are you up for it?

1. Choose an unlikely something or other.

2. Walk around the house with it.

3. Then put it to work in a way you’ve never seen done before.  Don’t worry if it isn’t a prize winner. That’s not the point.

The point is YOU stretching your OWN imagination and not fearing what someone else will say.

Introducing… my funky fall mantel. 🙂

I test my own bravery by asking myself, “Did it make me laugh?” This one passed the brave test just fine…

“A crusty old sawhorse upside down on a mantel… what kind of decorator is she?!?”

A gutsy one.

Look. I’m doing all the talking here. And I know you’re sitting there listening and drinking it all in. But you need to do one more thing to make this here new career thing happen for you.

You need to take charge and do something different. You want change? You have to change something to get that change.  And have the guts to take a chance.

Sitting and taking notes will not get you there. Please roll up those sleeves and DO something. DO THIS. Ok?

Decorating not your niche? That’s fine! Do something that takes extreme guts in your world. That’s all that matters.

Come back next Wednesday prepared to share your gutsy project because I’m going to throw up a link feature for ya…. oh yes I am! 

Don’t have a blog? Then come prepared to share your story in comments. Better yet, fire up the picture on FJI Facebook  during the event so we can visit you that way, ok?

See?!? You have no excuse not to do this.

And hey… these photos were shot in MANUAL. Talk about outside of one’s comfort zone!!!

Got the guts to play outside of your comfort zone?

‘She’s Got Guts!’ link party

Wed Oct 19

Got the guts to link up? 🙂

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38 thoughts on “31 Days Blog to Biz / day 14 – A gutsy junk challenge for you

  1. Ok, I’m heading to the ReStore after work today to find a random object… then I’ll have almost a week to find something creative to do with it! If I can’t think of anything by then… I need a new hobby haha!

  2. I love it. I have always loved trying to find ways to use funky objects. So, yesterday I actually did something out of my comfort zone and shared what is going on in my personal life on my blog. As a former counselor, I always helped others with their personal lives and kept mine quiet. It got a great response and drew me closer to my readers. I think I must have anticipated today’s assignment 😎

  3. I took your advice the other day and I decided to challenge myself. I took my “worlds ugliest bathroom,” challenged myself to redesign it and make it beautiful ….for free! I thought to myself, ” Good designers didn’t become “famous” by starting with pretty rooms.” Right? I’ll be at your party, hopefully showing of a fantastic bathroom!

  4. I think my whole decorating scheme is considered unconventional by lots of people, or maybe it really IS done in bad taste! ;^)

    I will have to see what I’m can come up with. Leaving today for a weekend camping trip to a county wide flea market this weekend. I’ll have to see what inspires me there. Wish me good junk!

  5. I am so excited! I don’t have a blog (yet) but will share something on FB. Thanks Donna, for giving us unbloggers a way to share. I luv your mantel!

  6. The sawhorse looks wonderful on the mantel and makes a perfect rustic container. I really like what you added to it too. Such great textures. It looks great!

  7. Thanks so much for this challenge, can’t wait to give it a try and post results later. I am loving the whole series and am learning lots–thanks sweet Donna.

    PS–You so look likr the Avon model I have been seeing on commercials–another job perhaps??

  8. OMG, Donna. I’ve been doing somewhat of a series lately on redesigning with parts that will blend in perfectly with this. I think you will like my “Funky Junk” links this weekend, and I will definitely be a part of your latest challenge.

  9. Oh that is so cool! Fun a linky! I just put a project up that might have qualified. Hmm let’s see if I can come up with another one. Wednesday huh? That doesn’t give me a lot of time, but I am up for the challenge. Bring it on! Woman.
    Upside down sawhorse, you crazy junker!

  10. Are you kidding Donna? Your talking to someone that has half of a church window on her mantel and hoes without handles for shelves on her porch. Not to mention the plow tines for hooks
    and the vintage metal dollhouse for gardening tools. Me……use something out of the ordinary, maybe I should use some ordinary…LOL…then my family would think
    I had lost it. They know I love my junk.:)
    I love your mantel, that is my kind of decorating. S-W-E-E-T!!!!! I’ll save the rest of the story for your “She Got Guts Linky Party”.

  11. Upside down sawhorse…brilliant! My favorite designs are when an object was used for something other than what it was intended for. I just did a project that I think will be perfect for this challenge…I’ll be back Wednesday(and every day until then; I don’t want to miss any of your posts)!

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