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window sill decor

I have a signature style of decorating in front of windows. Can you guess what it is by this picture?

If you guessed junk, you’d only be partly right.

 And if you guessed white, colourless, wood or even weird, you’re only warm. 🙂

 Give up?

Anything I put in front of windows is never solid. You can always see through them.

FJI’s bedroom

One of my favorite things to do in front of windows is to place something translucent on the sills.

I’m a sunshine lover, so I say, let that sun in at all costs rather than block it!

 Take note of the antique washboard. It fell down one day and the glass broke, so now it provides the perfect framework for this flower vignette with… you got it… very little light blockage.

blog office window vignettes

  Although these last two pics aren’t legally a ‘window sill’, I displayed it as such in my blog office area due to the tall narrow windows. Same theme. Let the sun shine in.

What  are others doing window sill wise? Let’s check out Google…

Real Simple

I love elements of nature. This is so simple AND pretty.


Don’t you love how the sheers frame the flowers?

Willow Decor

I LOVE ivy wreaths! So fresh and pretty in this white kitchen.

Stock Food

Aren’t these little lacy plants so delicate?


Hedge Rose


 Elefanitas Alegres

Milk bottles! How… dignified junkified. 🙂

Now… what if you don’t have deep enough window sills to hold things?

Country Living via Decorology

Love this built in counter.

House Beautiful via Decorology

And this rustic sofa table. Gorgeous!

And one of my favorites?

Sugar Pie Farmhouse

Be still my heart. 🙂

 Incidentally, if you want to see one ahhhhmayzing pantry, click on that last link. Oh my word.

Let’s talk window sill decor!
What’s your alltime fav thing to do in front of windows?
What do you attempt to avoid?

Bring on your own window sill decor in the 3rd themed linkup below!


Theme with the most vote wins! Check back after Sun 11pm Pacific.

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46 thoughts on “SNS 51 brings you – window sill decor

  1. I love the cute assortment of clear jars in your window and the idea that you can still see out. Very cool. I’m doing it for sure! (Looks like an interesting table I got a peek at out the window, too! HA!)

  2. This was just what I needed to motivate me to clean my windows 🙂 then I’ll stage and photograph! Thank you for the kick start…love the windows, especially ones with glass in front with the sunshine dancing off the glass.

  3. Great window sill displays, Donna! I LOVE those little ladders you have on your kitchen window sill, and your collection of vintage bottles and jars… so beautiful!!
    I have a little thank you for you on my post tonight… not sure if you’ve seen it… haven’t checked my emails yet. 🙂
    Have a great weekend my friend!
    ~ Jo 🙂

  4. This house has NO window sills and the way it’s set up… no way to “build in” one. Our neighbor’s cabin has TEN INCH deep window sills… oh the envy!

  5. How about shelf decor/arranging? Kitchen counter tops. Bathroom counters. Arts and craft spaces. Linen closets. Desks.

    Hmmmm… what else do I need to work on? ;-D

  6. Thanks for the partay!
    Sills are places we don’t put much thought into decorating sometimes- so thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!
    Found it funny that on your themed link up poll above, one of the choices to vote for was “shutters”, whch is the link I submitted:)
    So, I voted for shutters!
    Blessings to you!

  7. Hey Donna!
    I really love the ladders you put in your windows, looks great & special!
    I played along again today cause I had that scrolly iron element left from when I transformed an old french iron childdren bed in a sofa/love seat and I think it looks fab in the window! I love putting white things in my window cause it looks so fresh and bright. I’d always avoid dark and heavy curtains, for me that is a no go! Shutters, iron pieces, glass and bird cages look great in windows in my eyes at least.
    Happy SNS!

  8. love ALL your window sills!
    I don’t know what is wrong with my computer, but I haven’t been able to link up for 2 weeks. Ever since my last mix up ()which eventually went thru) but last week I got as far as the select/crop part of My Linky, then nothing shows up. It happens on other blogs too, not just yours. Any idea of what is wrong with me (and my computer)?
    Thanks Donna, I know your swamped…i finally have so many good projects to link up and zippo, no luck linkin’. So if you can’t reply, no worries. I’ll survive!! thanks, -denise

  9. Wonderful sill inspiration. I really must widen my kitchen window sill. And a new window. So many great linkys too. Wish this dang house would clean itself so I could peruse and craft all day! 🙂

  10. Thank you for the nice comment! I wish I could get it stained up, but it’s getting too cold. I’ll post when it’s done… Your home is gorgeous!! I stole a button!It’s at the bottom with my other fav linky parties


  11. You have given me some great ideas for my window sills! I don’t have you typical sills in most of the house as they just have a rounded plaster edge instead of a sill as such. But the breakfast nook, kitchen and dining room do have shallow sills that I am going to try and implement a few of your ideas! like the see through items you chose so that light can still come through!

  12. Gorgeous window sills! I so wish I could decorate my sills, but my feline friends think the window sills were put there for them to view the outside world Love your blog, tho & I visit it every day. Thank you for the wonderful ideas & links! Dianne in UT

  13. This is a great post bc my window sill in the kitchen is ever changing. A bc I’m always at the kitchen sink in front of the window doing the dishes and need a change and b. bc I never know quite what should go there. I do like the rule of it has to be see through. I’ll keep that in mind for my next “redo”. I would like to see a post on slipcovered couches??? I always buy the ones from the store that are elasticized and i ALWAYS return them bc I hate them. But what do I do when I want to change up the fabric on my couch? Professional slip covers are so expensive….??hmmm

  14. teri, couldn’t you put a shelf under the window so it is the sill? And I am wondering about the hanging light fixtures, in progress or you like? LOVE the lamps flanking the sink!

  15. #37 Anon, LOL on the lights!

    There are loads of areas in my house that are all done except just one. more. thing., much like the lights. 🙂 I hang in there until I can find the perfect thing I fall in love with.


  16. You always have the best ideas!!

    Sad I have not had time to play lately.
    Store getting busier. Good thing, but not much time for creating, or even much blogging! =(

    Sunday blessings


  17. Call me silly but you did say “post away” and I NEVER let an opportunity to show off my cat slip away! So I give to you Donna, Cat On A Sill. I actually added 2 cat on a sill pics on my about me page just for you, then I remembered you can’t double post! :p

  18. I have been a decorative artist for many years as well as a painter and I have to say you are one of the most creative people I have yet to see that utilizes every inch of the blog but also what looks to be every inch of space you have in your home and store…beautiful work

  19. Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!

    Very useful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such information a lot.

    I was looking for this certain info for a long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

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