So, what IS a Saturday Nite Special anyway?

You’ve been seeing abit more of this button around blogland lately. Thanks to you for that! And I think it’s simply  time to make a proper introduction!

What is it?

Saturday Nite Special was created as a means of having some weekend linky party type of fun in blogland! I mean, who doesn’t love a linky party? They are fun to look through, and join in so you get some nice comments coming your way!

Why the name? And why on Saturday?

I decided to call the button Saturday Nite Special  because I liked the premis of being able to play on the weekend! Party… weekend… spelled a whole lotta potential fun to me. 🙂

When does it start?**

The linky and posts will be up Friday between 10 pm and midnight  my time (BC Canada here, eh?) so all is in place for Saturday AM for you!

When does it end?

Sunday 11pm, BC Canada time. This is an all weekend party!

Every week?

If the interest continues, absolutely!

What’s the theme?

For the most part, a ‘DIY anything goes’ theme so anyone can be involved. We’ll also try themed parties from time to time, however we’ll always have the anything goes element so all can join each weekend.

*Is there a prize?

This will vary.

Sometimes there will be sponsored giveaways, other times I’ll feature the winner’s blog, or at times, just for the fun of it with no prize.

If you would be interesting in sponsoring an SNS weekend by donating a giveaway in exchange for promotion, please contact me anytime at I’d love to work with you!

How does one win?

This will vary.

At times, I’ll choose the most inspiring post. Other times will be by random draw. The premis will always be announced on SNS day.

Must I be a follower to play or win?**

Nope!  I’d love for you to follow only if you wish to!

Do I have to post the linky button in my post?

No, the button isn’t mandatory, but I do smile when I see them. 🙂 As long as there’s some kind of link from your post to the party, it’s all good! The button is geared up to be a widget on a sidebar as well if you prefer.

Why did my entry possibly disappear?

Your link MUST link up to your project, not your homepage. So please just try again if you see your post missing! It’s nothing personal, it’s just linked up wrong.

I also ask that you link up to the party within your post somehow somewhere. Big honkin’ barn star button or text, I’ll leave that up to you. Just allow a lead back to the party so others can find their way back to the party to see what all the hubbub is about.  If you’ve forgotten a link back, I may just add it with my comment in your comments section when I pay a visit.

How to add the right url to McLinky:

Create your post, then select publish. Once published, click on the TITLE of your new post. Cut and paste that address. THAT is the url you need to load into the McLinky feature. If the end of your address reads, that isn’t the right url. Click on your title for the address that displays part of your title in it.

*Will you be visiting all the blogs that enter?

I always try. 🙂 But please know, if you don’t see my comment on your feature, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been by. Comments take time, especially going through all the security measures some blogs have intact. So sometimes in order to accomplish the visits, I have to bypass commenting to speed things up. I truly wish I could visit each and every post and make a thoughtful comment each time, however my son needs me to cook and do his laundry on weekends, so everyone gets to share me. 🙂

Your turn!

So, here’s where you come in. I truely invite your feedback on what you think makes a linky party carefree, fun and enjoyable.

So, is the title of the button confusing?
Do you like the feature prize best?
Is a prize desired every weekend? Some without?
Insert your question/comment here!

This party is geared for your enjoyment as much as mine. Thank-you all for your continued interest in this little blog and I hope to party with all of you for a long time to come!

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16 thoughts on “So, what IS a Saturday Nite Special anyway?

  1. Thanks for hosting the party… It was so much fun and I saw so many incredible inspiring ideas. I love the idea of doing a feature– I think that’s s huge prize by itself. I really liked the openess of entries, not having a specific theme, that way everybody can be a part of the fun. Anyway… just my thoughts. 🙂 I love the party and your blog!

  2. Hi Shannon, thanks for asking that! I’ve updated the body of this post to address the rotating theme info. I’ll always have a sidebar widget posted to the right for easy viewing access.

    I LOVE blogs. They’re so easy to update! 🙂

    FJ Donna

  3. I love your blog first off. I love a woman that takes projects on and just jumps right in. And you have such great style. I absolutely love the idea of a weekend party. It is hard at times to make all the weekly ones I’d like to because – well life gets in the way and I am not organized enough to have them all ready to go and linked up by sunday evening.
    I like that you will showcase a blogger as a prize – I think that is awesome.
    Hope to participate as often as I can.

  4. I thought it was great and the weekends I usually have more time to spend on my blog. It’s actually when I try to draft my early in the week posts and schedule them. I also like the idea of switching up with a theme. I may not always be able to join in with a project that fits the theme, but I think it keeps it interesting.

  5. I love the idea of a Saturday linky party! I usually have more time to blog on weekends, yet it always seems so slow out there in blogland on Sat. and Sun. Also I like that you will have a mix of themed weeks and some anything goes weeks. It all sounds exciting!
    Honestly, I think linky parties are always fun to participate in. A prize is never my motivation.

  6. I think this is a great and fun idea! I hope to particpate in upcoming weekends….couldn’t get it together for last weekend.
    Holly @ 504 Main

  7. I love the weekend party because that’s when I get most of my projects done. And I love the idea of a feature – it allows us to bring more traffic to our sites, too! My question is, if you don’t use Blogger and can’t utilize the Followers feature, can you not win? I “follow” using the RSS feed and a Reader. Does that count?

    Looking forward to the Vignette Party!

  8. How fun! So many parties in blogland and good to know there is another to join. I’m hosting a “Stare at My Staircase” party on November 18th. I see your staircase in your sidebar and would love it if you linked up in a few weeks for all to see!


  9. Thanks for your continued questions, they are challenging me in a good way!

    Jenn, you make a valid point! I’m finding that I can’t always tell if someone is a follower or not, and you would indeed qualify in that category. I think I may need some kind of indication within your post that one is a follower. Perhaps just state that fact or end the post with an F?

    I’m so trying to avoid crazy rules and such that can be easily missed! But I’m also finding it difficult to notify others that don’t have emails or profiles set up. I need a method of just being able to go for it in regards to the feature.

    I’ll make sure I mention to state you’re a follower in order to qualify for a win. Yeah, that’ll work unless someone else comes up with a better idea. 🙂

    FJ Donna

  10. I think that is a good idea, you don’t ahve to be a follower to win. I personally don’t like entering comments to win giveaways. I tend to stay away from that type of “motivation”. I just enjoy seeing you feature me on your sidebar if you think I am kicking butt on a project…and the idea of having one’s blog featured as a winner makes perfect sense to me. Isn’t it all about having your stuff looked at, and finding out what folks have to say? That and a sense of accomplishment!

  11. thanks for the info…I’m still trying to figure out how to”GRAB” a button???/I do want to give you credit. I’ve read your blogs for weeks…they are so inspiring…I had to paint a blackeyed pea crate just to have something to post! Did you notice my goof? WRONG NAME>>>>oops!

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