SNS #53 brings you – shutters!

Update: Signs will be next weekend’s themed link!

Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #53, the shutter edition!

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Party starts Fri night and ends Sunday 11pm pacific, so you have all weekend to join!

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What is it about vintage shutters us die-hard decorators love so much? I think it’s not only a reflection of a different time, but also the simple graphic lines. Shutters just make very cool backdrops!

 My current favorite shutter placement in my own home is the one that resides behind my stove, against the board and batten backsplash. The added detail draws your eye into the center of this work station, blending right in with all the other woodsy whites.

 You’ve seen my kitchen windows before. The shutter in the one window is just… fun!

This idea isn’t new, but it’s cool all the same. Push the use of a shutter abit more by making it productive. It’s the perfect little note holder accessory located beside the telephone.


How I did it:

Here’s a really easy and changeable way to achieve this. I simply backed the shutter with a removable tape. I’d suggest a low tack shelf paper. I personally used what’s called premask, the material you apply over cut decals. (found at sign shops) Change your mind? Just rip it off and redecorate!

Let’s talk shutters. What draws you in about them?

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29 thoughts on “SNS #53 brings you – shutters!

  1. I am DROOLING like an idiot over your gorgeous kitchen sink area! Love the big windows, great accessories, and those lamps!
    OH, and shutters anywhere are just icing on the cake!

  2. I love the shutter atop your stove. I have been thinking about something in the same spot in my kitchen to bring white in drawing away from my tile a color I’m not fond of, since I cannot paint the tile just yet (still working on my husband on that one lol) thanks for hosting your fab party, I love participating, tami

  3. I love shutters!! There is just something about them that is pleasing to my eye!! I love to hide things with them. I love the one in your window, I bet it is really pretty with the different lights that come through! Thanks for another great party!!

  4. I love shutters! And I love what you’ve done with them. Especially the one in your kitchen window. I never get tired of looking at that photo. I could stand there all day and do dishes. Thanks for hosting such a great party. I visit every weekend to see what everyone’s been up to. This weekend I linked up…YAY!

  5. Thanks for hosting! I love shutters, but haven’t quite found any wooden pretties like you, just the vinyl exterior kind. I was able to outfit my whole house for less than $5 a pair by waiting and looking around! Love what you’ve done with them in your home, thanks for the inspiration and for hosting.

    -Ann Marie

  6. #16 Julie, when I found my shutters in the right colour, I screamed. I mean, truly. I did NOT want to paint them. It’s alot of work!

    I’d be tempted to spray them due to all the work they entail. But if I couldn’t get the colour I desired, I’d paint it with a brush. But I wouldn’t sand first. Just use a good bonding primer and go to town.

    Thanks for the comments on my kitchen and shutter placement! The rustic whites are really starting to make a statement upstairs which is what I was after. I should do a post on having your white kitchen without white cabinets… 🙂


  7. What a FUN party !! I love all of the inspiring projects and am off to visit more of your guests !! Thanks for hosting … I absolutely love your shutter … it’s perfect in your kitchen window. I just might have to go find a shutter myself and repurpose it. Thanks for the inspiration !! *Becca*

  8. AAAHHHH!!! THANKS SO MUCH for featuring my shutters on your sidebar!! 🙂 I LOVE my shutters and I am SO HAPPY that you love them just as much!!!! 🙂 Love your party and so happy that you did the shutters this week so I could link up mine. YEAH!

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