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The elegant and unusual touch of metal kind. Aren’t they pretty?



 The Jetson suspended kind. Hmmm…


The ‘no toddlers allowed clean that glass’ kind. Not the most practical.


The swirly whirly creative kind. Interesting, but don’t ever run and fall on this one.


 The open wallet kind. (or whatever)

No matter what kind of fireplace lights your own fire, it’s my realistic guess that many of you are still housing the dated brick variety.

Much like this. Hold your hand up if you have one of these. So, what can you do with them to update the look?

Paint the brick? Box them over with wood? Tile over top?

The Funky Junk floor to ceiling revamped rock kind. (link HERE)

Dan (HERE) and crew covered the existing brick with cultured stone and created a one of a kind cozy focal point, setting the stage for my entire upstairs.

(Imagination Corporation’s website is HERE)

The base was covered with fibreglass reinforced concrete, hand carved and stained by Phoenix to create visual weight on the hearth.

(Stonetree Studios’ website is HERE)

Over sized metal corbels were fabricated to cover over the existing brick variety.

 The massive whimsical mantle was hand carved and routered out of high density HDU board and layers of paint and glaze (by Bec and myself) were added until the board resembled the perfect tone for wood.

Resulting in an old world, funky, and unique blend of everything I love. Which makes an incredible focal point for the entire upstairs.

I LOVE my fireplace!

So, let’s talk fireplaces! Do you love/hate yours? What would you LIKE to do to it? Got any tips on what worked/didn’t work for others to read up on? Got a fav link (share in comments!) from elsewhere of a redo you love?

 Let’s see what YOU have in this weekend’s 3rd themed linkup!

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37 thoughts on “SNS #49 brings you – fireplaces

  1. Your new fireplace is awesome! I also love your shutters and was thinking how great it must be to really block the light in a bonus room for movie watching! You show so many creative projects here and I enjoy visiting. Thanks for having us!

  2. Donna, As of this writing, you have 3004 followers — Congratulations! Let the party begin (haha)! I was so happy to see the fireplace link. I am not overly fond of mind, yet there are some battles that I must let Kenny win (the fireplace might be one of those battles). I already see several links that interest me. Thank you for hosting such a fun party!

  3. That fireplace of yours is the best looking I have ever seen. It’s so cool to see how it was made. Thanks for sharing it! I’ve had it in my inspiration folder since the first time I laid eyes on it. Someday……a girl can always dream, can’t she?
    Congrats on 3000 followers!

  4. Your fireplace looks incredible! I like my old school brick fireplace, but the mantel itself is hideous. I keep after (read, “nag”) my husband to help me with a do-over, but he hasn’t been interested thus far.

  5. I love your stone fireplace- what a difference! I just posted mine decorated for fall : ) I think the fireplace was one of the reasons I bought my house. I fell in love with it and knew it needed to be brought back to life! Thanks for hosting!

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