Stenciled scrap wood Christmas and winter trees


I thought Christmas was on Saturday. Glancing at the calendar today, it’s Wednesday! How did I get that wrong?! Maybe it’s a good thing after all, because I was just in the workshop cutting these cute little stenciled scrap wood Christmas and winter trees, totally oblivious to the shortened deadline! Glad I did it now […]

Stacked vintage crates Christmas mantel

Christmas vintage crates fireplace mantel

This year’s stacked vintage crates Christmas mantel transpired by… fluke. Do you remember my fall mantel with stacked vintage crates HERE? When Christmas approached, I honestly didn’t want to take it all down. I loved the warmth from the old crates! So before I gutted the fall mantel to start all over, I started adding […]

Rustic wood Christmas candles with a snowflake shelf

reclaimed wood faux candles with snowflake shelf-004

I really love the look of candles. I love how they flicker and make everything soooo cozy. However, I rarely burn them these days. I guess the resistance stems back from when my son was young. A flickering flame was just a dangerous thing back then. And now with jumping cats, I’m still leery. Probably […]

Cute Christmas coke crate candle centrepiece


I knew I’d be in trouble the moment this cute Christmas coke crate candle centrepiece brainstorm hit. On a scale of 1 – 10, how much horizontal space do you have for Christmas decorating? Well, if you’re anything like me, it’s about 1%. We need every available counter top and table top in this place, […]

1 – Branch candle Christmas centrepiece with junk tray


Glowy candles are a little near and dear to my heart during the holidays. So I felt I needed to make a new branch candle Christmas centrepiece with junk tray for 2014.   Do you remember my log candle centrepiece from last year? This one is done in a similar way. Flickering candles remind me […]

Rustic log candle fall centrepiece … and a cat.


Today’s post is brought to you by Thanksgiving in Canada, and a cat photo bomber. My son wanted a nice dinner for our Thankgiving, so I got all fancy like, and picked up a ham, whipped up some homemade scalloped potatoes , applesauce, ambrosia, and a few other fun things. But no Thanksgiving table is complete without […]

Party Junk 216 – Salvaged Junk Christmas Candles


 12 Days of Christmas Day 6 continues HERE Welcome to Party Junk 216 – Salvaged Junk Christmas Candles   Home Decor / Gardening Crafts / Sewing / Recipes / Printables / Blog Tips *Theme of the Week *Every Friday noon Pacific thru Sunday *new time due to popular request Wow… it has been a busy week! […]

Day 6 – Stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights

Faux snow covered rusty gear Christmas tree / Rusty gear Christmas tree tea lights

If there’s such thing as a project that’s too simple although quite adorable, these stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights would be it. This creation will no doubt feed your rusty junker soul and offer you the cutest little candlelight idea in the land. I found playing with this gear tree a little like playing […]

Happy cheater Halloween decorating! No carving required.


These days with a 14 year old in the house that has no desire to hit the streets for candy (because mom bought a ton and it’s inside a nice cozy warm home)… we’ll be staying home tonight. And since my boy also had no real desire to decorate either, I took it upon myself […]

A rusty gear and lantern Christmas centrepiece – 12 Days #8

rusty gear and lantern Christmas candle centrepiece

  Christmas just isn’t Christmas in Funky Junkville unless I create some kind of junk centerpiece for the kitchen island.  In our home, the kitchen island is the centre of our upstairs. It also serves as our kitchen table so it just demands a little attention. Being that the island is COVERED in fake snow, buttons, […]