SNS link party #131 – Picture Perfect rooms!

Full room makeovers linkup – featuring Faded Charm’s gorgeous dining room

Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #131, the multi themed DIY link party! 

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Today I’m going to take you on a charming tour of this lovely dining room, linked up to the last Picture Perfect linkup.

Welcome, Faded Charm!

Why I love this room

Every square inch of this amazing soft hued oasis is positively dreamy! I especially love this wall. That sign commands some awesome attention above the lovely sideboard dresser and upper hutch.  

While the room is very soft, I appreciate the deeper wood tones throughout. This really offers the room a wonderfully warm anchor, holding it from ‘floating away.’

Gauzy casual drapes allow that sunshine to beam in full stream. Tightly grouped beautiful blooms provide the perfect centrepiece with impact, bringing the room life. Outdoor elements always do, ever notice that?

Did you spot the quirky column? 🙂

This is a view of two french doors leading outside of the room. I’m crazy about the use of wire fencing material above the doorway header! So unexpected. And the entry beyond barely resembles an entry. The pieces are every bit as beautiful as the dining room itself.

And that isn’t even all of it. You can check out the rest of this truly beautiful room HERE.

Thank-you for the lovely tour of your room, Kathleen!

Have you finished up a room from start to finish?
If it’s new to SNS, please share it in this weekend’s 3rd themed linkup!

I’d also like to ask you to share in comments the themes you’d like to see in an upcoming themed SNS. I’ll create a list of the most requested next week!

Next week:

May 4 – porches, patios, outdoor living spaces 

and a list of your chosen fav themes for upcoming SNS’s

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54 thoughts on “SNS link party #131 – Picture Perfect rooms!

  1. Theme ideas: Bottles, Driftwood, Rope, Canvas, For the Birds (birdhouses, bird baths, feeders, etc), maps, frames, barb wire, chairs, light fixtures repurposed, stones, rugs/blankets repurposed, woven wire (hardware cloth, chicken wire, etc), doors, drawers, books, patriotic, baskets, garden décor, “summer” decorations, chairs, shadowboxes.

  2. It’s past 11:00 here in Florida, I want to link up soon, I’ve taken my ambien and am ready for bed, being an old fart and all.
    Love this party, and don’t want to miss out…….
    Anybody know any good jokes?????

  3. Wow, Teri! You are idea guru!
    I have a glass of wine…clink!
    How much do I love this par-taay and the crew it attracts?
    AND, Linda couldn’t be mean or critical if we paid her.

  4. So, a guy walks into a bar……
    No, wait,
    A traveling salesman spends the night at a farmers house…..
    No, lets see…..
    What do you get when you cross a decorator with a 60 year old baby boomer?????

  5. Haha! You guys are awesome. 🙂 Not sure what happened but the code evaporated last night! It’s working now. 🙂

    The new dashboard takes a learning curve I suppose… thanks for your patience!


  6. I’m not looking at the links, just reading the comments, this is like a real party. Only I’m going to bed now, so please keep the noise down. I’ve totally lost my contact with reality.
    Good night

  7. Oh.My.Gosh. That dining room is so freakin awesome! You always share the best features- I HAVE to see more of that blog!
    Thanks for giving me the chance to share my project. This week I did an huge overhaul of my old crappy MDF tables. Hope you like’em!
    xo Becca

  8. I am truly addicted to this party. Live in South Carolina, so I actually take a nap and set the alarm to get up in time. My husband thinks I’m crazy! The posts are so creative, but if you don’t follow the comments, you do miss the real party. Thanks for hosting, Donna!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  9. Am I always late to the party? The comment section is the happening spot tonight ;-}

    Thanks for having such an awesome blog and hosting great parties every Fri Nite!
    I do love your separate categories, it’s much easier to browse your organized and more manageable layout!

  10. So lemme just get it all straight here cuz I was (ahem) late for my own party…

    Everyone’s computer seemed to die tonight at 7pm pacific.. Stephanie’s computer went psycho so Leanne went crazy, Kerry got chatty because Linda was hot and opened a window in Chicago, but it was ok because Teri was an A student, paid attention to my question and answered it in flying colours, Funky Junk (me) made lame excuses because she didn’t know how to turn on the lights for the party room, having Betsy stay up past her bedtime, but that worked out because that made Cristy fashionably late…

    But the party hat goes to Donna Wilkes because by golly she takes a nap, then sets an alarm to make it on time even when the party isn’t! 🙂

    I think I’ll mess up the links every weekend… this was fun! 😀

    • I went to bed and missed the rest of the party, but it’s been fun catching up this morning. : ) Glad the link is working now, I love linking up here. I get the most traffic from your party for sure and I’ve been looking forward to it all week. Thanks for all you do!

  11. I love Kathleens dining room. It is so pretty.
    Thank you for hosting, love the different themes all in one place.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Glad to be backing partying with you this week!!! I linked up a couple of things in Home Decor…my “Whatsit?” Hardware butterflies (162) and the “O” Happy Day wreath I made for my daughters room (163) 🙂 Thanks again for hosting Donna!! Laurel

  13. Hello and good morning! There are mean, bitty ants taking up residence in my garden. I wanted to get rid of the pests without icky chemical sprays. I’m sharing a simple recipe for Ant Deterrent. It works great and is simple to make. Thanks for hosting the party once again. Have a great week!

  14. Hi, Donna! What a beautiful dining room that is! I linked my kitchen reveal up to the picture perfect room party. It is “finished” but I know I’ll end up tweaking. It is about as finished as I get & the most complete room in our house, anyway. 🙂 🙂

    Oh, and I backed up my blog this week! Thanks for the reminder/tutorial!

    And thanks for the time you put into your parties.

  15. I have worn my party hat proudly all day long – I think it helped me finish some projects! I am back to browse some more. Your party is stupendous!

    Distressed Donna Down Homw

  16. Love, love this room! Of course I spied the column. I have a bit of a column fetish. So much so that last July hubby had my SIL (yes, sil makes awesome cakes) make me a pillar cake.

  17. Not to be a Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy but I have been wondering if it would be fun to see other blogger’s projects that DIDN’T turn out as well as they had hoped. Kind of a “misery loves company party”.

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