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I’ve been holding out on all of you. I’ve been following someone that knows how to work with old stuff like no one’s business.

Meet Jim Healy, who posts on Junk Market Style. And he’s a beater. A furniture beater that is. He likes beating up old things to make them look even older. And if they aren’t old to begin with, he fixes that right up pretty darn quick.

Here’s an awesome sample of the magic he creates.

Jim desired a kitchen pantry but much like me, wanted and needed it to look old. But authentic meant alot to him as well. (extra points, Jim!!) So he collected reclaimed lumber and went to work.

Jim designed this kitchen pantry from scratch. Check out that retro profile!

So what inspired this piece? Three coke bottle openers found at the flea market. I am totally DIGGING the white/black/red colour scheme. It truly does look like the real deal.

Old refrigerator drawers give this piece even more authenticity. Never thought I’d love a fridge drawer but these I do!

I’m crazy about his description on how he distressed this piece…

“I’ve never distressed one of my creations as much as this one. It had to have the look of shopping carts smashing into it for the last 75 years.
I don’t think I beat it up enough. It only looks like 62 years of distress.”

Out of curiosity, I asked Jim which of his pieces was his personal favorite.

“My all-time favorite project is the dining room table I created from copper pipes and fittings. The piece has a soul. Never has anything I’ve built fallen into place with as little effort as this one.

(me – check out the beat up patina on those chairs! die!!!!)

 “My dining room shape dictated a round table and I had a feeling I would find what I needed at one particular flea market. I didn’t realize that what I would find was a box full of old components that would evolve into a table. There was a vendor with TONS of copper and steel strewn all over his space. I literally could visualize the completed table by staring into this mass of metal.”

 “I hadn’t planned on building the table myself, let alone from copper, so I had no idea of the quantity of materials required. I sketched out a design on the palm of my hand which not only became my materials take-off but was my “blueprint” to build from.
“Your thoughts and feelings are the blueprints to your life. In my profession, they REALLY are.”
All of Jim’s creations can currently be viewed HERE on Junk Market Style.

However, he’s building a blog (currently under construction HERE) and I highly recommend to follow this guy so you can keep up with what’s shakin’ in his workshop. Now if he’d only move that workshop of his next to my workshop, I could borrow his tools and steal his junk help the guy out here and there…

And don’t worry. He makes plenty of things you can make too, such as this ultra cool spool table.

And is one mean interior decorator as you can see with this ski lodge headboard.

He also carries a line called [Wreckage], so please contact Jim directly at if you’re interested in checking out what he has for sale.

You can also follow Jim on Facebook HERE.

And as if this post wasn’t long enough, I’m going to share my #1 top secret trick on how I get a real authentic old finish. And I don’t mean just distressed with sandpaper old. REAL old.

The best way to achieve a true distressed look?

Work on top of original patinas.

All too often we sand off original patinas only to be left with virtually new surfaces again. These stairs had been uncovered for about 2 years before I painted them up.  I let them get stained,  paint splattered, you name it while the house was being renovated.

I then stenciled and stained directly over top the original dirty and paint splattered patina.

This look would have been MUCH more difficult to achieve if I had used brand new wood or had sanded the area down too far. Take advantage of that old patina already there to get the look you desire!

What method do you use to achieve the OLD look? 

What’s your fav project you’ve worked on with something OLD?

Share it in the 3rd themed linkup!

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The fabulous 10 winner giveaway event for a Shaklee cleaning product is still on! 

Click HERE to enter, and good luck!

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31 thoughts on “SNS #45 brings you ~ OLD

  1. That pantry is really something. It was worth working those cool Coke openers into the design-so authentic. I really like the spool table, too. What junk inspiration!

  2. Kim, Jim is the BEST at old that I’ve ever seen. All his stuff is or looks like the real deal.

    #1 Kelly, I’m not sure but I’m thinking some kind of acid would take away the shine. I’ll see what I can find out. Good idea! Say… maybe Jim knows. Jim? Put the junk down for a minute if you can answer this one! 🙂


  3. Thank you for sharing the tip for old. I never really prep something before I paint or stain or whatever because it does help the piece retain character and add even more. Sometimes, though, I think people are thinking I’m crazy not to sand and clean and whatever. I don’t and everything turns out so much better and more authentic. Now that you’ve said it, maybe others will be believers. By the way, it’s easier too.

  4. You know I never tire of seeing those gorgeous stairs of yours! I’m still blown away that you did that yourself… awesome talent, Donna!
    Thanks for the heads-up about Jim. I LOVE Junk Market Style! I’ll definitely have to go check out his blog.
    Thanks for hosting every week!
    Have a great weekend,
    ~ Jo 🙂

  5. Wow he’s good! Excited to see that we will have another junk blog to read. Yay!!!

    #1 Kelly…yes, muriatic acid will do the trick but it is very corrosive.

    # Directions for working with Muriatic Acid: Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and plastic safety glasses while using. To etch or clean concrete and masonry or metal:
    # Dilute to desired strength by adding acid carefully to water, avoid splashing.
    # Start with a highly diluted mixture and strengthen gradually (1 part acid to 20 parts water).
    # Apply solution. Bubbling indicates solution is strong enough.
    # Flush thoroughly with clean water and immediately after cleaning or etching is complete.

    My husband works with this acid and it is acrid, please do this outside. Fumes are bad.
    FYI…works great on Copper to for fast patina but too much will ruin the effect.

  6. Kelly you can mix up Miracle Gro into a paste and paint it one the silver…keep applying until you get the desired result. This works great on copper so I am sure it would work on silver too! Give it a try.

  7. donna,
    oh my, i just about squealed when i saw this post. jim is my all time FAV at junkmarketstyle, just love his style & awesome work!! his projects are over the top cool! i’m running right over to sign up as a new follower of his blog.

    now i need to either get my next post up or dig through some old ones for this weekend’s sns.

    judi 😉

  8. Love Jim’s stuff! I hope he hurrys and gets his blog going.

    I’d love to do fireplaces but maybe a little later so it can be a Fall theme. It’s still not Fall here!

    SueAnn, I have never heard of this Miracle Gro tip. I’ll have to give it a try. How long does it stay on?

  9. You have the best linky party lady! The people that link to you are all so talented!! And you, you know how I feel about you!!!

    That spool table, I need one! It is probably better that you live in a completely different country or I might be arrested for stalking you in person instead of just online!

  10. Donna,
    Just came by to say hi. been busy all week with a garage sale at my store. Just had to get rid of some of the projects hanging over my head. Now I can see light at the end of the tunnel again.

    Did not vote on what’s next cause I just have not had time to do many posts, get anything done to show anyone, or even visit much.

    I know what ever you choose will be fun for all.

    hugs and blessings

    barbara jean

  11. Hi Donna! What an incredible post, he is just amazing! I am so happy I found your blog. I am joining your party, it’s so exciting, so many wonderful blogs to check out~

    Have a great day!


  12. Hi Donna, just wanted to thank you for the sidebar post!

    I love the way your brain works and creates, so having you spotlight my table was a real honor indeed. I look forward to being able to participate more on your SNS parties if at all possible.

    Thanks for all of the inspiration!

    Home Anthropologie

  13. Wow, you guys are rockin’ this weekend! I’m so sorry I haven’t had time to feature more of you. I’ve been working hard all weekend on the desk. And it’s done! Whoohoo!!

    Thanks for an amazing SNS weekend, all! Lookit all those themed linkups this weekend! I need to go peek. 🙂


  14. I do apologize for being late for the poll. But I finally did come up with an idea for a link party. I aquired my first old window frame and am desparate for ideas on how to use it. Would you consider that sometime in a future post. I would love you forever. Thanks

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