Way to prune those trees, yard messin’ Walter!


Someone’s been messin’ with my yard again. And that would be Walter. Every late fall, Walter pays a visit with his hedge trimmer and clippers and such and prunes my trees into new hairdos. Did you just gasp? Good call! This man does the most gorgeous shrub trimming I’ve ever laid eyes on. I love […]

The cute little shed in the middle of fall


The cute little shed in the middle of fall wears fall well. The canning jar lid wreath continues to rust away in the most perfect of ways. Isn’t it interesting how some lids didn’t rust? I love the quirky mix! The grapevine gone crazy is spectacular this time of year, wearing it’s vivid yellow self. […]

A garden gone wild therapy session


I’ve been a good girl! True to my word from my last post, I’ve been staying offline more, getting caught up with things. And one of the first places I turned to was the garden. Oh goodness. It needed me. And it wasn’t until I got out there that I quickly realized, I needed it […]

The little rustic garden shed that could


Once upon a time, there was a little rustic garden shed that needed some love. Actually, it wasn’t a garden shed at all. It was a messed up greenhouse! With beams exposed and plastic ripped, the greenhouse needed a new life. A morph if you will.  (edited to add: the cow mural was painted by […]

Garden cheat – The ivy covered garden bench


So what’s one to do if they have this garden bench in their front yard but don’t wish to keep moving it to mow under it? Welcome to my newly ivy covered garden bench. The position of this garden bench happened by accident. Every time we mow, I generally move it into the soil area […]

2-pallet garden walkway – easy and affordable!


Build a 2-pallet garden walkway I had a thought… would a pallet garden walkway work in this area? There’s this lovely little sitting area porch on the front of my house that has a tiny cement stone walkway leading to the front yard. Only trouble is, the cement stepping stones really weren’t stepping stones but […]

Tools for women – why I love this FeatherLite WeedEater weed trimmer!

Featherlite Weed Eater

Desire a lightweight weed trimmer? A FeatherLite WeedEater weed trimmer is a wonderful lightweight garden tool that is perfect for a woman! I have a new weed trimmer that I think you’ll love… especially if you’re a woman! This post contains some Amazon affiliate links in which I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases […]

Old kettle rock garden

old kettle rock garden

My love for old kettles goes way back. First I created a kettle herb garden in them last year, and this year, they’re holding rock garden plants, thanks to my demo at the Hometalk Meetup / Out of Africa. More on that soon! But know, it was fabulous!  It was a breezy, lovely day today, […]

9 cheater indoor/outdoor cleaning tips… for busy people!

spring cleaning

Should you EVER desire to hire help to spring clean up your house, please do not call me. Trust me, your money won’t be well spent. Cleaning is necessary, but I don’t do enough of it by a LONG shot. Out of pure choice mind you. If you hand me a blog assignment vs wiping […]

Mixmaster snowdrops – a spring centrepiece

mixmaster snowdrop centrepiece

  Spring has definitely sprung and our snowdrops are in full bloom! And they are magnificent. Snowdrops remind me not only of spring, but of my mom. She always use to bring them inside and create flower arrangements on the table. Using a variety of layered dishes, a clear glass frog topped the works, holding […]