Junkin’ at Rusty’s… a picture heavy shopping post


Over the Easter weekend, my son and I head out to our fav local hot spot, Harrison Hot Springs. And our first stop brought us right on Rusty’s doorstep. WHOOOHOOO! This is going to be Part 1 of 3 of our Easter weekend, because I’m a little heavy where pictures are concerned. You don’t mind, […]

Visiting a junk-themed campsite at Harrison Hot Springs!

rusty bike at a campground during camping in a trailer

A junk themed campsite. Me – “So, it’s gonna be nice for a week and I don’t have to work. What do you want to do?” Son  – “Go camping at Harrison.” Me – “Yeah, me too, but we should really stay home…” But I started itching for a beach. Our last camping trip had […]

My 49th birthday hiccup getaway


I was a little mysterious about my birthday plans with my son because we head out of town. It really was a spur of the moment plan. Rather than presents and dinner, I really desired to run to my favorite resort for one night instead, so I made a few calls. But it was too […]

Proud to turn 49 years young today


 I smile when I get teased about my ‘age’. I’m forgetful, can’t read a thing without my reading glasses, sometimes ache in the morning, complain about my back, and even take naps on occasion. Hey, it took a lot of living to  earn all this! So yeah… I’m gettin’ up there. But guess what. You’re […]