A junk shopping day with birthday girl musings with video

Canada eggs crate, birdhouse and chicken egg basket at The Back Porch at Harrison Hot Springs, BC

My favorite kind of day in the whole wide world is an unplanned one. Can you relate? I actually had an appointment earlier on April 6th, which also just happened to be my birthday. Prepared for rain, I glanced up at the sky and the clouds parted. Shadows! Some sunshine! So without a care in […]

A junk, teens and Harrison Lake kinda day


Now that school is out, it’s been fun to dash off here and there without the worry of punching a mental time card or watching a clock of any kind. There’s always too much work to do of course… but sometimes ya just gotta bust out of town and go play instead. Which makes for a […]

3 days of junk shopping #1 Harrison Hot Springs

doily pressed pottery at The Back Porch in Harrison Hot Springs BC.05-AM

Welcome to 3 days of junk shopping! #1 – Harrison Hot Springs. Being that last weekend was my birthday (thanks for all the bday wishes you shared HERE), our out of the country plans didn’t transpire due to a change in weather. But I knew I wanted to spend my weekend having something to do […]

A nature walk through a gorgeous campground


We are back from camping! And my oh my is my camera heavy with happy findings! Today I’m going to take you on a nature walk through a gorgeous campground. I think you’ll understand very quickly why the escape was so enticing. We stayed at the lovely Harrison Springs Camping and RV Park, located in […]

Let’s go junkin’ at The Back Porch! 2013 tour


Welcome to my second home, The Back Porch, situated in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Guys, I totally forgot about this amazing photo shoot! This is Part 2 of our recent getaway to Harrison during our Easter weekend. You are in for SUCH a treat! Part 1 – Junkin’ at Rusty’s is HERE  (click for larger […]

Junkin’ at Rusty’s… a picture heavy shopping post


Over the Easter weekend, my son and I head out to our fav local hot spot, Harrison Hot Springs. And our first stop brought us right on Rusty’s doorstep. WHOOOHOOO! This is going to be Part 1 of 3 of our Easter weekend, because I’m a little heavy where pictures are concerned. You don’t mind, […]

Visiting a junk-themed campsite at Harrison Hot Springs!

rusty bike at a campground during camping in a trailer

A junk themed campsite. Me – “So, it’s gonna be nice for a week and I don’t have to work. What do you want to do?” Son  – “Go camping at Harrison.” Me – “Yeah, me too, but we should really stay home…” But I started itching for a beach. Our last camping trip had […]

My 49th birthday hiccup getaway


I was a little mysterious about my birthday plans with my son because we head out of town. It really was a spur of the moment plan. Rather than presents and dinner, I really desired to run to my favorite resort for one night instead, so I made a few calls. But it was too […]

Proud to turn 49 years young today


 I smile when I get teased about my ‘age’. I’m forgetful, can’t read a thing without my reading glasses, sometimes ache in the morning, complain about my back, and even take naps on occasion. Hey, it took a lot of living to  earn all this! So yeah… I’m gettin’ up there. But guess what. You’re […]