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flower arrangements in creative containers at Funky Junk Interiors



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Flowers are beautiful in their own right, however when paired up with creative containers, they make for amazing focal points.

flower arrangements in vintage tin vase
Beautiful freshly cut blooms look better tucked inside a vintage lemon puff biscuit tin, wouldn’t you agree?

The deep toned laundry line wheels plus a vintage sewing machine drawer set the stage perfectly to highlight some bright yellow flowers set into a glass jar.

Inspired by Charm on Funky Junk Interiors
How about the planted variety?
 Michael at  Inspired by Charm has you covered there!

A mounted old shelf becomes a vision of wonder with a collection of old funnels and lots and lots of gorgeous flowers in full bloom.


The junker in me gasped when I caught hold of the chicken feeder planter.  Isn’t this the coolest idea?

Oh yes, and then there’s the vintage hanging scale planter…

Isn’t this stunning?

And don’t forget about the  food mill planter. We called this an apple sauce maker when I was a kid.

Simply outstanding, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks Michael!

*** The lucky winner for the 1 year of a magazine giveaway is:


Pat from Corn in my Coffee Pot! 

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116 thoughts on “SNS 136 – link up your Flowers

  1. Such beautiful flowers and containers. I love to plant flowers in galvanized buckets. There’s something about the bright colors of the flowers against the plain bucket that makes me smile. Indoors, I have an old Stanley thermos that looks really good with cut flowers. Thanks for hosting Donna and for the giveaway chance:-)

  2. I have never heard of this magazine- Where have I been? I don’t sign up for many giveaways but I DO LOVE magazines and have let most of my own expire since I quit working. Anyway, my NEW project is….I junk picked an old enamel stove in pretty decent shape and I have to get it moved around to my patio. I am going to fill pots and pans for the burners with flowers and open the bread warmers and oven and add plants there, too. I hope to do that this weekend. Hope you have a great weekend! xo Diana

  3. Hi, Donna!! My first time on your blog!
    Leanne from Because (I think) I can told me about your blog!
    I bought 2 old kettles to use as planters in a garage sale 2 weeks ago.
    I also bought 3 old pickle jars, but they are BIG, like planters. They have numbers printed on them.
    So these will be planters (hopefully this weekend) too.
    I am not much of a gardner so I thought interesting pots would “save” me, LOL!
    Nice to “meet” you!!!!

  4. I finally got my act together and signed up to follow you through email. I never can keep up on what my favorite bloggers are doing unless it lands in my email. So looking forward to catching up with all your junky goodies. Have a great weekend. -K

  5. Just linked up my post with the snowball blooms in glass bottles nestled in a wood tote sitting in my living room.

    I enjoyed all your creative ideas of things to use as planters and thanks for the opportunity to win Folk magazine.


  6. Thanks for hosting the party! I wanted a unique planter under my kitchen window. I hung 3 sap buckets under the window and it makes the perfect planter. My favorite flowers are zinnias…of course, they are too big for my sap buckets but I plant a huge area of them every year and keep mason jars filled with them in my house!

  7. Hi Donna! My favorite thing to display flowers in is pretty much anything! πŸ™‚ But I do love flowers in tarnished silver- and linked a post showing pink roses in tarnished silver in the themed link up this week too! πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting! πŸ™‚

  8. One of my favorites is a green glass pitcher from Japan. It dates to the mid 50’s and was made from discarded Coca-cola bottles. The Japanese also used the bottles to make fishing floats. I like to use the teeny tiny silver cups that were used to hold cigarettes in the living room, and an old crystal sugar caster that has lost its top. And anything copper. Ann

  9. I totally forgot two of my favorites. I like to put red geraniums in galvanized minnow buckets. I also have a cream bucket and its original wooden box that makes two more planters.

  10. Thanks for hosting and for a very cool giveaway! I don’t really have a fav place to plant flowers, they usually just go in the ground around here. I have a very large yard with loads of perennial beds and fruit trees that blossom in the spring. You’ve given me some awesome new ideas though!

  11. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity! I love displaying flowers in about anything that can hold water or be planted! I just planted petunias in an old metal bicycle basket. I used burlap to line the bottom then filled with dirt. The old vintage bicycle stands guard in my perennial bed!

  12. Thanks so much for the great linky party, as always. I linked up my toolbox planter, but I also just planted in a chicken feeder like the one shown. I planted herbs in it, thyme all along the bottom part, rosemary and oregano and basil in the top–smells so yummy!

  13. I plant in anything I can find – I love unusual containers much more than pots. My favorite is an old chair my grandfather made with a red enamelware washpan in the seat.

  14. For years I had one of those old-fashion mop buckets on casters with a wringer for the mop and a long wooden handle. I would fill it with red geraniums. A local garden club wanted to use it for a raffle so I let it go. My other favorite was one of those round wire laundry basket on metal legs – I get to see it every day in my neighbor’s yard! (I hope I’m in her will.)
    Forgot it was Friday and didn’t take my nap. Saying nighty-night and will see more links tomorrow! Thanks for hosting, Donna!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  15. How nice of the folks at “Folks Magazine” What a nice give away!
    Entry # 1 I’ve been enjoying planting in some hypertufa bowls that my husband and I made a couple of years ago.
    Thank you for hosting this fun linky!

  16. Thanks for hosting Donna, you may set a record for # of entries with this one, so many great links already! I’m Linked up! Love the win the Folk, I’m getting it now, but it will run out… Have a Great Weekend!

  17. Hi Donna – so happy I wrote a post about my poppies this week. I didn’t pick them so the containers are their own leaves. Thanks so much for hosting, I’m from Abbotsford and its so great to read posts from a BC Fraser Valley area blogger who is TERRIFIC as well as a great inspiration.

  18. Thank you for hosting Donna! I love planting in rustic, recycled containers and linked up my 12 creative junk flower containers (#76). I already have a subscription to FOLK, but would love to win one so I could give it to my mother-in-law. She would love it!

  19. Junk and flowers…just plain “meant to be”!!! I’m still working on a couple of “flowery” projects outside…I hope to share them later today. But I linked up my vintage headboard patio fence in home decor for now πŸ™‚

  20. Hi! I’m Sheila @ Blissfully Shabby. First, I want you to know your blog was one of my main inspirations to start my own blog, thank you! I love to decorate with junk, am learning how to do so many things, enjoying every minute of it:)
    I love my junk planters and have several going on right now, and the flowers are doing great! I used a stroller, two water coolers, a long chicken feeder, army ammo boxes, wheelbarrow, double wash tub, milk can, and several painters benches (one of my serious addictions!) Check it out on my Junkin’ Garden Style link above.
    Have a fabulous day!

  21. Thank you for hosting, Donna! I linked up, and you’ll see that I love to plant flowers in just about anything- stumps, cream cans, whiskey barrels… I’m always just so grateful that winter is gone that I tend to go a little nuts…

    Have a great weekend!

  22. I LOVE Funky Junk! Turning ‘junk’ into art is my fave!!! {that is why I am here A LOT, getting inspired!}
    I display my vintage roses {not making this up, these bushes are so old, you can’t even buy this type of rose bush anymore} in all kinds of eclectic items, my latest fave are some tin buckets that I wrapped in a floral fabric. BUT WOW, did I see some great inspiration from the links!!
    Oh and I would LOVE a year of FOLK, how cool!!!

  23. Thanks for hosting Donna. Its been a week of cleaning up in my Dad’s garage, cleaning and painting the garage door (and fixing the ‘missing’ link in the door opening chain). I painted some more wooden furniture turquoise.

  24. Thanks for Hosting this. I love to put fresh flowers in my great grandmother’s old electric coffee pot that I rescued from her crumbling tin roof house in South Carolina.

  25. I have a large cobalt blue ceramic planter, with a bright white rim. I love it beyond reason but I like rustic, re-purposed planters too! Every year I plant a different arrangement. You inspire me, thanks!

  26. Hi Donna, planting in unusual planters is one of my favorite things to do. At my house if it’s old, metal, and will hold dirt it’s usually getting planted. Thanks for this fun party. I wish I would have realized earlier and I would have done a specific post. I linked up a couple of items that I had pics of. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great magazine. I have heard of it, but have never seen and issue. I loved all of the fun ideas you showed. Thanks again, Jann

    I have several spatterware buckets and tubs that I love to plant flowers in.
    Okay, now Im headed to post about you folks on my FACEBOOK page.

    Thanks again.

  28. Okay, I’ve shared about the giveaway on my PERSONAL page AND my SHOP page on FACEBOOK, so I hope this gives me extra entries. THANKS!!!

  29. Love peonies! Ephemeral and what a smell. Just have to be patient a few years to get the gorgeous buds!

  30. OK now I will have to go back to WalMart to buy some geraniums. My favorite thing to put red geraniums in is an old delapidated childs baby buggy. It is probably at least 75 years old and not in the best shape, but when it is full of red geramiums it rocks. I will try to get some and post them.

  31. I have many favorite containers to put my flowers! I love buckets, pitcher but my absolute fav is white ironstone pitchers!! I would love a year of FOLK. Di

  32. I like to plant or display flowers in orphaned teapots who have lost their lids. LOL Also like to fill my little red wagon with plants in terracota pots. I would LOVE to win the 6 editions of Folk!! Wish me luck, Sandy B

  33. the one thing I plant in every year is a old wheel barrel I also have several wash tubs that make great planters and a old rusty ice cream parlor stool with the seat missing i put a planter in

  34. I love to plant in any kind of old kettle. Ivy and gardenia look beautiful in them. Would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. I like to put flowers of all kinds in a giant glass vase that used to belong to my grandmother this is an amazing thing to me that is hasnt broken ..I am usually breaking anything glass. But I love this vase it has a little bit of purple in the glass and it a fluted shape.


  36. I have an old metal bucket w/ a worn wooden piece still on the handle. Since it’s so rustic, it looks nice with dainty, delicate flowers.

  37. Oh Fun!! I love this give away πŸ™‚ Ok…
    ~Entry #1…I have a few favorite things to plant in, but 2 I really like are the wire sphere and the 1/4 pallet I featured in my link up this week.
    ~Entry #2 …link up #131.
    ~Entry #3…Tweeted πŸ™‚
    Thank you for hosting, lot’s of great link ups this week!!

  38. Finally found the right spot for my one entry, woohoo!! lol I love to plant flowers in old rusty pails, just found another one this weekend, all displayed on my shabby shed’s porch!! Thanks for a sweet giveaway!!

  39. Thanks for offering this giveaway! I have large funnel hanging from my herb garden fence that I plant flowers in-I think it’s my favorite container.

  40. I have an old Coleman red and white drink cooler that I love to use as a centerpiece for parties. I put whatever is in bloom from my garden in it and it is bright and cheerful. I always get lots of compliments.

    Love the SNS party….always so much fun to see how creative everyone is !

  41. I like to use old kitchenware- especially enamelware- to plant flowers and herbs in. Colanders are nice, too, with their built-in drainage holes. I like the sparkle of the silver-colored metal against the green leaves and colorful flowers. My favorite thing to plant in is an old chair that had a caned seat, mostly missing the caning when I found it. I removed the caning, stapled some soft nylon screen in its place, filled it with moss and potting soil and plant it with different flowers every year. It sits on my front porch, greeting visitors with color and whimsy.

  42. Hi Donna, I plant petunias every year, and I choose them by their fragrance first and color second. They usually end up in a galvanized bucket. Thanks for the opportunity to win the ‘Folk’ magazine.

  43. Donna, what a fun post! My favorite “pot” for planting flowers on my deck is a campfire coffee pot. I set it right next to a bushel barrel full of flowers. For indoors, I usually use mason jars. Also, thank you for the continued chances to win FOLK.

  44. Donna, this was one of the best ones yet. I really like fairy gardens. Maybe you could do a sub-section on those sometime. I have some of those metal stamper things. I bought them to stamp on wood. I saw an old rustic coffee table that had a poem stamped on it once. It was thrilling. I might go around as a sneaky stamping graffittier. In the garage, near the woodshed, on the fence, on the backside of the mailbox post. Who knows? Ann

  45. My favorite thing to plant in is something unexpected, not the usual ‘flower pot’…anything with a little whimsy!
    for instance…on old coffee pot, a pair of rain boots, a rusted wheel barrel. My personal favorite is my Momma’s washpot.


  46. I love to plant flowers in antique enamel ware pots, pans, coffee pots, tea pots to plant in and use old enamelware plates as saucers under them

  47. I have an old washpot I found at a yardsale. I love it because is is not “normal” I love your blog. It is my favorite. I can’t not wait to see what you have each day. Keep up the great work of inspiring.

  48. I have an old ricer of my grandmothers. I put moss inside, peeking through, and then sweet peas (purple). So sweet.


  49. I love that there are likeminded “folk” out there. I love all the old rusty tin pieces we have collected over the years. I love to plant flowers in old pots with rusted out bottoms – instant drainage!! thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize!!

  50. I planted my flowers in a metal wheel next I “borrowed” my husband’s canvas water bucket and last I tin punched a tin bucket with a cool design n and put a tower in it. I have the old wooden rack that held wash basins and use it for height in my bay window with plants!

  51. I really like the chicken feeder and the hanging scale ideas. We have a chicken feeder, but i think we’d have some ticked off chickens if i used it. Right now i’m pretty boring with plain old containers…but these are great suggestions…thanks .

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