Make these up-cycled water fountains for the backyard!

wine bottle water fountain

Make these up-cycled water fountains for the backyard! When I was down south last summer for the World’s Longest Yard Sale, I came upon this quirky wine bottle water fountain during our junk hunts. I smiled, questioned the gent about where he got it from, in which he proudly replied, “I made it!” Knowing how […]

Yard dancing with lawn mowing… and snow.


Not quite sure what’s going on this year, but I’m really antsy for spring. It may have something to do with the rarely shining sun this time of year on the wet coast. So when the sun peeks out for even a quick moment, I love to get out there and act as if it’s […]

Rustic garden shed part 1 – the build


This is a story of a morph. From greenhouse to rustic garden shed, this build was truly so very easy. This is a little greenhouse I have tucked in my backyard. I use it to store my firewood. And it’s currently an eyesore. I knew I wanted to eventually do something to it, but wasn’t […]