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~ This weekend’s themed link ~

kitchen islands

Gone are the day when kitchen islands have to be boring!

These days, it’s permissible to have a kitchen island completely different from your kitchen cabinets. This look allows you to bring in your own personality to your room in a fun eclectic way.

I admit I wasn’t completely sold on the different looks at first when designing my kitchen. It wasn’t until I spotted a wonderful inspirational layout that I knew I needed to ramp up the kitchen with one VERY cool island.

So, here’s my little story on:

How To Customize Your Kitchen Island

1. Take a trial run on the size with a mock up.


First up, I had an old farm table sitting where the island was to go for quite awhile. I wanted to try the size and positioning out. I’m glad I did. I think that farm table had a different position every single day. Once I knew, I ordered stock cabinets in black and had them angled on the floor as per the above pic.


I desired something VERY different. My friend Dan had amazing metal topped desks and I asked him if he could give me a hand in creating a funky metal island topper. He graciously jumped in!

I first created a mock up for the topper out of two pieces of cardboard I could resize on a whim. (see above)  I simply couldn’t afford to make a mistake on this one, so I played with this rig up for about two weeks. I was then ready.

2. Create your dream list on your wants.

I gave my cardboard shapes and desire list to Dan and together, we came up with:

Self supporting legs holding up the weight of the topper. (not attached to the cabs) 

Double sided sitting area so it’s also a kitchen table.

 Metal corbels and nice beefy ledge to give it the look of more weight and substance.

Black heavy weight steel left in it’s natural state, however ground down to bare metal where welding took place.

(My mom always use to ask me when I was planning to paint it. LOL)

Hourglass shape where you sit and radius corners really softened the top, visually reducing the size as well. 

The cab doors below open and two levels of full size sliders (as opposed to shelves) provide MASSIVE storage. Awesome!

3. Is it comfy enough to eat at?

I questioned before I went for this if I even DESIRED to sit at a kitchen island. But the turning point in totally falling in love with a sit at island was, the comfort of the stools. Not all stools are alike. I found my stools a year before the kitchen was even started. Luckily, they were still avail. NO OTHERS sat like these.

Comfortable stool tips:

  • Backs! Without a doubt, backs.
  • Foot bars in the right area (your legs should slightly lift off the seat)
  • Seats deep enough for you to actually fit in.
  • Shaped seats. You won’t even desire cushions!
  • Cushions help, however mine don’t need them.

 4. Make it functional, beautiful, and YOU!

I’m crazy in love with the metal top! And we aren’t fussy with it. Wet as well as hot items go directly on it. We even use exacto knives for crafting. This metal topper is geared for an ultra active household and we are giving it a workout! And it looks as good today as it did the first day it was brought in by 3 strong guys and a cool girl. Thanks Dan, Phoenix, Peter, and Bec!

Trying a laminate top sample and not feeling the love.

Metal it is!

Those windows stole cabinet storage but the island made up for it.

Pure love. And very me. 🙂

From time to time I think I want the island base white. And switch out the black parts of the chairs to white. What do you think?

In a perfect world, what would you choose your kitchen island to look like?

The 3rd themed linkup is waiting for your version! Let’s see whatcha got!

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window sill decor

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42 thoughts on “SNS #42 brings you ~ kitchen islands

  1. I love your island. My cabinets are wood and my island is black, which I love, but I need to add something else to it. Thanks for reminding me to get on that. Great,now I have something else I need to work on. LOL Thanks for hosting every week. Have a great weekend.

  2. I’ve been trying to decide for over a year if I want an island or not. I really want one, but still love my kitchen nice an open.
    I love yours!
    Thanks for hosting Donna!

  3. Thanks for hosting, Donna!

    I’d love a island, but sadly my kitchen is a major walkway and would be way too small. I’ve always loved the look of yours! White kitchens are my favorite (I have one), but I think the black goes really nicely with the industrial look of the countertop.

    But hey, that’s the magic of paint! Try it out if you’re curious, you can always go back! 😉

  4. I am in loveeee and I would leave it black!!! My mom and I are going to try to make her an isand out of some cabinets someone gave her. Can you tell me how tall these base cabinets are and did he cover the metal over wood? I love your ideas!!!

  5. I didn’t realize your countertop was metal! So much for paying attention, huh! I love it! Great choice.
    Don’t know that I can help you much on the painting black/white dilemma! Currently having the same one at my house with the kitchen table & chairs! But in the mean time until you decide…I think it looks awesome!
    Love the “themed” link idea with your SNS!

  6. #5 Blessed, the metal topper is supported by a metal beamed framework underneath. I’ve never even paid attention to that until now! The beams are the same thickness as the legs, so it’s VERY heavy duty.

    Thanks all!


  7. Wow, that is a beautiful kitchen, but I think that about your whole house! I personally love the black and metal together. 🙂

    I’ve been a fan of yours for a while, but This is my first time linking up. Thanks for hosting and for all of your great ideas!!

  8. Love your island! And no, please don’t paint it white! The black has a depth & heaviness to it that matches the intensity of the metal.

    However, if you want to go for a summer look, why not cut out some lightweight plywood panels the size of the panel insets on the island and paint them white.

    Attach them with 3M picture hanging velcro, the removable kind.

    Then you can have a lighter change of scenery for the summer. Heck, you could do something new for all of the seasons/holidays! Orange would look great for Halloween!

    But then it wouldn’t be permanent either. Best of both worlds!

  9. Your island is so awesome and unique, Donna! I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’m not surprised that you would come up with something so original. You really have such a creative mind and come up with some wonderfully original ideas that are absolutely fantastic! Your kitchen looks gorgeous! Way to go!
    Hugs ~ Jo 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for hosting every week!

  10. The metal island is brilliantly crafted and designed. Very impressive and it certainly fills the funky part. I would love to have one just like it. Wonderful! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  11. I am so happy to have read your post this morning! We are planning an island for the “new” old house and can not decide on what I want to do! Your island (and kitchen) is beautiful! Can’t wait to go and check out everyone else’s islands, too! Great party idea! Thanks for the help 🙂

  12. Hi Donna,

    I’m new to your blog and party today. First of all, your island is so fabulous. It makes me want to bust out all my expensive Italian tile and re-do! Second, thanks for a great party. I love your different categories. Have a happy weekend.

  13. Love your island! It is so you. Love your whole house, actually, but that’s another story. My dream island would be a BIG chunky legged French Farmhouse affair with beat up white cabinets underneath and stools on two sides. Maybe in my next kitchen? Thanks for hosting your fun party!

  14. It looks great, Donna. My two cents on painting? I like it black. If you simply must do something, I’d like to see the same treatment on the seats (currently plain wood tone) as you did on your stairs.

  15. You gals have given me some awesome ideas!

    #13 Andrea, LOVE the idea of creating simple panels I can place in front of the black when desiring a new look. This idea is VERY do-able!

    #15 Pam, my friend Dan is one creative dude. I need to reword my post abit. I gave him my list of wants but he expanded on it some so alot of what you see is his own improvision as well. I just let him go for it.

    And Kim, that idea for the chair seats to resemble my crate stairs?? Lemme at’em! LOVE it!

    #20, I’ve linked you up. I had an issue with the link too. Weird. You’re at #65, called Barn wood table. Cool idea!!

    Other questions addressed:

    Island height:

    the cabinets ordered were the same as you would order for kitchen countertops. Just stock that’s avail. The metal top is self supported on it’s own legs and was designed by Dan to simply sit overtop. The cupboards below are actually open on top.

    Laminate on countertops – Wilsonart Laminate 4595-52 Bahia Granite

    Tap set – NO idea but it was a high end purchase from a plumbing store. In the $400 range. WORTH every cent!


  16. Hi Donna, love, love, love that amazing island! I’m on “Team Black” in the vote 🙂
    I’m brand spanking new to blogging and I have no idea how to “link up” but I’m having a blast peeking around at what everybody else is doing. So glad you’re posting your ideas on Junkmarket Style too! Take care…

  17. Your island is awesome…so pretty. I can’t keep my eyes off your wall of kitchen windows. Just beautiful.

    Either white or black is going to look smashing in your pretty kitchen. 🙂

    I love your memes…I have my OLD CHAIR post all ready for next Sat.
    xo bj

  18. I like the black because it ties in with the black fridge…I think you are looking to white cuz of how cool your desk area looks now…but the black still rocks your kitchen!! I love that hunky funky metal island. Very cool!

  19. I love the personality you inject into everything. Your island and the whole kitchen is gorgeous! Thanks for hosting–I’m looking at every single island link to help with ideas when it’s our turn to reno. 🙂

  20. Hi dear Donna! I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you over at my blog. 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs ~ Jo

    P.S. I just noticed that you featured my island on your sidebar… THANKS! 🙂

  21. Just found your blog… wish I had found it sooner. I’m painting my kitchen and getting rid of the upper cupboard doors and going for an open shelving look. I hope it turns out ok. I’ll be back to spend some time reading through your blog. Thank you.

  22. Ooh I just love that island, amazing! Thanks for featuring my bedroom on your sidebar and for leaving such a nice comment on my blog.

  23. L-O-V-E the countertop! I would love to do that to my kitchen bar. Did you seal the metal with something? If not, won’t it rust?

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