Spotlight on an amazingly unique office makeover

Boy do I ever have another treat for those of you on the lookout for office ideas.

Do you remember my post about the dreamy kitchen?

I’d like you to now see Debra Renee’s office. This is the same gal that owns that fabulous kitchen.

In her words…

“My husband and I turned the smallest bedroom in our home into an office for both of us. As usual, it was on a budget, which is a-okay with me because I love how it stretches me creatively and produces unique spaces that no one else has. Reusing materials is also very green! Our new office is so functional now. We both have plenty of storage!”

The warmth of the wood tones against the fresh white cabinets offers such a comfortable environment. And backed with a bead board look, this office is the perfect example of modern capacity with a vintage touch.

This is a closeup of the top of the desk. Debra-Renee wanted the desktop to simulate an old sign. Isn’t it magnificent?!? And I adore those colour hues against each other.

Debra Renee says, “The desk and counters are doors from Habitant for Humanity (I love that place) that I painted and/or stained. I got the cabinets free from someone’s remodel and painted them with Devine Whip. Then I glazed them with Raw Umber. The chairs I got on clearance for $30 a piece at Oak Express. “

Doors for counters too! What a fabulous idea! And note the clever way she displays pictures along the wall. Not to mention that coordinating valance idea. Oh my gosh, it has such a high end build in feel everywhere you look. Don’t you LOVE how the file storage was incorporated from an open shelf? Wait till you see the next picture…

“I wanted the regular bi-fold closet doors to be more exciting so I added trim and bead board to give it more of an armoire look. Then I painted and glazed. “

I don’t know about the rest of you, however I’ll never view a plain ‘ol closet as such ever again.

This is a seriously professional talented designer. And she’s invited me for dinner (in THAT kitchen!) if I’m ever in her area. I could only wish!

I hope you enjoyed Debra-Renee’s office tour. And again, I found her on Rate My Space.

Thanks Debra-Renee, for the amazing eye candy and inspiration!

So, curious, what idea do you find stunning in this post that you’d like to try to incorporate?

I’m personally loving it all, but I’m really into that closet idea for certain. I’m already eyeing mine up, especially the ones that have a side to them. I vision them encased with my new-old tongue and groove fencing to create an old barn wood looking armoire. I so need a ptchoo ptchoo nail gun…

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11 thoughts on “Spotlight on an amazingly unique office makeover

  1. Those closet doors are amazing! Who would have thought? PS, I wanted a ptchoo nail gun too, just for those misc projects (that always come up) and I found one for super cheap (and brand new) on It’s worked great and I hear that Grizzly makes a great tool. Plus, you just need something to do the occasional job, not make a living with it, right?

  2. Love this office. I think the closet armoire is so clever. I would really like to incorporate her idea of the picture ledges in our hallway or MBR. Where do people find a roomful of cabinets for $30?

  3. The armoire closet. I LOVE it. Suddenly, I dont feel so “talented” anymore. Time to beef up the skills!!!

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