My 49th birthday hiccup getaway

I was a little mysterious about my birthday plans with my son because we head out of town.

It really was a spur of the moment plan. Rather than presents and dinner, I really desired to run to my favorite resort for one night instead, so I made a few calls. But it was too too expensive. I couldn’t do it.

After some further brainstorming, I made a few other calls. Turns out if you go midweek, the price is slashed dramatically! My son wasn’t going to school the next day anyway, so we sealed the deal and took off ON my bday.

Hiccup #1. The room I felt I could afford wasn’t so hot. No patio, no view. Augh.. After I hung up, I went online to see what I could find out. Well… for $20 more, we could have a lake view with a patio! No contest. Another call and $20 later, we got one! NOW I was excited.

For you see, we went back to Harrison.

(you can read about our first stay HERE)

Honestly? If I don’t live there one day I’d be very surprised. The little town of Harrison Hot Springs and it’s surrounding beauty seems to call me pretty consistently.

Hiccup #2. After we dropped the dog off at a kennel, we fully expected to dine at an all you can eat buffet right in the hotel. Except it was closed. There goes the dessert table and my potential cake… ๐Ÿ™

Plan B became the best burgers in town from the local pub in a dining room on wheels. With a killer view of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for a cake? My son INSISTED we had to do something, so we head back to the hotel room and put together a few goodies we’d just picked up on our way in.

It’s called a choc muffin peanut butter cookie special.

Hiccup #3 was fear of lighting the candles in the room. I didn’t like the look of the sprinklers in the wall, so I insisted we do the candle thing on the patio. In the rain. Well, it was windy too so the candles never got lit. But my son was a total trooper for trying! He sang to me from the other side of the closed patio door. In the rain. LOL! Boy I love him!

So we hung in there until Survivor was over, then head to the hot pools.

Harrison is known for their natural hot mineral pools and this hotel knows how to do it well. My night photos didn’t turn out so here’s a net one showing one small pool out of 5 to choose from. (2 indoor, 3 outdoor)

The total. absolute. perfect. getaway. I could barely see around us the mist was so thick. There is nothing like a hot pool on a cold snowy/rainy night.

And boy did we sleep! Would you like to see the view we had?

Hiccup #4. These trucks were rolling by until well after midnight. One after the other in parade fashion. I worried I’d never get to sleep, but I got knocked right out from the magic of hot tubbing. Didn’t hear a thing. But I smiled when I saw them bright and early in the AM once again….

No matter.. it was time for breakfast.

This magical room deal involved an all you can eat breakfast buffet. This is the fruit salad my son scooped up for me. (check out that real whipping cream he smothered it with!!) It was divine alongside my homemade omelet they whip up for you while you watch.

After booking out of the room, we learned we could use the pools for the rest of the day if we wished!

So, we put on the cushy white hotel robes once again and head out.

Right… all the pics were taken with my little point and shoot this round.

The cedar fragrance of this walkway leading to the pools was amazing.

Check out that steam! It ended up being a gorgeous sunny day, the first in… months?!?

Now, imagine this big pool as warm as a hot tub. Every pool had different temperatures so you could pick the one that suited you. What an outstanding way to relax and unwind!

After the longest soak in history, we were ready to go, however not before we took a walk around the sunny grounds. Our growing season hasn’t yet started so there aren’t any blooms or leaves yet, but there’s also magic in bark and branches. Isn’t this arbor incredible?

You can also rent cottages on the grounds and this was the view they had.

By then it was lunchtime, so we head to a nearby lakefront cafe for some fish and chips. No dieting this trip!

While this was the view we had during lunch, a visit to Harrison is never complete without hitting the beach on foot.

I haven’t been very happy with my son’s school photos for the past 2 years so I decided to shoot a few today. I’m now convinced once my photo studio is done up right that I can shoot my own from hereon out!

On the way home, we hit Rusty’s, a cute place that’s great for some local junkin’.

This mirror was SWEET. Even the colour was nice. But the price stopped me. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so cheap!

But these little mini shutters were a whoppin’ $5, so they came home with me. Something else did too, but the pic didn’t turn out. Guess I’ll just have to do a reveal with them soon instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then it was time to go home and end our wonderful getaway.

Hiccup #5. Funny story. While in the village, we spotted this incredible snow covered mountain and tried to get a good picture, but failed miserably. Too many houses and tall trees in the way, so we gave up.

So what did we drive right into on our way home?

God, you’re awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

My son took these two last pics while we were driving. This is how cold it still is out our way, which made our hot pool escape even more special.

I don’t recall feeling this relaxed in a very long time. There indeed must be some magic in those hot mineral pools, because I feel like a million bucks! Even my demeanor feels different.

I didn’t want this birthday to happen. I missed my mom. But I’m so glad my son wouldn’t hear of it, for my 49th birthday was one of the best to date! Hiccups and all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Can you recall one of your most favorite birthdays? What did you do?

The parade concludes on Friday. Click .HERE to see who’s up next each day.

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66 thoughts on “My 49th birthday hiccup getaway

  1. Just reading about that trip made me feel relaxed! My birthday was early March and I was hoping for something big since it was…25…but alas with all the hustle and bustle of graduating from grad school and my brother’s wedding we didn’t celebrate. I hope to have a fabulous time next October in Italy to make up for it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Spending your birthday with your best buddy soaking in hot springs and soaking up your surroundings…priceless. You’re extraordinary and deserved every minute of enjoyment (although I don’t know why you’d fib about being that age when you’re obviously just a kid still and nowhere close to your 40s)!

  3. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you guys had such a great time. The pics of the views and pools are gorgeous! I love that your great buddies with your boy โ™ฅ Again, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA!

  4. Wowzers! What a wonderful trip!! Now that is how to celebrate a birthday!!
    Happy Birthday by the way!
    That pic of your son is terrific!!!
    What a cutie pie!

  5. What a great birthday! Your son is sweet and you were together. I could almost relax looking at the mineral springs. Funny how everything turns out for the best.
    Happy belated Birthday.

  6. Hppy 49th Birthday Donna! Looks like a well deserved trip. I know your Mom was there looking down from those beautiful skies…you can’t get much closer to heaven than those views. And another thing, what an adoreable and thoughtful son you have. Some lucky lady will snag him one day… now that’s another story in itself:)

  7. What a great getaway, hiccups and all. That’s just a beautiful piece of the world there. Glad you could relax and enjoy your birthday with your son.

  8. Gosh it looks so beautiful there. I’d love to go there one day. My b-day is the end of Dec so it’s always mashed in with Christmas. Just a blur really. But always special when I can spend it with my boys. Glad you had a special one!

  9. Happy Birthday my friend! And I must say, girl, you look great for 49!!! Sounds like a sweet day with your son ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wishing you lots of health and happiness…
    Becky C

  10. Happy belated birthday! Your son is a little sweetie, I just want to hug him.
    The $20 was well worth it, even with the dump trucks ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Looks like you got a fine birthday, and you and your little guy remind me so much of me and my son when I was a single mom and in my late forties, so it was a really nice read. xxoo

  12. I’m glad you celebrated your 49th with your son at Harrison in fine style. You deserve it! We were there once in 1978 and went to the public indoor pool. It was amazing. I celebrated my 60th last July with a day trip to my hometown (in the pouring rain) shopping, visiting family and having supper at a 50’s style diner – fried clams and french fries! Yummy. I only indulge in the clams once or twice a year. Oh yeah, we went to the Cold Stone Creamery for dessert! Wished I hadn’t. Way too much indulgence. I hope you have a blessed year ahead! Pamela

  13. Looks like you had a great birthday. You will have to have a similar one each year now…you deserve it! Your son reminds me of mine. Love your truck….very cool!

    We are ending our year in BC and heading home to ON in a few weeks. We will have to check out Harrison before we leave. I have enjoyed this province so much, so beautiful…incredibly beautiful!

    Wonderful pics. Happy Birthday. Diane

  14. You almost had me in tears at the end. Everything worked out perfectly for you and I’m so happy for you and your son. What a great birthday present to give to yourself.

    I miss my mom every day and some days it seams harder to get through, but especially holidays and birthdays. Your son is amazing and so handsome. Congratulations on another year! I look forward to spending many more virtual birthdays with you.

  15. What a wonderful birthday celebration! I’ve never been to Harrison Hot Springs but it is actually where my parents went on their honeymoon back in the 60’s! After seeing your photos I may have to look into it myself!


  16. Pretty sure Harrison should give you a years voucher for all this press!
    WE have been there a few times & Bob parents used to go every fall (cheaper rates than summer!!)!
    Glad you had a great time! Your boy is a sweetie!
    Happy 49th!

  17. That is awesome!!! You’ve got a real man in your life! I just love boys that are good to their moms.

    The mineral springs are incredible. Just last month we had a stop-over on our way home (4 days in a commercial delivery truck!) in Napa, Ca. Mineral bath, mud bath (that was a first!) and a mineral soaking tub for two in our room. All for 1/2 price because it was mid-week!!

    The sulphur smell was even enjoyable after the initial gag! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Skin and muscles never felt better, though. We’d love to go back!

  18. That sounds like the perfect birthday trip, trucks keeping you up and all. I’m so glad you got to share it with your son. Those are the types of memeories he’ll always cherish. And I am totally rethinking the whole living in flat old Ohio now. The mountains are gorgeous!

  19. sounds and looks like a great time, hiccups and all! I want a birthday get away! how much fun…ok so maybe I could get by with my husband actually buying me a birthday gift…and one I didn’t have to remind him to get the day of….I feel a rant coming on.
    anyway glad you had a good time, I will be 45 in July. Where did the time go? And did you ever see yourself being in your 40’s asking “where did the time go?” nope

  20. Ah, the magic of hot tubs. So relaxing. I love Harrison Hot Springs. We stopped there on our honeymoon … many years ago, driving down from Prince George to Vancouver.

    Now we live on the Island, and last weekend took a ferry to Poet’s Cove. Hot tubs, steam cave, ah, yes! A treat to savour (and save up for).

    Happy Birthday, Donna. I’m so glad your 49th turned out well. What a great son you’re raising.

  21. OH Wow Donna, sounds like you had a dream birthday celebration. I’m sooo jealous you liveclose to a breath-taking get away.

    Here’s to many, many more birthdays!

  22. Lucky you…to have such a wonderful handsome son! (And yes, that’s a great photo of him..I see him spending some time in your new studio!)

  23. Good for you Donna – keep taking those steps forward – it’s important to celebrate your birthday for your son as well as you – I so enjoyed the pictures of Harrison Hot Springs. It is a gorgeous getaway (I’m a mountain girl too). Thank you for including the hiccups – I think those might just be my favorite part !
    PS – Happy Birthday !

  24. Happy Birthday (belated). What a great choice for your 49th – I didn’t realize how nice Harrison Hot Springs are – and only about a 2 hour drive from where I live. Also never guessed you were a BC Blogger. I think I will start a BC Blogger Favorites on my blog. I love local. I love world. I just plain love the blogging world of shabby chic, vintage country, “how to”, it just goes on. Great great women (and a few men) in this on line community I enjoy.
    – Joy

  25. Oh, my goodness!

    First, happy birthday!
    Next, wow.

    You had the best burgers – ever – with the cutest kid in the world! And, that shot of him blocking the wind to light your “choc muffin peanut butter cookie special” if precious!

    Hot Spring pools?
    I’ve forgotten the trucks already…

    That breakfast! The swim! The shopping!
    THAT VIEW OF THE MOUNTAINS – taken by your SON!

    Oh, my!
    A birthday to cherish for a lifetime!!!

    Happy (rust-tipped) birthday, Donna!!!

    Psst – a giveaway.
    Rustic Easter Basket for the Home!

  26. Happy 49th Birthday Donna! Despite the hiccups or, in spite of the hiccups, it sounds like you had a fabulous time celebrating your special day with your very special son.

    ~ Tracy

  27. Happy Belated 49th!! Thank you for sharing your fabulous party with us. Love the portrait of Junk Jr…. and your cake. A bonus with your birthday — you are now eligible for the senior’s discount on an eye exam…. he he. I saw tulips and daffys in your ‘not growing season yet’ photo of the arbor. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will trade for our yard full of snow any day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. O,sweetheart..what a wonderful birthday with you sweet little boy. It all looks so amazing. I am very proud of you for going on that *date* with your boy…and I’ve a feeling your little mama was smiling down from Heaven on you and your 49th birthday.
    HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to a really special lady.
    xo bj
    (now I am crying,missing MY mom…)
    OK, I’m sucking it up and having a nice glass of blackberry wine…go get ‘cha one, too!!

  29. Happy Birthday!

    I absolutely LOVE Harrison Hot Springs. My husbands family has been going up there for EVER for long weekends and its a tradition we have carried on. We went to the Resort on our wedding night, and now go up almost every long weekend. We stay in the cottages (or bungalows as we call them) because we can take our dog and we don’t get charged any extra!

    Glad you came home relaxed, its hard not to when you’re in Harrison!

  30. Aaaaah sweet birthday escape from the cold. It looks like you two had the best time. I felt like I’d been on a mini vacation just looking at the photos and reading the commentary. Love those junk shops and I too find it hard to pay some of their prices. Can’t wait to see what you have done with the shutters. Your son is such a cutie and he did a great job taking those two pictures.

  31. What a wonderful son you have…he loves his momma.

    You are so blessed to have mountains around you or near you or even driving distance. I do not and while Texas does have it’s beauty, we haven’t any mountains, only hills…there is a huge difference.

    When I visit my friend in Seattle I just want to sit and look, I could just stare at them all day. *sigh* Yes, God did create some kind of majesty didn’t he?

    So happy that you celebrated and pampered yourself, you deserve it.

  32. Hey! You’re from BC! I knew it! I think I realized it when I saw a BC license plate on your funky stairs.

    Happy Belated. I’ve never been to the Springs in the hotel, but now I’d love to.

  33. Happy Birthday Donna! I never would have guessed you were 49. I would think more like mid-thirties.

    I loved your birthday getaway adventure. Makes me miss our time in the hot tub at the base of the mountains in Whistler, BC.

  34. Donna, happy birthday. What super son you have! My Mom passed away 22 years ago. Still miss her. Any who so glad you and your son had such a wonderful time.

  35. What a great way to spend a birthday with the special man in your life.
    My birthday is mid summer so my son and I have gone camping or off to the auto race track, usually something outdoors.
    Now I can only get him outdoors between a house and his car.

    Happy Birthday!

  36. Happy Birthday – yours and Marian’s birthday are pretty close together with hers on the 4th – both April babies :). Your son sounds very special and that reflects well on you. Happy Birthday – I am glad you did something special with your son. Your Mom would have been delighted. MMS’s Mom

  37. It looks like you both had a wonderful time. My special birthday is very humble- 12th and I was allowed to choose my birthday cake and what I wanted on top. I wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and James Brown (the singer) on top. Well James Brown was not that popular in the cake field so he was substituted with Elvis, but it brings back fond memories and a chuckle when I think of James Brown.

  38. Happy B-Day Donna!!!!! What Wonderful photos….Thank-You for sharing them with all of us. It is very Beautiful where you were at. I can see why you enjoy going there so much. I am so glad that you had such a nice B-Day with your Handsome son.
    Take Care! Sunny C.

  39. Happy belated b-day, Donna!! I’ve been trying all week to leave you a comment, but my internet service has been so slow that your blog just wouldn’t come up. Yay… it’s finally working, and now I can wish you a happy B-day! I just love that resort you went to. It’s so gorgeous, I’d never want to leave. Despite all of the “hiccups”, it sounds like you had a great time anyway. Sometimes, those kind of experiences are the funnest. Great pic you took of your son, btw!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  40. Happy belated birthday Donna! Sounds like you had a great time even with the hiccups! someone should have come up from behind and startled you- maybe you would have gotten rid of them sooner! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Happy Belated Birthday to youuuuu! Happy Belated Birthday, pretty & sweet Donna! Happy Belated Birthday to youuuuu!!! So glad that you had a fun and memorable day, sweetie! ๐Ÿ™‚ That mountain photo is amazing!

    xoxo laurie

  42. Wishing you a super happy birthday (belated) and a wonderful 49th year, don’t worry, you’re going to love the 50’s! I just read your story of hope and was really moved — you have a great spirit. Our community is having a volunteer day this month to fix up houses for neighbors and you have inspired me to participate — even though I can’t hammer a straight nail, I can always deliver lunch to the crew! xo Anne

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